10 Best Business in Pakistan | Complete Information

With a plethora of business ideas in 2021, it is very challenging to figure out which is the best business in Pakistan or which one is worth pursuing. We know getting involved in a fresh new trend is quite risky but it is highly rewarding too at the same time. You will notice that many business ideas on our list have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. And small business ideas in Pakistan will definitely help the young entrepreneurs to take a decision in their startup operation.

I have written many more articles on business ideas in Pakistan, some of those ideas are completely new, which means having very low competition and high demand in the market, thus making them the most lucrative businesses in Pakistan. All you need to have is to be the best at your work.

Whereas others have been in the minds of people for quite some time now, making them less risky but more competitive. However, all of the following business ideas ensure one thing; they will help make some good cash sooner or later.

The Best Business in Pakistan- A-List

Mobile Phones Business

Best Business in Pakistan

Demand for mobile phones is increasing day by day. There are more than 40 million smartphone users in Pakistan and the numbers are increasing day by day. The sales of smartphones are massive. All you have to do is go for the right investment, approach, choose the right time, management, and location and you are good to go. Remember that people find it hard to get some fine cash out of this business idea because of constant technological disruption or change. But once you get a grip on it, you can earn a lot of money out of this business sector.

Restaurants and Cafes Business

Best Business Pakistan-price in pakistan

One of the most common and profitable business ideas in Pakistan, opening a cafe or restaurant in Pakistan is very appealing and catchy as every second person in our circle is doing it. Though COVID-19 hit the restaurant and cafe businesses very badly now owners are recovering and getting back on track. People spend a fortune to open a restaurant of international standards but once it is done, they get the return in no time. To generate a good income out of it, you have to consider some crucial factors such as identifying your target market, perfect location, establishing a proper business plan, selecting a professional service style, catchy food concept, attractive layout, awesome menu, and more.

Medicine Business

Business in Pakistan-price in pakistan

We can term the medicine business as the most profitable, successful business in Pakistan due to many reasons. You will get a high return on investment in this business. Especially, due to the COVID situation, the sales will be very high. Plus, due to various kinds of food adulterations found in the country, Pakistanis often get some sort of illness or disease. Hence, these facts prove that medicines and other medical supplies are high in demand in Pakistan.

E-Commerce Business

Business Pakistan-price in pakistan

To start a business like this one, you don’t need much of an investment. There is a huge surge observed in the E-commerce industry since the emergence of wireless telecom technology. Whatsmore, 5G is also almost here in Pakistan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people prefer online shopping and electronic payments instead of going out to stores and paying via hard cash. Decide some things before launching your E-commerce site including the type of business, select the niche, and products that you want to add. It is one of the best low investment businesses in Pakistan.

Automobiles Business

Business-price in pakistan

Pakistan is full of car enthusiasts and car lovers. They would do anything to purchase their dream cars or luxurious cars. And the amazing thing is that they do buy it, showing that Pakistanis are rich enough (not everyone) can afford cars having medium to high price tags. You can either open your showroom keeping brand new cars, a garage having new and used cars, or go for the “Rent A Car” garage having all types of cars.

Photography Business

Photography Business in Pakistan-pip

To start this business, you only have to get a professional photographer, DSLR camera, and its required equipment. But before starting this business, do some research and plan your business strategy, or else you will face problems moving on in the business. To start this business idea, you have to decide how much you can invest, which photography services you will offer, develop a fine business plan, make an effective marketing strategy and you are all set. You will need some time to establish your brand name and reputation but once you have done it, you will see a boom in your business.

Property Business

Property Business-pip

The 220 million people of Pakistan do need a shade to sit beneath it, right? Property business is doing wonderful in the country as indicated by the rapid urban growth. Additionally, those enormous housing societies, schemes, townships, cities, towns, and God know what more are the living proves that property business is the best business in Pakistan. But it requires high investment. Still, high investment means higher profit and with the property sector being constantly scaled up, you are at the safe site. Do remember some crucial factors while opting for this business idea such as security situation, money devaluation, economic growth of the area, political situation, inflation, etc.

Cloth Business

Cloth Business-pip

Another great small business idea, cloth business is a great option in Pakistan as Pakistanis love to buy new clothes. This is true especially during the special days of the year including Eid days, wedding seasons, birthdays, and more. You can easily start this business by either getting stitched or manufactured clothes or start your own factory and stitch clothes according to the requirements of your customers.

Wholesale Business

Wholesale Business-pip

Pakistanis do love this business idea as they can keep some stuff for them too out of the let (just kidding). From selling vegetables, laundry detergents to cooking oils, shampoos, cold drinks, baby diapers, grocery items, you can sell anything in bulk at retail or wholesale price in your store and earn your profit. This is such a business that you won’t be facing much risk and enjoy a constant source of income too. Location is crucial for this business, so if you want to make some good sales, choose a hot place where you can find countless opportunities or many customers and hence, continuously get the profit.

Travel Agency Business

Travel Agency Business-pip

Pakistan is full of such mesmerizing and irresistible places that people gravitate towards them around the year. So, why don’t you take them to these places for a tour or in other words, open your own travel agency? This means you can open a company that provides spectacular travel or tourism services. By opening a premium travel agency, you can play a huge role in the private tourism sector to boost and promote tourism in Pakistan. You will be responsible for providing multiple services such as tourist guides, car rentals, ticket bookings, travel documents, residential arraignments, and more.


  • Which business is most profitable in Pakistan?

We have listed the most profitable businesses in Pakistan that you can start right away. Choose the one that you think will work best for you.

  • Which shop is best for business in Pakistan?

Clothes or Medicine shops are best for business in Pakistan.

  • What business can I start with 50000 rupees in Pakistan?

You can start a clothes business, wholesale business, or e-commerce business with 50000 rupees in Pakistan.

  • What kind of business should I start in Pakistan with small investment?

You can start different businesses in Pakistan with a small investment such as a wholesale business, e-commerce business, or clothes business.


Starting a business in Pakistan is not a child’s play, especially due to the number of options available. But don’t worry, we neglected the ordinary ones and chose some of the best businesses in Pakistan that you can do right after reading this piece of writing. Some of these business ideas don’t need much investment, while others may require some amount but the return that you will get is high too. For any question in your mind don’t hesitate to contact us. These are some of the best business ideas in Pakistan with all the details.

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