Top 10 Investment Opportunities in Pakistan | Updated 2024

It is a famous saying that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Today, the investment and banking industry has matured and people are more confident to invest in various fields that help them save and earn some money. There are some trustworthy avenues where people can save money for rainy days.

We need money at multiple stages in life for various things such as children’s education, marriage, etc. We need to save some wealth for a secure future. Different investment plans provide us with lucrative ways to build assets where your money grows without much effort. 

In this article, we have listed some of the best easiest, and simplest ways to build wealth over time. These methods of wealth creation for the future require little investment but give a significant return on investment.

10 Best Investments in Pakistan

1. Investment in Real Estate

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Dealing real estate is the most lucrative investment not only in Pakistan but everywhere in the world. In the real estate business, people buy property or land and wait till the prices of real estate appreciate. They keep an eye on the market prices and sell their property when they feel it will give substantial profit.

You can read real estate books and blogs that update you about real estate trends, tips and tracks, construction cost, plot size conversion and many other useful information. 

Real estate business is the safest investment option as the prices of lands are always increasing. Due to these reasons, the real estate market is always growing at an increasing rate which means wider scope and greater returns.

If buying real estate is out of reach, you can try purchasing the property on installments, partnerships or loans. 

One of the major drawbacks of investing in real estate is that it is time-consuming, hence, it may not be ideal for those looking for short-term investment. Still, it is a safe option that gives higher return.

To invest in real estate, look for houses, plots, flats, or shops. These assets provide great yields in the form of rents and resale value. 

There are several construction companies that develop real estate projects for you to invest in. Some of the recent real estate projects where you can invest in are Amazon Outlet Mall, Mall of Arabia, Imarat Builders Mall and Florence Galleria. The prices of property in these projects are starting from as low as 17 lac. Check out these projects for secure investments with guaranteed returns.


2. Stock Market

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Stock market is a platform where companies make their shares available for the investors to purchase. Shareholders and investors can choose from multiple stocks of different companies and build their investment portfolio. The stock exchange lists the share prices of the companies. These prices fluctuate according to the buying and selling transactions that take place.

If you are looking to invest in the stock market, it is a place worth investing. Pakistan Stock Exchange has been performing better for several years and now it is close to hitting 50,000 points. As compared to other investment avenues in the country, stock exchange gives higher returns.

In Pakistan, the average return to stock is about 10%. Which means, which means if you invest PKR 100 you will receive PKR 110 after some time. 

However, it is important to note that investing in the stock exchange is not without risk. You have to remain well aware and informed to build a strategy to choose stocks with better potential. Building a portfolio of stocks will reduce the overall risk.

Generally, the pricier stocks give higher return of investment but they also have a higher risk to them. So invest wisely to avoid losing your money. 


3. Bank Deposits or Peer to Peer Lending

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Bank deposits are one of the easiest and common saving options. But, many people do not know which type of bank account to have to save and get profit on the deposited money. Most people have a current account in which the deposited remains the same; nothing is added or deducted. If you want to make some money with your savings in the bank account, you have to open a savings account.

Savings account is the simplest and cheapest avenue to earn profit in Pakistan with less investment. All you have to do is open a savings account in any bank in Pakistan and deposit a small amount of money in it. Most banks usually offer 10%-12% annual returns. Do some research and select the bank that suits you best. Some investment companies like PMIC and Lakson investments give high returns as well so you can consider them too.


4. Mutual Funds

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Investing in mutual funds is a lot easier and simpler than other ways of investments. To invest in mutual funds, you open an investor’s account with an Asset Management Company and deposit the money and have your mutual fund advisor fill up a deposit form for your money. 

After making an investment, you wait while your money grows. The Asset Management Company will do all the work for you to increase your wealth. You will get a fixed profit which makes it a win-win. However, the amount of profit may not be as much as in other investment avenues. You can withdraw your profits or the whole amount whenever you desire.


4. Gold

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The price of gold is ever increasing. Today, it is PKR 108,202, last year it was PKR 93,400 and in previous year, it was around PKR 68,000. With these increasing prices, you can imagine the ratio of returns by investing in Gold. 

