Updated Version of Boeing 737 MAX Makes First Test Flight

The News came from New York that the latest version of Boeing’s 737 MAX has made its first test flight over the state of Washington DC on 18th June. This is the first time the plane has returned to the skies after its global grounding due to two deadly plane crashes.

Boeing informed that the Boeing 737 MAX 10 flew from Renton at 1707 GMT into the blue skies, went over the state’s central part, and landed after almost two-and-a-half hours in Seattle, Washington.

Chief Pilot Jennifer Henderson said, “The airplane performed beautifully. The profile we flew allowed us to test the airplane’s systems, flight controls, and handling qualities, all of which checked out exactly as we expected.”

In the beginning, it was planned that the mid-range aircraft would enter commercial service in the year 2020, but the timeframe slipped during the Boeing MAX’s 20-month grounding. Furthermore, the aviation industry downturn caused by Covid-19 compounded this delay.

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The commencement of commercial deliveries of the MAX 10 will be done by Boeing in 2023. Till that time,  extra test flights will be conducted, as well as a back-and-forth between regulators at the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and company.

 Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, stated, “The 737-10 is an important part of our customers’ fleet plans, giving them more capacity, greater fuel efficiency, and the best per-seat economics of any single-aisle airplane.”

The aircraft was announced for the first time at the Paris Air Show in June 2017, when Boeing officials played up its huge size, calling it the “industry’s most efficient, profitable, single-aisle airplane.” The airplane was placed in the single-aisle category as a competitor to Airbus’ A321neo.

As per Boeing, there is a capacity of a maximum of 230 passengers in the jet. The seating capacity of the plane has been slowly increased by the manufacturers since the 737 MAX 7, which had between 138 to 153 seats.

The latest jet is equipped with a Leap-1B engine which makes the plane longer. Its flying range is low in comparison to its previous versions, though. A joint venture of Safran Aircraft and GE Aviation made the Leap-1B engine.

Boeing’s 737 MAX faced two deadly crashes in which 346 passengers departed to the heavens from the face of Earth, causing its worldwide grounding in March of 2019.

The airplane resumed its operation in November 2020 after getting approval from the US regulators. The rest of the major civil aviation bodies did the same.

Since then, Boeing has once again commenced new aircraft deliveries and announced several new contracts with many leading carriers of the world.

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