Best Car in Pakistan in 2024

With the end of lockdown and restoration of economic activities, the demand for cars is at an all time high. Some of the cars have greater demand than others. In this article, I have mentioned the cars that are being sold in great numbers. I hope this will answer your question, “Which car is best car in Pakistan in 2022?”

Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association released a report stating that the automobile industry has rebounded sharply this financial year as compared to 2019-20. According to the report, the car sales increased by about 197% this year. Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) bagged the title of the auto seller of the month as its sales increased by 280.1%. Pak-Suzuki Motor Company was followed by Honda Atlas Motors and Toyota Industrial Motor Company. A total of 2,603 models of Honda City and Civic were sold this year; an increase of 96.2% in sales as compared to the last year. 


Best Car in Pakistan in 2022

Suzuki Alto:

Best Car in Pakistan 2022-Price in Pakistan

37,720 Suzuki Alto models were sold in the FY20-21. As Suzuki discontinued its top selling 800cc Mehran in 2019, Suzuki Alto is a good alternative to Mehran with better performance and interior. Suzuki Alto comes with a 660cc engine making it one of the best entry-level cars. It is also the cheapest car in Pakistan right now. Suzuki cars are high in demand because of their resale, inexpensive and easily available spare parts.

It has an overall good, company and classy look and is easy to drive. It is best for driving within the city and is one of the most fuel efficient cars in Pakistan. Suzuki Alto is far more spacious than Mehran. The R-series engine and drive-by-wire technology ensure smooth and light drive with brilliant fuel efficiency. With an excellent turning radius of 4.2m and compact design make turning and U-turns a lot easier. Suzuki Alto is a complete car in itself. Suzuki Alto price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 16,33,000 to PKR 1,198,000.

Toyota Corolla:

Best Car Pakistan in 2022-Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla became a popular car in Japan when it was first made in 1967. Toyota Indus Motors brought the Toyota Corolla to Pakistan in 1993. It remained high in demand among the upper socioeconomic class in Pakistan because of its excellent resale value, ease of maintenance and ownership and reliability. In FY20-21, about 18,825 Toyota Corolla models were sold which increased by 1.8%. Corolla’s variants such as 1.3 GLI and XLI have been rebranded as Yaris and Corolla has been rebranded as Corolla X with a 1,800cc engine, luxurious interior, excellent performance and advanced features. It has been the third highest selling car in the world for several years and it is the most expensive sedan in Pakistan with price ranging from PKR 3,549,000 to PKR 3,999,000 for different variants.

Toyota Yaris:

Best Car in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Toyota Yaris got a mixed response when it was launched in Pakistan but today it is one of the most selling cars in the country surpassing Honda City and Civic. It has replaced Corolla XLI and 1.3 GLI. In FY20-21, about 14,172 units were sold. Toyota Yaris is installed with a 1,300cc or a 1,500cc engine which gives brilliant performance. 

Toyota Yaris offers extraordinary luxury, performance and style with amazing affordability. Some of the key features of Toyota Yaris are multi information display with 4.2 inch tft screen, auto AC with climate control, 6.8 inch capacitive touchscreen, 6 advanced speakers, steering switches with audio, bluetooth and MID, Comfort Space, 4 beam halogen with fog lamp and LED DRL, Stylish 15 inch alloy rims, and many more. Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan range from PKR 2,555,000 to PKR 2,855,000

Honda City

Honda City-Price in Pakistan

Honda CIty was launched in 1981 in Japan. It was brought to Pakistan by Honda Atlas in 2000. Today it comes in three variants; 1.3, 1.5 and Aspire 1.5. In FY20-19, about 12,410 Honda CIty models were sold in Pakistan according to the PAMA report. It has a 1498cc petrol engine which gives mileage of about 17.8km/ltr to 24.1 km/ltr. It comes in manual as well as automatic transmission variants. It’s classy and elegant look has won many people’s hearts in Pakistan. Honda City prices in Pakistan range from PKR 27,00000 to PKR 3069000 depending on the variant you buy.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic-Price in Pakistan

Honda Civic is another high end luxury sedan in Pakistan. About as many models of Honda Civic were sold in FY20-19 as Honda CIty i.e 12,500. Honda Civic was launched in 1972 in Japan. It was brought to Pakistan by Honda Atlas Cars in 1994. The tenth generation of Honda Civic is considered to be one of the most advanced and highly featured cars in Pakistan. 

Honda Civic comes in diesel as well as petrol engine on offer. The petrol engine is 1799cc and the diesel engine is 1597cc. It is available in both manual and automatic transmission variants. It gives mileage of about 16.5 km/ltr to 26.8km/ltr.

Some of the key features of Honda Civic are; LaneWatch, mounted camera on Remote Engine starter, 7 inch full LCD instrument cluster the left ORVM relays a video feed only, peripheral vision for parking and many more.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus-Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus is a perfect family car with a 1000cc engine and hatchback. It sold about 1,637 units in FY20-19. It’s sales came under pressure due to high competition with other cars such as Changan and Alsvin. This supermini car was launched in 1983 in Japan. Today, it comes in three different models i.e. VXL, VXR and Auto Gear Shift. 

Some of the key features of Suzuki Cultus are; tilt steering, 4.7m turning radius, Macpherson Strut front suspension, Torsion Beam rear suspension, Ventilated Discs front brakes, Drum rear brakes and many more. Suzuki Cultus price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,780,000 to PKR 2,130,000.

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R-Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Wagon R was launched in 1993 in Japan. Pak-Suzuki brought it to Pakistan in 2014. It comes in 2 variants; VXR and VXL. More than 26,000 units of Suzuki Wagon R were sold in 2020. It is a front engine, front wheel drive and hatchback car which makes it a good family car. It is installed with the fresh Suzuki K-series engine that is quieter and more economical. Suzuki Wagon R prices in Pakistan range from PKR 1,640,000 to PKR 1,890,000.

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