Top 14 Bra Brands in Pakistan

For women, shopping for bras is one of the most daunting tasks in Pakistan. Many of us are not comfortable with it so we rely on our sisters, friends or moms to shop for us. However, there is an even better option for bra shopping; online shopping. Anyways, if you have decided to buy a bra for yourself and are looking for the best bra brands in Pakistan, you have come to the right place.

The art of bra making has gone through many evolutions due to which we have numerous bra designs to choose from. Earlier, bras were made of less breathable fabric and the designs were less comfortable. But today, you can find bras that are not only comfortable but they also add a sensual touch to your body. There are hundreds of types of bras including padded bras, underwire bras, push up bras, cami bras, sports bras, cage bras, and many more. The idea of a perfect bra may vary from girl to girl but the features that everyone can agree upon are maximum comfort, inexpensive and fancy beauty. The best bra brands in Pakistan keep these features in mind while designing bras and make sure to meet the needs of every woman in Pakistan.

Best Bra Brands in Pakistan


Bra Brand Price Range Official Website
Be Belle PKR 420 –  PKR 1500 Be Belle
Next PKR 3500 – PKR 10,000 Next
Losha PKR 1900 – PKR 3000 Losha
Triumph PKR 680 – PKR 3800 Triumph
Miniso PKR 1000 – PKR 1500 Miniso
Women’s Secret PKR 1500 – PKR 4753 Women’s Secret
Mothercare Pakistan PKR 700 – PKR 1000 Mothercare
IFG PKR 410 – PKR 1240 IFG
Espico PKR 450 – PKR 2500 Espico
La Senza PKR 950 – PKR 7000 La Senza
Victoria Secret PKR 1500 – PKR 2000 Victoria Secret
Amante PKR 1500 – PKR 3000 Amante
Nike PKR 2800 – PKR 5780 Nike
Adidas PKR 3660 – PKR 6,800 Adidas


1. Be Belle

Be Belle-price in pakistan

Be Belle is the largest manufacturer of all types of women’s undergarments in Pakistan. They offer a number of products including nightwear, lingerie, panties, bras, corset, clothing for curvy girls, bandeau and other clothing items. To shop for any of the items mentioned above or check out their collections, go to their official website here or place your order on their facebook page. If you want to reach the customer support team at Be Belle, dial 0330-2819296.

2. Next

Next-price in pakistan

Next is one of the top bra brands based in Britain. It has been known for providing classic and contemporary style of clothing for more than 30 years. It is one of the largest fashion e-tailer with 650 stores around the world. Its designs define the good taste and hold high-quality benchmarks. You will find a wide variety of products for both men and women. From contemporary to classic fashion items, Next is the place to go to. Whether you want beach wear stylish bras or gym styled comfy bras, Next has got you covered.

3. Losha

Losha-price in pakistan

Losha holds the biggest collections of undergarments and lingerie making it a one-stop-shop for women in Pakistan. They create the best quality sleepwear and stylish designs that are also highly comfortable. The main goal of Losha is to provide every girl with the undergarments of the right size to avoid them from being exposed to all kinds of problems that come with wearing wrong sizes.

Losha will provide you with anything you can think of in the world of lingerie and undergarments. It houses large collections of bralettes, padded bras, non-padded bras, training bras, underwire bras, nursing bras, high support sports bras and wire-free bras. It holds bras in all sizes starting from 32A all the way up to 40 J making it a brand that offers the widest size range. To check out the latest collections at Losha, click here.

4. Triumph

Triumph-price in pakistan

Triumph is a Switzerland based lingerie brand that has more than 2,000 stores across the world which allows them to take their products to almost every part of the world. You can access Triumph products no matter which part of the world you are in. It creates all types of lingerie but their most popular product is an everyday T-shirt bra. It offers everyday T-shirt bras in almost every colour and size; from petite to plus. Size is no longer an issue when you are at Triumph’s whether you are on the skinnier side or the heavier side.

5. Miniso

Miniso-price in pakistan

Miniso is a Japan based designer brand that is known for its low-price and high-quality products. Miniso offers a separate collection for sports and clothing in which it holds several types of lingerie including T-shirt bras to sports bras. Miniso stores make it a lot easier to find basic bras as you can try the bras on before you buy them from their stores. Also, you can check out their collection on their online store, here.

6. Women’s Secret

Women’s Secret-price in pakistan

Women’s Secret is another international brand with around 650 stores in 61 different countries. It offers numerous products so that you can find everything you need under one roof. They are known for manufacturing top quality clothing items, girls’ bags, women’s shoes and lingerie.

