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Your job determines how successful you are in life. Your success is usually measured by the salary you get through your work. We get professional education to be successful through a job or business. In this article, we are going to list out some of the best jobs in Pakistan that are highly paid in the market. It is important to note that all the fields of work can be high-yielding when pursued in the right way. Becoming an expert in your field will add to your profile and raise assets. Money only should not be your goal as it gets very hectic if you do not like your job. Also, to make money you have to execute proper planning and employ productive strategies. The list will help you find the best field of your interest and figure out which relevant education to get. 

These are the 8 Best Jobs in Pakistan

Here is a list of the top-paying fields that you can consider to build a successful professional career:


Job Minimum Salary
Chartered Accountant PKR 600,000
Central Superior Services PKR 70,000
Doctors PKR 62,500
IT Professional PKR 50,000
Engineer PKR 45,000
Lawyer PKR 60,000
Architect PKR 40,000
Business —–


1. Chartered Accountant

Top 8 Highest Payed Jobs in Pakistan-pip

A chartered accountant handles all financial matters of a business. He reviews reports and organizes the company’s finances to find out the expenditures of each department. Also, he manages the earnings of the departments to determine how much each department earns and how much does each running space costs.

On the basis of the reports generated by the chartered accountant, the management of the company makes decisions as it sees fit to improve revenue. A chartered accountant also handles the matters related to the tax payment of the company.

Companies hire chartered accountants to analyze and compile financial reports. Without chartered accountants, companies may not be able to figure out their expenditures and control their finances.

Chartered accountants are important for a company’s success and generate revenue. They are in high demand by companies to find productive solutions to increase income. Their average salary for a month is in lacs. However, salaries vary according to his position in the company and the duties he is performing. It is by far one of the highest-paying jobs in Pakistan. They can easily get jobs in both the public and private sectors.


2. Central Superior Services

Top Highest Payed Jobs in Pakistan-pip

Those who pass the CSS competitive exam of CSS are hired to important bureaucratic positions in various government departments to run the civilian bureaucratic tasks. They deal with directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan and government secretariats. The allotment of an aspirant to different government departments depends on his preference and his marks in the exam. Some of the posts may not be as highly paid as others but these positions are highly influential.


3. Doctor

Highest Payed Jobs in Pakistan-pip

There is no better job than to be a doctor if you want to serve people. Doctors get to work in hospitals, clinics, and other fields. They are highly paid by private hospitals and they can also earn a substantial amount of money by working in their clinics. Doctors have always remained in high demand in Pakistan and around the world. Those who are more experienced and skilled in doctoral procedures get to earn more money.


4. IT Professional

IT Professional-price in pakistan

Programmers, Software engineers, web developers, and other people connected to this field can easily find jobs and earn huge amounts of money. They can earn by working with some company or as a freelancer. There are hundreds of jobs for IT experts in the private as well as government sectors. Moreover, many IT professionals find high-paying jobs in foreign countries.

With the advancement of technology, the demand for IT professionals is increasing with every passing day. Learning and implementing new technologies and techniques into new procedures is their job. The success of an IT professional depends on his ability to learn and work with new technologies in the field so they are always in the state of learning.


5. Engineer

Engineer-price in pakistan

There are various engineering fields you can graduate in such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, and many others. All of these fields are high-paying in the market. Those who are more skilled and experts can be hired by various reputable companies and earn good money.

Engineers have a significant value and are high in demand around the world. The key to building a successful career in this field is to keep on learning new techniques and implement them for maintaining different products.


6. Lawyer

best jobs in pakistan

Lawyers understand the law in society, its implementation, and help people get justice from the court of law which makes them highly valuable for society. This is the field for you if you are looking for serving and earning at the same time. It is a good career to pursue. Those who work harder, have more experience and strong professional background make their way towards success.


7. Architecture

Architecture-price in pakistan

The Government of Pakistan announces hundreds of jobs for architects every year. Architects design and provide architectural schemes for the buildings and infrastructure. They take care of all the minor and major details of the buildings to ensure a strong structure. Architects are paid good salary packages by both public and private sectors as it is a job of high responsibility, proficiency, and skills.


8. Business

Business-price in pakistan

Many people choose to have their own business setups and succeed. However, success doesn’t come without struggle and devising productive strategies that see for the success of the business. Depending on the type of business, people make huge sums of money and keep on broadening their market for more money. But, starting a business is highly risky especially if you don’t have the right strategy.

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