Best Deep Freezer in Pakistan

Deep freezers are also referred to as chest freezers. are great for keeping food perfectly preserved for a long time. They create the seal and thermostat which make sure that the food is stored and stays edible for up to 100 hours. There are hundreds of deep freezers on the market which makes it a bit challenging to pick the best one according to your lifestyle and preferences. The best deep freezer is the one which is unaffected by the changing seasons and can bear frequent electricity fluctuations and load shedding. These factors affect the performance of the deep freezer. If you are looking for the best deep freezer in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have included some of the top quality deep freezer along with their review which will have you make a more informed decision when you are buying a deep freezer.

Types of Deep Freezers

There are three types of deep freezers that you will find on the market depending on brand and features included. You can select from a single, double or triple door deep freezer. The triple door deep freezer combines a refrigerator and a deep freezer in one unit. It is a more affordable option for those looking to store fresh food and freeze food for later use.

The leading brands of deep freezers in Pakistan are Dawlance, Waves, PEL, Orient and Haier. They offer a wide variety of models in different sizes. 

Deep freezers are the largest standalone unit available in Pakistan unlike top or bottom drawer freezers that combine deep freezers and refrigerators. They are big in size so they take up a lot of space as compared to upright freezers. They come with a variety of designs and functionalities. Their huge compartment can store more food over a long time. They are a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers in Pakistan as they are both cost and energy effective.

Salient Features of Deep Freezers

Power Efficient:

There is a big misconception that deep freezers consume more electricity than the upright models. The reality is completely opposite to this. Deep freezers consume less electricity than the traditional upright models. This makes them ideal for consumers in Pakistan; there are frequent power shutdowns and load shedding across the country.

Performance Features:

A deep freezer is a necessity for commercial enterprises and large families to store ice and meat especially during the hot and humid seasons in Pakistan. Consumers can store ingredients for daily cooking and save perishable food from rotting.


The deep freezers available on the market of Pakistan are mostly built with German quality Danfoss compressors that are renowned for providing power-efficient compressors worldwide. The top notch copper condenser ensures faster cooling speeds.

Storage Capacity & Design:

Deep freezers have less adjustable shelves than upright models. The reason for this is that they are designed to pile in food. The primary purpose of deep freezers is to store food by freezing and utilising as much space as possible. As ice accumulates over time due to extreme temperatures, they require manual defrosting which is done by switching off the unit and keeping its door open until the ice is defrosted. They come in durable plastic outer material and in stylish glass doors.

Key Features:

The foaming thickness of the deep freezer is important in order to ensure cooling temperatures. Modern deep freezer models have smart digital touch panels that offer customizable cooling moes and various thermostat options. They come with human interactive LED lights that light up when sensing motion and human contact. 

These modern deep freezers feature deodorising technology that has improved over the decades as it removes unpleasant food smells from the compartment. The durable EMBO sheet makes them rust-free and makes it more durable to withstand long term tear and wear.

Best Deep Freezer in Pakistan

Dawlance DF 400 ES Series

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Price in Pakistan: PKR 45,000/-

Dawlance DF 400 ES is a single door freezer with simple yet elegant design. It can save up to 45% of energy. Some of the most noteworthy features of Dawlance DF 400 ES are that it can be easily converted from freezer to refrigerator, has a quick freeze button for fast cooling, and the Stucco Diamond sheet keeps the interior clean. The compressor has a 12 years warranty.

Kenwood KDF-310 LVS

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Price in Pakistan: PKR 52,800/-

Kenwood is a famous brand of top tier home appliances in Pakistan. KDF-310 LVS is one of the most high tech deep freezers on the market. It features over-temperature alarm indicator light, mechanical temperature control with adjustable thermostat, has a wide voltage range compressor and freezer convertible. 

The interior of this deep freezer is super easy to clean with a removable storage basket and convenient drain tube. The silkscreen flower pattern on the cabinet gives it a stylish look that can improve the look of your kitchen.

Haier HDF-285SD 

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Price in Pakistan: PKR 36,400/-

Haier is a brand of affordable, high quality home appliances in Pakistan. Its products are used and loved by consumers across the country. Haier HDF-285SD has been a favourite of many due to its high performance and quality. One of the best features of this deep freezer is that it can, with its three layered door, retain freezing temperature for up to 100 hours without electricity.

The plastic parts are moulded by pure and virgin plastic which enhance the durability and life of the product. The high quality and smooth wheels allow you to easily move the freezer without emptying it. The pure material used to resist rust both inside and outside for a long life. Haier HDF-285SD uses CFC free refrigerants to keep the environment clean and habitat friendly.

PEL Arctic InverterOn

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Price in Pakistan: PKR 52,000/-

PEL Arctic InverterOn has a capacity of 275 litres which is enough to store all the food of a large family for a week. The leakage-free technology keeps the interior cool for up to 100 hours in case of power failure in hot summer. The innovative forced draft copper condenser makes sure it cools the food within minutes.

Waves 318DD/2200 DD Deep Freezer

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Price in Pakistan: PKR 64,000/-

Waves freezers are known for their superb quality and high performance. It is because of their quality that they have been the top choice of retailer businesses in Pakistan. Waves 318DD/2200 DD deep freezer has an enormous capacity of 18 cu.ft. It is installed with Danfoss compressor and R134a Refrigerant with copper refrigerant pipe. The powerful compressor can take the temperature of the interior below -18 C. Waves 318DD/2200 DD deep freezer consumes as less electricity as 2 kwh/24h making it one of the best choices for home or business use.

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