At Women’s Secret, they understand women’s needs and design their products keeping the comfort of the end user in mind. It carries different ranges and stocks almost everything including T-shirt bras, bralette, adhesive bras, great quality bodysuits, strapless bras and shapewear. It also offers some items that no other brand offers; post surgery bras for ladies who have gone through breast surgery. 

7. Mothercare Pakistan

Mothercare Pakistan-price in pakistan

Maternity and nursing clothing are not as popular in Pakistan as in other parts of the world. There are only a few stores in the country who cater to new moms’ needs. Mothercare fills that void a great deal. It makes all kinds of maternity clothing including nursing bras and tops. You can pick from the regular drop cups, regular wire-free bras, tops with attached nursing bras, etc. Mothercare has something to offer for all the changes you go through while adjusting to life with a newborn. It strives to make you as comfortable as possible.

8. IFG

IFG-price in pakistan

IFG is a lingerie and nightwear brand based in Pakistan. It understands the unique needs of Pakistani women and designs undergarments and lingerie especially for these women. It is one of the first brands that brought different types of high quality bras, stylish lingerie and highly comfortable nightwear in Pakistan. It has a wide collection of non-padded, padded, trendy, comfortable, training bras for teens and plus-size lingerie.

IFG has stores in every major city of Pakistan where you can check out the latest collection and buy your favourite bras or other lingerie. You can also see the latest items at IFG and make purchases from their online store, here.

9. Espico

Espico-price in pakistan

Espico is a perfect brand to go to if you are on a budget but want to try out different lingerie. Espico conducts most of its business online where it offers hundreds of various types of bras and sleepwear at highly affordable prices. It offers a wide range of classic bra sets, wire-free bras, comfortable bralettes, nursing bras, underwire bras, tank-tops and also a great variety of stockings and tights. Here you can buy stuff in readymade bundles which allows you to save even more money.

10. La Senza

La Senza-price in pakistan

La Senza is known for making lingerie like that of top-tier brands but at unbelievably affordable prices. The brand has been around since the early 90s and has managed to build a loyal customer base with its efficient customer service and good quality products. The main goal of La Senza is to make women feel comfortable, confident, and good about themselves. It is a great place to shop if you are looking for a luxury experience at extremely low prices. Moreover, they announce several discount offers, deals and sales throughout the year that brings down prices even more. 

At La Senza, you will find everything from uniquely designed bras and bra sets to sleepwear. In addition to the adventurous items, they also got you covered with simple designs. You can choose a push-up bra from 5 different levels starting from unlined to extreme push up. 

11. Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret-price in pakistan

Victoria Secret is the most prominent name when it comes to lingerie. It is a US based lingerie manufacturer. The brand name is known for their annual fashion show where they showcase their latest designs adorned by the world’s top models.

It brings premium quality lingerie within the reach of the average consumer. They are famous for their padded bras which they have named as “Bombshell bras”. These bras can add up to 2 whole cup sizes. Moreover, they have a stock of a wide variety of super push up bras, wireless bras, unpadded bras, bandeau bras and even comfortable bralettes. Here you can shop for all sizes from B to DD.

12. Amante

Amante-price in pakistan

It is an international intimate wear brand that offers fashion, comfort and sensuality to the women of South Asia. The philosophy of Amante can be described in 5 words; Sensual, Spirited, Stylish, Sophisticated and Self-assured. Amante creates products that lead the ever evolving trends of today. It has something to offer for all kinds of tastes, goals, roles, and ambitions.

Amante has a wide collection of bras of all kinds including padded, non padded, wired, non wired, T-shirt, Push up, bralettes and many more. Here you can shop according to your preferences, style, coverage, occasion or fabric. All of its products are durable, long lasting, high quality and affordable. Their prices range from PKR 1500 to PKR 3000. You can check out their facebook or instagram to shop online.

13. Nike

Nike-price in pakistan

Nike is one of those famous brands about which everyone has heard. It has been around since 1954. The brand deals with sports wear mainly from shoes to innerwear. Nike offers a huge collection of sports bras for all types of sports. Whether you need a bra for running, swimming, yoga or gym, Nike has a special bra for your specific purpose.

14. Adidas

Adidas-price in pakistan

Adidas, like Nike, also deals with sportswear and sports goods. Adidas offers a great variety of sports bras to choose from depending on your preferred style. Adidas sports bras are available in 3 variations of level of support; light support, medium support and high support. Light support bras are designed for light workouts such as walking and yoga. Medium support bras are suitable for activities like boxing, cycling, weight training. And high support bras are created for HIIT, running and cross training. 

Adidas offers different styles such as the classic, simple with the brand logo strips. You will also find bras with mesh, cross straps and different cut outs.

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