Best Profession in Pakistan

If you still haven’t decided about the field in which you want to make a career, then there is no shortage of professions that will suit your personality and temperament. If you have a good academic record and are physically fit, then the world is an oyster for you. Professions are measured on various scales. There are some professions that might not be high paying but you get to have several other facilities and benefits with that job. In this article, I have compiled a list of the best professions in Pakistan in terms of salary packages, perks, and privileges.

Best Profession in Pakistan

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant-price in Pakistan

Being a chartered accountant is a highly paying job in Pakistan as well as around the world. A chartered accountant holds a key position in the organization such as Auditor, Chief Accountant, Financial Analyst, CFO, etc. He manages the finances of the company and compiles financial reports for the company. If you are a chartered accountant, you will get a higher salary package than the other jobs from the beginning.

You can become a CA by studying CA or ACCA courses. The exams of these courses are conducted by an international body therefore their certifications are qualified across the world. 


CSS-price in Pakistan

CSS officers hold an important bureaucratic position in the government departments. They are responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic machinery. They interact with government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. An aspirant who passes CSS competitive exams, get allocation is the most important bureaucratic departments such as Pakistan Administrative Service, Police Service of Pakistan, Foreign Service of Pakistan, Pakistan Customs, Commerce and Trade Group, Inland Revenue Service of Pakistan, Information Service of Pakistan, Military Lands & Cantonments Group, Office Management and Secretariat Group, Audit and Accounts Service, Postal Group, and Railways.

These jobs may not be as highly paid as some other professions in Pakistan but they offer a number of perks and privileges such as high social status. 


Physician-price in Pakistan

Being a physician, especially a cardiologist or a neurologist is one of the best professions in the entire world. As heart and brain problems are the most common, cardiologists and neurologists stay high in demand. Also, study of these specializations requires a lot of dedication and hard work. They are the leaders of surgical teams performing surgery, planning and carrying out medical procedures. Physicians specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting specific areas in the body. They are also responsible for providing pre-surgery guidance and post surgery care. Based on your qualification and experience, this is one of the highest paying professions in Pakistan.

In order to become a physician, you will have to complete a medical degree from a medical school which can take seven to eight years. After that, you have to gain experience in general surgery, from there you spend several more years in a specialized residency.


Defense-price in Pakistan

Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy are the most honorable professions in Pakistan. If you want a thrilling life full of adventures, defense is the best profession for you. The best way to join Pak Army, PAF and Pak Navy is after FSc when you will be admitted in the training facility of the institute you choose for two years. Here you will be trained to become an officer. Jobs in Pak Army, PAF and Pakistan Navy come with several perks and privileges for you and your entire family.

IT Professional

IT Professional-price in Pakistan

The field of IT offers countless opportunities. You can be a software engineer, programmer or make a career in cyber security. The IT professionals have to constantly learn new things, polish their skills to match the competency in the job market and learn new technologies and implement them to solve problems. 

With proper knowledge and experience you can earn bundles by getting hired in a big company. IT professionals are high in demand and there is no shortage of jobs for them. The best way to excel in the IT profession is to keep learning the latest technologies and be proficient in them to introduce new useful technologies.


Lawyer-price in Pakistan

Lawyers provide legal help to the people. They are also known as advocates. They advise their clients about legal intricacies and represent them in court. To become a lawyer, you will need a detailed knowledge of the law as well as the ability to plan and take proper legal measures. You can specialize in the various fields of law such as migration law and human rights.

To become a lawyer, it needs a lot of hard work and patience as it is a long journey. First of all, you will need to pass the Law Admission Test conducted by HEC then you have to get an LLB degree from a recognised university. You will be able to get a licence to practice from Pakistan’s Bar Council after passing the HEC Law Graduate Assessment Test.

Business Administration

Business Administration-price in Pakistan

If you want to get into the field of business administration, you will need a degree in BBA and MBA. This will give you a variety of job opportunities in high end organizations. You can pursue a career in various fields like banking, Project Manager, Marketing and Sales Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Planner or Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Marketing Specialist and Human Resource Management.

You can also become a financial analyst with an MBA degree. Financial analysts are experts in finance and analysis. They work by gathering, processing and interpreting large data to help businesses become profitable. They advise companies to identify opportunities for investment and growth to make valuable assets across different industries.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of fields to make your career in Pakistan. All you need is to figure out which profession appeals to you the most and you enjoy doing that work. Then you have to be consistent, patient and work hard to achieve your goals in life. 



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