Best Solar Panels in Pakistan | Complete Guide

Pakistanis are shifting towards solar energy due to the shortage of conventional energy in Pakistan. Best solar panel in Pakistan is the best alternative of electrical energy and that is why a rise in their usage has been observed in Pakistan. Pakistan is an ideal country to generate energy with the help of sunlight through solar panels. Here, we can find the right conditions (8-9 hours of sunshine in most parts of the country) to generate electricity using solar energy. These durable solar systems make sure that a considerable amount of energy is conserved for the consumers. So, if you are also someone who is searching for solar solutions, consider an option from our assortment of best solar panels in Pakistan that is available in the market. Keep on scrolling and have a look at the best solar panels in 2021 from popular solar panel companies in Pakistan.

10 Best Solar Panels in Pakistan

1. SolarWorld Solar Panels

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You can find SolarWorld solar panels in Pakistan to buy. SolarWorld is a German company that provides solar panels in Pakistan and in many other parts of the world. The company was founded back in 1975 in Hillsboro and is the leader in the solar panel industry. You can find their solar panels for various purposes in residential and commercial sectors. Their SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SW 260 – 280 mono is a notable solar panel that you can easily purchase in Pakistan. 

2. SunPower Solar Panels

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SunPower Solar Panels are quite efficient as according to a survey conducted in 2020, these solar panels delivered 22.8% efficiency. Their solar panels are one of the most efficient solar panels in Pakistan. SunPower is an American Company that designs and manufactures solar panels based on the all-back-contact solar cell, which professionals invented at Stanford University, California. SunPower Corporation offers a 25-year warranty of their solar panels which proves the sustainability and reliability of solar panels. Different series of SunPower Solar Panels including A-series, X series, E series, and P series solar panels are available for purchase. Their solar panels can reach a maximum level of 470W power level and no more than 8% power declines over 25 years. 

3. Panasonic Solar Panels

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Another efficient solar panel, Panasonic Solar Panels offers 21.2% efficiency rate in the climate conditions of Pakistan. Panasonic is a Japanese solar panel manufacturing company that delivers top notch quality solar solutions to its customers across the globe including Pakistan. In Pakistan, the Panasonic solar panels are quite appreciated because of the reliability, easy usage, and high efficiency of their solar panels. You can easily buy Panasonic – Sanyo Solar Panels in Pakistan having a module efficiency of up to 18% and a 25 year warranty.

4. LG Solar Panels

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LG takes help from the latest technology to make extremely efficient and durable solar panels in Pakistan and that is why LG Solar Panels are one of the best solar panels in Pakistan. Users can enjoy the uninterrupted strong output power of LG Solar Panels which shows the marvelous quality of their solar solutions. If you are looking for the best solar panel in Pakistan, you may go for their solar panels as their solar solutions have awesome performance and have great reliability. LG335N1C-A5 Solar Panel is a renowned option for the best solar panel for consumers in Pakistan offering high efficiency and easy-to-use features along with 19.6 module efficiency and 25 years performance guarantee.

5. Jinko

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Jinko offers polycrystalline and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules supported solar panels that are excellent for utility in residential and commercial areas of Pakistan and other countries of the world. This company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and is the largest solar panel manufacturing corporation of the world. Jinko  400W Cheetah Mono Solar Panel is one of the most selling Jinko Solar Panels in Pakistan having 410-watt power and 20.38% efficiency. 

6. LONGI Solar Panels

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Another highly efficient solar panel, Longi has a record conversion efficiency rate of 23.6%. Longi Green Energy Technology, China manufactures these super-efficient solar panels. They deliver solar panels everywhere in the world. They feature P-type monocrystalline Passivated Emitter Rear Cells (PERC) solar cells in their solar panels. Longi solar 445w Mono LR4 72HPH Hi0-MO4m is a fine product of the Longi company that has a high demand in Pakistan. It has 20.2~21.2% efficiency and is suitable for residential areas.

7. Canadian Solar Panels

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Canadian Solar Inc produces Canaidan Solar panels on a very huge scale and sells them across the globe. They manufacture their solar panels with multi-crystalline or monocrystalline solar cells. And due to these high-tech solar cells, Canadian Solar Panels work perfectly fine in Pakistani climate conditions. The company has customers in many countries including Pakistan. They have their manufacturing plants in Brazil, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and many other countries of the world. Bifacial Dual Cell PERC Module (Poly & Mono) is a great solar panel product for users in Pakistan having fine shading tolerance and Front side power up to 540 W.

8. JA Solar Panels

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JA Solar Holdings manufactures various kinds of solar panels integrating multi-crystalline and monocrystalline solar cells including JA Solar Panels. The company is based in Beijing, China which is working continuously on developing solar technology. Thanks to their research and development, they have succeeded in manufacturing high durability and quality solar solutions giving an extremely wonderful performance. The 72-cell MBB Half-cell JAM72S10/MR Module solar panel is a JA solar panel in Pakistan offering 410-watt power and a 20.4% efficiency rate.

9. REC Solar Panels

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Rec Solar is an American-based company that designs and produces REC Solar Panels. Their solar panels are also impressively efficient, giving an entity rate of 21.7%. REC solar panels use the latest technology to make the panels work amazingly well. Their solar panels are extremely durable and of high quality to ensure customers get high value for their money. REC Alpha Solar Panels are a wonderful option for Pakistanis because it is suitable for Pakistani weather conditions. Moreover, this solar panel series is Lead-Free and ROHS compliant.

10. Suntech Power Solar Panels

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Suntech Power Solar Panels are manufactured by Suntech Power, a China based company that delivers its panels to over 80 countries of the world. Dr. Shi Zhengrong made the company’s base and took it to the spot where it is standing in the present times. Their solar panels have a high-efficiency rate in conversion and amazing performance. Suntech Power Solar Panels have various series of panels such as Ultra S, Ultra V, Ultra X, HiSpec, and SuperPoly series. Solar panels of these series are for residential and commercial areas. So you may go through the series and choose the right solar panel. You can get Suntech Power Solar Panels of up to 20.6% efficiency.


What is the purpose of a Solar Battery?

The purpose of solar batteries is to store energy for the night and also during cloudy weather when there is little or no sunshine. Connecting consumer unit The consumer unit is connected to the solar inverter to generate electricity. There is also a generation meter that can monitor solar system performance.

It checks the amount of electricity the solar system can produce. You can also monitor solar system performance on your computer and other devices like smartphones. Then the final step is a test drive to check solar panels working.

What are the things to look for in the best solar panels?

You can evaluate the best solar panels on a few main parameters: production, durability, and manufacturer quality. The amount of electricity a given solar panel can produce will produce is dependent on several factors, including the power rating, power tolerance, efficiency, and temperature coefficient.


Solar energy is the most effective substitute for conventional energy and that is why the use of solar panels is at its peak. Consumers belonging to all sectors, industrial, residential, and commercial sectors are switching towards solar solutions. Additionally, a solar panel price in Pakistan may vary depending upon its availability in various stores. However, many customers have reviewed that they have purchased the panels from various online stores at a relatively very affordable price in Pakistan. If you are one of them, perhaps you would like to go through our list of best solar panels in Pakistan in 2021. We are confident you will find the right solar panel from our selected solar panel companies. Remember your requirements and then go for the optimal option.

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