If you are thinking about buying gold, consider buying gold biscuits as they yield maximum returns. In the same way, you can also buy diamonds or silver depending on your capacity.


5. Foreign Exchange (Forex)

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Investing in currencies is another profitable business in Pakistan. It is more intricate and trickier than trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other investment area. You buy some foreign currency and keep it till the value of the currency and exchange rate swells enough to give you some profit if you sell it. Keep an eye on the ongoing trends in currencies to keep yourself updated with the financial state of affairs and currency rates and invest in foreign exchange accordingly. 

It is one of the most liquid and biggest markets for your security in investment plans and diversifying your financial portfolio. Investing in foreign currencies is pretty much similar to investing in gold.


6. Bonds

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This investment idea mainly relies on your luck but it is the simplest and easiest investment you can make. It simply works by buying the treasury bonds of various values issued by the Government of Pakistan. The smallest bond is of PKR 100 and the largest bond is of PKR 40,000. Buy some of the bonds and check your bond numbers in the prize list issued every three months. If you are lucky, you may win huge cash prizes. The best thing about purchasing bonds is that there is no risk of losing your money unless you tear up or lose your bond. Also, you can exchange the bonds for their actual value from any bank.


7. Pakistan Investment Bonds

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Pakistan Investment Bonds are debt securities issued by the State Bank of Pakistan. These bonds are made available in multiples of PKR 100,000 in tenors of 3, 5, 10 and 20 years. The profit on these bonds is fixed and is disbursed semi-annually. The semi-annual return or coupon rate of these bonds are paid until maturity.

They provide a good avenue to earn competitive returns with secure investment. The government of Pakistan guarantees these bonds so the chances of a default payouts is very low. 

You can invest in Pakistan Investment Bonds through Scheduled Banks or Stock Market by opening an investor Portfolio Securities Account. 


8. 3D Printing


3D printing is another way to invest your money for huge profits. It is a relatively new field and has a huge scope in the market. You can start a 3D printing business from PKR 1.5 lac. The 3D printer is used for customized jewellery, mugs, decoration pieces, prototypes, etc. 3D printing technology is used in every field including education, retail, fashion, games, medical, entertainment and many others. 3D printing is a promising business in Pakistan.


9. Invest in Your Skills


The biggest long term investment you can make is investing in your skills and improving them. Keep learning new things in your field and earn handsome returns in no time. For example, if you are a good baker, you can do a course on it and get a job or open your own business. The opportunities are unlimited. All you have to do is advance in your field and earn through them.


10. Certificate of Deposit

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A certificate of deposit is issued by a bank to the individual who deposits money for a specified period at a specified rate of interest. A certificate of deposit is a financial instrument that almost every bank in Pakistan offers.

You just have to deposit a certain amount of money in the bank for a specific period and earn a profit. It is a good low-risk investment to make in Pakistan. The only downside of this method is that you won’t be able to withdraw your money from the bank until that fixed period of time is over.



Where should I invest my money in Pakistan?

There are several avenues for your to invest your money in Pakistan such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Bank Deposit through a savings account
  • Stock Exchange
  • Bonds
  • Gold
  • Foreign Exchange
  • 3D printing

Which currency is best for investment in Pakistan?

Us Dollar is the best currency for investment in Pakistan. Though many consider the US Dollar to be less stable, it enjoys the status of the world reserve currency and is high in demand. In 2019, about 90% of all foreign exchange transactions were made in this currency so it will be a good idea to add US Dollar to the list of your investment opportunities.

How can I invest 50k in Pakistan?

There are several places where you can invest 50k in Pakistan. Some of them are:

  • Stock Exchange
  • Prize Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Deposit in Savings account.
  • Invest in your skills

Where can I invest 1 lac in Pakistan?

Avenues to invest 1 lac in Pakistan are:

  • Stock Exchange
  • Prize Bonds
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Mutual Funds
  • Savings account

Which investments have the best returns?

Investing in real estate has the best returns as the prices of the properties and land are always increasing.

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