Best Medical Fields in Pakistan

Best Fields to Pursue for Career after FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan

Most of the students who opt for FSc pre medical in Pakistan after matric usually aspire to do MBBS or Bachelors in Dental Sciences (BDS). these are one of best medical fields in Pakistan as carrier choice and two are the most popular studying fields for the FSc pre medical students.

Many of the pre medical students are not aware of fields related to medical science other than MBBS and BDS which makes them disappointed and depressed when they are unable to get admission in any of those courses.

In this article, we intend to describe in detail the scope of FSc pre medical in Pakistan for the students who want to stay in the medical field. We have catalogued a number of career possibilities for the medical students. locate more about best females fields in pakistan.

Best Medical Fields in Pakistan


Best Medical Fields Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

The main goal of every student who opts for FSc pre medical in Pakistan is to become a doctor. But due to high competition, large numbers of students, fewer seats in government colleges and high fees of private institutions, it’s very hard for everyone to make it to the MBBS merit list. Looking for about best engineering field in pakistan.

MBBS is the base course for several specialty courses. A student of MBBS has many options to choose from different medical fields to become an expert surgeon and doctor. Being a doctor is one of the highest paying fields in the world. Many government as well as private medical colleges and universities offer MBBS programs to students. catch out about ptcl bill.

2. Bachelor of Dental Science

Best Medical Fields-Price in Pakistan

Dentistry is another good option for the medical students. Bachelor of Dental Science has a huge scope in Pakistan as dentists are in high need in the country due to poor eating habits and lack of awareness regarding oral hygiene. Moreover, everyone who cares about oral health needs to go to a dentist once a year. Furthermore about best government universities in Lahore.

It is a great alternative field of MBBS but, like MBBS, it is a big challenge to get enrolled in a BDS program due to the same reasons as stated for MBBS. Bachelor of Dental Science is offered in a number of government and private colleges and universities.

3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Pharm.B)

Medical Fields in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Pharmacy is the field of medical study that deals with research, discovery and production of drugs for different diseases and problems. It is a good field to choose after FSc pre medical in Pakistan. There are several multinational companies in the medicine business in Pakistan that hire pharmacologists every year to assist them in research and production of drugs and medicine. Discover more about best honeymoon places in pakistan.

In Pakistan, only a few institutions offer this program. The duration of Pharm.B degree programs varies from institute to institute. 

It is important to note that pharmacy and pharmacology are two different fields and are not to be confused with each other.

4. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Medical Fields Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Physiotherapy is another field related to medical science that is growing rapidly in Pakistan. It is a therapeutic field that deals with the well-being of human bones and body. The job of a physiotherapist is to cure issues regarding movement and proper functioning of the body by helping the patients perform special physical exercises. learn more about best multivitamin for men in pakistan.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a two year study program. Some universities offer a four year degree program in BPT to engage students in an in-depth study of physiotherapy. A physiotherapist can get a job in government as well as in private hospitals where they are paid high monthly salaries.

5. BSc in Nursing

BSc in Nursing-Price in Pakistan

Nursing is another humanitarian and diligent profession you can choose after FSc pre medical in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the importance of nursing wasn’t socially recognized previously but now the trends towards this field are changing and more students are enrolling themselves in the nursing field than ever before.

There are millions of both male and female nurses serving in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, non-governmental organizations and even in the domestic sphere in Pakistan. know more about best CA institutes in pakistan.

Several medical and paramedical colleges in Pakistan are now offering degrees in BSc in Nursing. Nurses always remain in high demand in both governmental and private departments so you are likely to get a job with ease.

6. BS in Microbiology

BS in Microbiology-Price in Pakistan


Microbiology, as the name suggests, is an interesting sub-field of biology. It deals with the study of microscopic organisms like fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Microbiology involves research endeavors to make discoveries at the microbiological level. It is also centered on devising new techniques to formulate responses to these microorganisms. read more about best software engineering universities in pakistan.

The field of microbiology is closely related to pharmacology because it involves conducting extensive research on the microorganisms that cause ailments and diseases and then pharmacologists formulate medicine to cure it. 

In Pakistan, microbiologists work in both governmental and non-governmental research centers and laboratories.

7. BS Bioinformatics

BS Bioinformatics-Price in Pakistan

BS Bioinformatics is another novel career option after FSc pre medical. It is a four-year study program with eight semesters. This degree is offered by several prestigious universities in Pakistan. Some of these universities are; the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, the Government College University Faisalabad and Comsats University Islamabad. 

BS Bioinformatics is centered on the technological estimation, interpretation and arrangement of complex biological data.

Although it is relatively a new field of study, there’s no doubt that it will offer a bright future to the students in the coming years. It is the best field for those who are interested in both medicine and technology. learning more about best cadet college in pakistan.

8. BS in Vision Sciences

BS in Vision Sciences-Price in Pakistan

It is a field of medical science that involves study of the complex system of the human eye and related organs. It aims to understand the human visual system, the factors that cause visual disorders and scientific ways to treat those disorders.

BS is VIsion Sciences is a four-year degree which is being offered in various universities in Pakistan. The study programs include subjects related to orthoptics and optometry. Students can also do an associate degree in this field which is a two-year program. 

It is a good career opportunity that can ensure a brighter future. Graduates of BS in Vision Sciences render their services in various governmental and non-governmental organizations and are paid handsomely. Check out about best Business universities in pakistan.

9. BS (Hons) Agriculture

BS (Hons) Agriculture-Price in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural state where agricultural growth greatly contributes to the economy of the country. For this reason, BS (Hons) Agriculture has a great significance. more info about best laptop in Pakistan.

It is a four-year study program wherein students can enroll after FSc pre medical. This field of study, equips the students with a deep insight into the methods of agriculture and quality of fields with respect to Pakistan.

Graduates of this field are in high demand in Pakistan’s Department of Agriculture which is a governmental department working to help farmers in growing high yielding and good quality crops. Students of FSc pre-medical can easily get themselves in this field and secure a good future.

10. BS in Speech & Language Pathology

BS in Speech & Language Pathology-Price in Pakistan

Generally, pathology is the study of the causes and effects of ailments. BS in Speech & Language Pathology involves the study of the diseases that cause issues in the utterance and understanding of language. additional infos about best MBA universities in pakistan.

This interesting medical field has been recently launched in Pakistan and the degree programs are being offered by institutes such as the Zia-ud-Din Medical University Karachi and the Riphah University Islamabad. You can choose for BS in Speech & Language Pathology after FSc pre medical. 

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