Best Earning Apps In Pakistan

There are hundreds of ways to earn money online. Best Earning Apps In Pakistan, You can make extra money through websites, freelancing, blogging, surveys and many other ways. However, only a few people know that they can earn money through apps. Though most of these apps are scam or too complicated to join, there are still some which can pay you good cash. With these apps, you can earn money by shopping, playing games, completing surveys, watching videos and performing some simple tasks. Check out our list of the best earning apps in Pakistan that can help you earn enough to pay your bills.

Best Earning Apps In Pakistan

1. Upwork

Best Earning Apps-Price in Pakistan

Upwork is one of the most popular and most used freelancing apps not only in Pakistan but also in the world. It was formerly known as oDesk. It connects employers to the skilled freelancers from around the world. If you want to work and earn money from the comfort of your home, Upwork is a perfect option for you. You can find a job based on your skills and submit the task before the deadline to earn cash. It provides an ideal opportunity for the students, housewives, aged adults as well as professionals. It allows you to withdraw your money to your local bank account whenever you want. It is the best place to earn money online.

2. Fiverr

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Fiverr, like Upwork, is also an freelancing app that is growing at a rapid pace in Pakistan. You can make gigs based on your skill set and the employers contact you if they like your profile and give you a job. It is a perfect place for students and professionals to earn extra money to make both ends meet. How much you earn on this website is based on how strong your profile and proposal is and also it depends on how active you are on the app or the website. Once you get your first job, you will get more jobs earlier. So start your online earning today by doing your gigs on Fiverr.

3. Zareklamy

Earning Apps-Price in Pakistan

Zareklamy is an online earning platform where you can find an additional job to earn some money by performing simple tasks. There are five monetization methods with which you can earn money. You get monetary rewards by performing tasks like engaging on social media, watching videos, following accounts on Instagram or TikTok, or subscribing to YouTube channels. Some features of the app are not available but you can still earn cash in your free hours. You can withdraw your money through Payoneer, PayPal, TransferWise and Bank Transfer, once you reach your payment threshold. To check out the app, click here.

4. Triaba (OpinionApp)

Triaba-Price in Pakistan


Triaba allows you to earn money with online surveys. You can fill up the survey form and make money while slouching on your couch at home. You can earn between $0.13 to $3.25 by answering simple questions and giving your opinion. You are eligible to answer surveys from the moment you sign up on the app. Click here to check out the website.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards-Price in Pakistan

Working and earning online in Pakistan has become a lot easier than it was ever before. Google Opinion Rewards is another app that helps you earn some cash from the comfort of your home. Like Triaba, it also allows you to earn through online surveys. All you have to do is download Google Opinion Rewards app, register your account and complete your profile. The app will recommend you some surveys on the basis of information you put in your profile. You will get $1.00 in Play credit with each survey you complete. There are surveys, such as your opinion on sales promotion, a logo or travel plans.

6. Jeeto Paisa

Jeeto Paisa-Price in Pakistan

It is the first augmented reality social messaging and reality gaming app in Pakistan. It is a good platform for some real online earning. It uses augmented reality to connect you to your surroundings and lets you explore the hidden treasure to make points. The app has three languages; Urdu, English and Punjabi. You can connect with your friends to make gaming more interactive and fun with this app. You can earn mega prizes weekly with high reward points. Click here to check out this app.

7. Savyour

Savyour-Price in Pakistan

Savyour is an app that gives your cash back for shopping online from certain online stores. The app lets you know the discount deals on various online stores so that you can save money. Here you will find discounts on restaurants, groceries, daily wear stuff, etc. If you shop online often, Savyour is the best app for you to shop at affordable prices and in less time. The more you shop from Savyour, the more cashback money will be collected in your account which you can withdraw whenever you want. Click here, to check the website.

8. Daraz Games

Daraz Games-Price in Pakistan

If you often shop from, we have exciting news for you. There are some games which you can play on the app and earn cash points. With these games, you can earn up to 10% cashback and get discount deals on various products. These games also allow you to participate in lucky draws where you can win mega discount offers. Download the app right now and play to win exciting prizes. 

9. Slide

Slide-Price in Pakistan

Slide is another earning app in Pakistan. With this app, you can earn money playing games, completing surveys, reading Slide news, and by simply unlocking or charging your phone screen. After installing the app on your phone, you will earn money for every activity on the app. It also offers referral commissions where you can earn by inviting your friends to use the app.

10. Mcent

Mcent-Price in Pakistan

Mcent is one of the top money-making mobile apps in Pakistan. It is actually an android browser which lets you earn money by downloading apps through it. So, you are earning money by just surfing the internet. You can use the money earned through it with mobile recharge or for monthly postpaid. Check out the earning app by clicking here.

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