Best Inverter AC in Pakistan

An inverter AC is a very important purchase for a house when you don’t want your AC to be heavy on the electricity bill. The brands that make inverter air conditioners claim that these ACs save upto 75% energy. However, not all inverter air conditioners are equally energy efficient. When you are buying an inverter … Read more

Best Electric Geyser in Pakistan

Best Electric Geyser in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Best Electric Geyser in Pakistan, Instant electric geysers are a blessing in winters in Pakistan when you need just perfect water to bathe, do dishes or laundry.   An instant electric geyser can provide you with hot water in no time without you having to wait as is the case with traditional gas geysers. You can … Read more

Best Deep Freezer in Pakistan

Best Deep Freezer in Pakistan-pip

Deep freezers are also referred to as chest freezers. are great for keeping food perfectly preserved for a long time. They create the seal and thermostat which make sure that the food is stored and stays edible for up to 100 hours. There are hundreds of deep freezers on the market which makes it a … Read more

Best Water Dispenser in Pakistan

Best Water Dispenser in Pakistan-pip

Gone are the days when you had to keep a water cooler to store cool drinking water that would leak and create a mess. Water dispenser allows you to get cold or warm water instantly any time you wish. It is a need of every place where people spend most of their day whether it … Read more

Best Gas Geysers in Pakistan

Best Gas Geysers in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

A gas geyser is one of the necessities in the house especially in winters when you want a supply of warm water for doing laundry, dishes, bathing and bathroom use. In winters, the water gets super cold which makes it difficult to even touch it. That’s when a gas geyser proves to be a blessing. … Read more

Best Cooking Range in Pakistan

Best Cooking Range in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Best Cooking Range in Pakistan, people use the term “cooking range” interchangeably with “stove.” However, the cooking range and stove, though similar, are not exactly the same. A stove has one or two burners while a cooking range usually has more than two stoves and a microwave oven below and grilling part.  With a cooking … Read more

Top 7 Air Cooler Brands in Pakistan | Complete List

Air Cooler Brands in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Pakistanis are a huge fan of air coolers. But which is the best air cooler brands in Pakistan that is everyone’s favorite? Read on to find out. As the hot days of summer are back, people are often looking for options that can keep the temperature of the living space low and keep them cool. … Read more

Inverter AC vs Normal AC

Inverter AC vs Normal AC - Price in Pakistan

Differences Between an Inverter AC and a Normal AC When you go to buy an air conditioner for your home or office, Inverter AC vs Normal AC, you want to pick the one that is more efficient, consumes less power, provides more cooling and is pocket-friendly. You get the AC that ensures you and your … Read more

6 Best Room Cooler in Pakistan for 2024

Best Room Cooler in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

The summer season is around the corner and you need to prepare to face the heat. Best Room Cooler in Pakistan, If it is not your first summer in Pakistan you are probably well aware that it is going to be very hot.  There are many ways to fight off summer such as improving ventilation, … Read more

Samsung AC Review

Samsung AC Review-price in pakistan

Samsung AC Review,Samsung is a South Korean based multinational corporation. Numerous affiliated businesses have merged together under the umbrella of Samsung brand. The affiliates of Samsung include Samsung Electronics, Samsung engineering, Samsung heavy industries and Samsung insurance. The products manufactured by the company are popular all around the world including countries like the USA, Canada … Read more