Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan

Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan, females are excelling in the medical field regardless of numerous social and cultural barriers. Though MBBS is the most popular field of study in Pakistan, there are several fields where females can excel. In this article, I am going to provide details about the best medical fields for females in Pakistan where they can make a career. Girls in Pakistan are faced with several problems when it comes to studying and making a career. For example, whether they will be able to continue their job after getting married or not, will they be able to bear pressure to maintain the work-life balance, in which academic field will they excel and which medical field is the best for females in terms of academic and career life.

In this article, I will try and help you find the medical field that has a future and suits your temperament best.

Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan

In Pakistan, like many other countries around the world, girls have a few career options. They have to choose between being homemakers and career women. They look for careers that wouldn’t affect their marital life. The medical fields appeal to a lot more to girls than any other fields. The best medical fields for females in Pakistan are:


Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan Dentistry

Girls can enrol themselves in the BDS program and build their career as dentists. Female dentists are highly preferred for female patients to examine oral health and perform minor surgeries. Women in Pakistan are usually not comfortable with getting their oral health examined by male dentists. Therefore, dentistry is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan in terms of scope and earning.



Being a dermatologist is another good career for women in Pakistan. As girls more easily understand the skin problems and issues due to hormonal changes and other factors. Also, girls prefer female dermatologists over male doctors. This is why a skincare doctor will be a good decision for girls in Pakistan.

Pharm D:

Pharm D-pip

Pharm D is another good career option for females in Pakistan due to various job opportunities and growth. The field of medicine is rapidly growing and the demand and importance of pharmacists is increasing in the under-developing countries. Though Pharm D is not easy, it is totally worth the effort. Pharm D offers the title of doctor and various other benefits at a professional level.



A pediatrician is a medical specialist who is trained to diagnose and treat the disease in children. Girls are more suitable for being pediatricians as they understand the behavioral and physical changes more than male doctors. Moreover, females are gifted with motherhood abilities with which they can be more dedicated to taking care of babies.



In Pakistan, it is considered a taboo for females to open up about their feminine issues. With more ladies gynecologists in the field, ladies are more comfortable about discussing their feminine health issues. Females prefer to visit ladies gynecologists for their menstruation irregularities, pregnancy complications and post-menopausal complaints. Gynecologist is one of the most dependent medical fields for ladies in Pakistan.

Non-Doctorate Medical Fields for Female in Pakistan

BDS, MBBS and DPT are the most popular study fields but they are not the only options for students who want to build their career in the medical field. There are many medical fields that may not offer the title of doctor but they are connected to the medical and health care professions. These fields are called non-doctorate medical fields. Popular non-doctorate medical fields in Pakistan are:



Biotechnology is one of the most demanding fields of medical science that deals with the concepts and ideas of techniques and methods to improve healthcare services. 

Bachelor in Biotechnology is a four-year study program with technical and conceptual education without complications. Biotechnology is the most preferred and appropriate medical field for girls in Pakistan due to its short degree duration and large scope in the entire world.

The scope of biotechnology is increasing with every passing day as there have been more and more technological advancements in the medical field. Its scope includes research to work for more advanced methods and technologies. A degree in biotechnology can get you a job in pharmaceutical companies to use biotechnology for the launching of new healthcare products.

BSc Honours Microbiology:

BSc Honours Microbiology-pip

Microbiology is one of the fastest growing fields in medical sciences that deals with the study of microorganisms and the pattern of their virulence factor, pathogenicity, and adaptations in their structures.

BSc Honours Microbiology has a huge scope for example, microbiologists are required to perform air quality testing in the food industry, pharmaceutical companies hire microbiologists to assess antibiotics and for microbial count tests, microbiologists are to maintain sterility testing in the healthcare system, microbiologists can become professors or lecturers or they can get a job in research institutes to develop human-friendly and potent vaccines. . 

BSc in Medical Lab Sciences:

BSc in Medical Lab Sciences-pip

BSc in Medical Lab Sciences is a four-year degree program that deals with the study of performing diagnostic procedures by acknowledging the basics of diagnosis and diagnostic procedures. The students of this degree program are educated and trained to work with computers and various softwares.

BSc in Medical Lab Sciences too have a wide scope with jobs in private as well as public sector. With this degree, you can start your business by opening a diagnostic laboratory, you can work in a diagnostic laboratory of any health care organization or you can assist the pathologists in performing diagnostic procedures.

BSc in Surgical Technology:

BSc in Surgical Technology-pip

Surgical Technology is one of the latest and most advanced fields in medical sciences which deals with the basic concepts of human surgery and human anatomy. Surgical technicians are trained for the process of sterilization and handling surgical instruments for the specific surgical process.

There’s a wide scope of BSc in Surgical Technology. They assist the surgeons during surgery. They sterilize and organise the surgery tools for preparing surgery.

BSc in Psychology:

BSc in Psychology-pip

BSc is Psychology is a four year degree program to become a psychologist. Though they are not authorized to prescribe antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants, they play an important role in improving the mental health of people with psychotherapy and counseling.

With a degree in BSc in Psychology, you can start your practice by conducting therapy sessions or by owning a private clinic. You can get a job in welfare organizations and spread awareness about mental health. Or, you can be hired by some professional team or company to be on the interview panel and judge the candidates from a psychological point of view.


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