Top 8 Government Universities in Lahore

Lahore is also referred to as the “City of Colleges” but the city also houses some top private and public universities in Pakistan that provide quality education. Government universities are the number one choice of many students for a number of reasons. In addition to providing high quality education and learning opportunities, government universities are some of the most affordable universities in Pakistan.

All the government universities are chartered, licensed or accredited by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan. They offer a variety of undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes to the students. 

If you are looking for the best government universities in Lahore, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best public universities in Lahore on the basis of valid, non-influenceable and unbiased web metrics.

8 Best Government Universities in Lahore

Universities Field of Specialization Official Website
Government College University
  • Chemistry and Life Sciences
  • Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Arts & Social Sciences
  • Languages, Islamic & Oriental Learning
  • Engineering
University of Health Sciences
  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • Pharm D
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • B.Sc Nursing
  • Allied Health Sciences
King Edward Medical University, Lahore
  • MBBS
  • Allied Health Science
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Allied Vision Sciences
  • Post RN BSN
University of the Punjab
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Electrical, Energy & Environmental Engineering
  • Geo-Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Information and Media Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Law
  • Life-Sciences
  • Oriental Learning
  • Quality & Industrial System Engineering
  • Science
  • Oriental Learning
  • Pharmacy
University of Education
  • Sciences
  • Teaching and Education
  • English
Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design
  • Fashion and Design
Information Technology University
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Business & Management Science
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Computer Science

1. Government College University

Government College University-price in Pakistan

Government College University or GCU is one of the best government universities not only in Lahore but also in Pakistan. It has a rich history. In 1861, it was established as a college. It didn’t attain the status of university until 2002.

Government College University has given hundreds of intellectuals in Pakistan. Some of the famous graduates of GCU are; Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Abdus Salam, Tariq Jameel, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, Patras Bokhari, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Wasif Ali Wasif to name a few.

GCU is a non-profit public higher education institution that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programs. It enrolls about 7,000 to 7,999 students at one time. It provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services including a well equipped library, study abroad and exchange programs, sports facilities and administrative services.

2. University of Health Sciences

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University of Health Sciences or UHS Lahore was established in 2002 and is considered to be the top university in the field of medical science.

The university is affiliated with HEC, pharmacy council of Pakistan and PMDC. It offers a variety of medical studies including Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biomedical engineering, and Nursing allied health sciences.

It is a vibrant, student centered, internationally recognized, research university with 124 affiliated colleges and institutes. It enrolls around 106916 undergraduate and 9157 postgraduate students.

It was one of the first universities dedicated to health sciences in the province with a vision to bring quantitative and qualitative revolution in medical research and education through evolution.

3. King Edward Medical University, Lahore

King Edward Medical University-price in Pakistan, Lahore” width=”667″ height=”400″ />

King Edward Medical University or KEMU was established in 1860. This year, it has completed 161 years of excellence in Medical Education. 

KIng Edward Medical University, Lahore is recognized by the World Health Organization, Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, HEC, Pakistan Medical Research Council and various leading medical universities of UK and USA.

It has a number of affiliated institutes including Center for Nuclear Medicine, Pakistan Medical Research Center, and School of Orthopedic Technology to name a few.

It offers study programs in a number of fields including Basic Sciences which includes Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Community Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology, and Forensic Medicine. Other faculties at KEMU are faculty of Medicine & Applied Specialties, Faculty of Surgery & Allied Specialties, Faculty of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.

4. University of the Punjab

University of the Punjab-price in Pakistan” width=”800″ height=”385″ />

University of the Punjab was established in 1882. It is the oldest and the largest seat of higher learning in Pakistan. It was the first university in the sub-continent established in a Muslim majority area.

University of the Punjab provides a conducive environment for pursuit of academic activities. It is the first choice for students because of its internationalized and highly qualified faculty, low tuition fees and pleasant environment.

Some of the famous graduates of University of the Punjab include Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Abdus Salam and Choudhry Rahmat Ali.

It has five campuses in different parts of the country, 10 Constituent Colleges, 19 Faculties and 137 departments, institutes and centers. There are about 658 colleges affiliated to University of the Punjab. It enrolls 49,520 students on-campus at one time. 

5. University of Education

University of Education-price in Pakistan” width=”800″ height=”365″ />

The University of Education was established in 2002 as the top institute for learning in teacher education. It strives to produce quality teachers of international standards and bring a good change in education focusing on teacher education.

It promotes teaching and learning innovations, leadership, governance and management skills in educational managers. One of the main goals of the university is to develop human resources for educational institutions and establish connections with national and international educational institutions and the society.

UE provides opportunity to its students and faculty of experiential and experimental learning with its instructional and media laboratories and curriculum. It offers postgraduate diplomas and Teaching Certificates and adopts efficient strategies such as faculty development through seminars, workshops, and offering advanced and short courses.

6. Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design-price in Pakistan” width=”523″ height=”400″ />

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design or PIFD is a public university that was established in 1994. It strives to produce skilled artisans who can combine design capability and manufacturing dexterity to create products that have aesthetic and functional appeal.

It equips its students with efficient marketing and management tools to promote their products in the markets across the world. It is dedicated to creating a generation of highly skilled entrepreneurs and creative designers to cater for the demands of the new age.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design offers a number study programs including Foundation Year Studies, Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design), BS Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, Bachelor of Design (Textile Design), Bachelor of Design (Jewellery Design and Gemological Sciences), Bachelor of Design (Furniture Design and Manufacture), Bachelor of Design (Leather Accessories and Footwear), and Bachelor of Design (Ceramic and Glass Design). 

7. Information Technology University

Information Technology University-price in Pakistan” width=”217″ height=”400″ />

Information Technology University or ITU was established in 2012 with a major purpose to advance scholarship and innovation in the areas of science, technology and engineering. It focuses on cross-disciplinary applied research, maintenance of a close collaboration with the Information and Communication Technology industry, cultivation of an entrepreneurial culture in teaching and research and development of strong ties with government funding agencies.

ITU strives to serve as a center for excellence in innovation, research, academia and entrepreneurship. The healthy campus environment brings out and nurtures the best academic and non-academic qualities in students. It stages vibrant student activities and lively discussions. Also, the campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including labs and library. 

It offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs including BS Economics with Data Science, BS Computer Engineering, BS Management & Technology, BS Electrical Engineering, BS Computer Science, Executive MBA, MS Development Studies, MS Data Science, MS Computer Science, MS Electrical Engineering, PhD Computer Science, and PhD Electrical Engineering.

8. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

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The University of Engineering and Technology and UET is one of the best engineering universities in Pakistan. It was established in 1921 and was named as the “Mughalpura Technical College” which got changed into “Maciagan Engineering College” in 1923 and now it is known as the University of Engineering and Technology.

The purpose of the university is to generate knowledge for global competitive advantage and become one of the best research universities in the world. It plays a role in teaching, innovation, research, and commercialization that is internationally relevant and aids in national technological, industrial, socio-economic development.

It offers a number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programs in the field of engineering and technology.

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