Best Engineering Field in Pakistan

Engineering is one of the most preferred and popular fields of study in Pakistan and around the world. Many students intend to graduate in an engineering field after doing their FSc Pre Engineering or ICS in Pakistan. Engineering is a passion of many youngsters and they want to make a career out of their passion. If you have identified what you love studying, it will make it a lot easier for you to choose an engineering field.  But, if you are reading this article, the chances are you are still undecided which is completely normal as you might have been hearing people say that a certain field of engineering does not have as much scope as other fields. Choosing the best engineering field is a bit of a challenge as there are numerous engineering and technological fields to study. In this article, I have listed several fields of engineering studies along with their scope and salary which will make it easier for you to make a decision. Selecting the right field will make a way towards a right career leading to a successful future. 

Scope and Worth of Engineering in Pakistan

Many students aspire to be engineers after their intermediate or HSSC. Engineering is a field of study of creatic scientific application in designing and development of devices, materials, structure, machines, systems, and economics of operations.

Engineering is one of the best careers to pursue in Pakistan as this area is still in the developing stages which require more talented engineers. For this reason, there are hundreds of engineering related jobs offered in Pakistan every year and they are offered high salary packages for fresh graduates as well as for the experienced engineers.

Fields like Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering have almost the same growth and scope in the market. All you need to do is choose a field based on the present and future conditions. 

Best Engineering Field in Pakistan

Civil Engineering:

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Civil Engineering is one of the broadest and oldest areas of engineering. They are paid highly as they have to deal with the designing and construction of infrastructure such as houses, canals, river roads, buildings, bridges and many other things in the city. With a degree in Civil Engineering, you can get a job in the construction company, mining factories or some other building industries. In Pakistan, a civil engineer gets a salary of around PKR 40,000 to more than one lac.

Computer Engineering/ Software Engineering:

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Computer engineering is a specialization in everything related to computers including hardware and software. Their job is to develop both softwares and hardwares that can be used with or in the computer. Software engineering is one of the most demanding fields of engineering around the world. With a degree in Computer or Software Engineering, you can get a job in the software houses, gaming industry and computer gadgets manufacturing companies. A software engineer can earn as much as PKR 5 lac or more based on his experience and skill level. There are thousands of opportunities for software engineers worldwide. 

Mechanical Engineering:

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Mechanical Engineering is another famous branch of engineering which deals with designing and making of tools, systems and equipment for the machines. He also stipulates the methods of use of machines. They specialize in the designing and thermal category timeline. With a graduate in Mechanical engineering, you can get a job in factories, heavy industries and mining factories. In Pakistan, mechanical engineers are highly in demand and they can earn about PKR 70,000/ month on average.

Electrical Engineering:

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Electrical Engineering is another broad and large discipline in Pakistan. It is the study of electricity and circuits and things related to that. It also includes study of the communication systems in the telecom sector. Electrical engineers are also in high demand in Pakistan especially in the industrial and electronics sector. On average an electrical engineer has a salary of about PKR 35,000 up to PKR 80,000 in Pakistan.

Chemical Engineering:

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Chemical Engineering is an advanced study of chemicals and their uses. It can be tough and complicated for those who don’t have a passion for chemicals. Due to the small number of chemical engineering graduates, their demand is higher than other engineering fields in Pakistan. It has a vast scope as almost every industry has some chemical base. With a degree in chemical engineering, you will be able to get a job for designing and operations of industrial chemical plants. The salary of a chemical engineer can be as much as PKR 5 lac.

Marine Engineering:

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Marine Engineering deals with maintenance and operation of water vehicles to assure the safety of the crew of the ship. Marine Engineers are high in demand for the oil companies for the maintenance of oil rigs in the oceans to take out oil. The scope of marine engineering is high as there are less graduates in this field of study. On average, the salary of a marine engineer in Pakistan is about PKR 40,000.

Mining Engineering:

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Mining Engineering is related to the study of applications and techniques to extract valuable materials from the natural surroundings. With a graduate degree in mining engineering, you can get a job as a research mining engineer or a consulting mining engineer. Mining engineers are paid highly in Pakistan. The average salary of a mining engineer is around PKR 45,000 to PKR 110,000.

Architectural Engineering:

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Architectural engineering or building engineering deals with the design and construction of skyscrapers. As there has been development of new cities and tall buildings in the major parts of Pakistan, Architectural engineers are in high demand. Their main job is to design skyscrapers that are safe for people in case of some crisis and can withstand natural disasters.  

Aerospace Engineering:

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Aerospace is one of the most challenging positions in Pakistan and it presents some great career opportunities across a variety of industries. There are various subfields of aerospace to specialize in. It deals with the design, mechanics and technology in aircraft. The scope of this field may not be huge in Pakistan as the aviation industry hasn’t quite developed here yet but it does present several job opportunities in airlines and the defence sector.

Material Engineering:

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Material engineers deal with environmental controlling equipment and designing of products with certain material. With a degree in material engineering, you can build a career as a ceramic engineer, metallurgical engineer and many more. They design and make products using certain materials such as steel, aluminum, ceramic, etc and certain techniques. In Pakistan, the average salary of a material engineer is around PKR 35,000.

Automotive Engineering:

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If you have an interest in automobiles and cars, this is the most interesting field of study for you. It involves study, research, design and development of vehicles and subsystems. An automotive engineer can build a career in the developing automotive industry in Pakistan. They are high in demand as more and more companies are starting to manufacture and assemble their cars in Pakistan. 

Nuclear Engineering:

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Nuclear Engineers are responsible for installing and carrying out the service involving nuclear energy. They compute data, repair and maintain nuclear plants and carry all sorts of communication. With a degree in nuclear energy, you can make a career in power generation plants or you can work in a government’s nuclear department or a consulting firm. 

Network Engineering:

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A network engineer is responsible for installing and carrying out the services. They are also responsible for designing and repairing network connections. With a graduate degree in Network Engineering, you can get a job in the network management industry, project management or other fields related to IT. You can also get a job in information security or consultancy.. 

Biomedical Engineering:

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It is a combination of biology, medicine and engineering disciplines. A biomedical engineer has to research and provide data for the manufacturing of medicines for certain conditions. They also work to develop medical innovations such as artificial organs and their transplant.


Engineering has several fields of study. Almost all of these fields are high paying. As Pakistan is one of the developing countries and it has been developing several industries, the chances are that the scope of engineering will grow in the coming years.


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