Best Cooking Range in Pakistan

Best Cooking Range in Pakistan, people use the term “cooking range” interchangeably with “stove.” However, the cooking range and stove, though similar, are not exactly the same. A stove has one or two burners while a cooking range usually has more than two stoves and a microwave oven below and grilling part. 

With a cooking range, you can cook a variety of food at the same time without any hassle. The cooking range is becoming more and more popular among the people in Pakistan as it offers all-in-one cooking solutions. 

People in Pakistan prefer to buy a cooking range instead of buying stoves and ovens separately because it is not only more affordable but is also more convenient. Cooking ranges come with automatic electric burners so that you don’t have burn matchsticks to ignite the burner. 

Types of Cooking Range

There are two main types of cooking ranges available on the market;

  • Gas Cooking Range
  • Electric Cooking Range

Both of these types have their separate advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss here. It depends on your personal priorities which one you choose.

Gas Cooking Range:

Gas cooking range has a pilot of the gaslight or a pilot of electricity on one side of the burner. Small flames, with the mixture of oxygen-gas, ignite the spark which flows through the burner holes. You can set the heat by turning the knob which changes the flow of gas for the air and the gas.

Key Features of Gas Cooking Range:

  • Most of the gas cooking ranges come with the hot surface indicator lights.
  • They have double ovens with which you can cook various items at different temperatures at the same time.
  • They have high heat gas burners to cook party meals quickly.
  • Gas cooking ranges are more durable and more suitable for heavy cooking.

Advantages of Gas Cooking Range:

  • Available at different prices so it can fit your budget.
  • The heat changes instantly which makes it the No.1 choice of the professionals.
  • They are budget friendly because the gas is cheaper than electricity.
  • It is more durable, reliable and is good in the long run.
  • The sturdy metallic burners are suitable for handling heavy cookware.

Disadvantages of Gas Cooking Range:

  • It is harder to install and can be costly.
  • Gas cooking is dangerous for children.
  • They leak poisonous fumes.
  • Cleaning it is difficult.
  • Requires daily clean up as the grease sticks to the grills of burners.
  • Require electric connection for timer and fans.

Electric Cooking Range:

The electric or automatic cooking range heats the bowl of food by conducting heat to the food.

Features of Electric Cooking Range:

  • Electric cooking range has burners that are designed with fifth element technology that has three temperature settings; ceramic, glass and metal.
  • The heat indicators indicate the temperature of surface
  • You can cook food in a short time without burning it as it provides equal amounts of heat to every edge of the bowl.
  • It has two grills and two heaters which distribute the heat equally to make tender, crispier and juicier baked and grilled products.
  • The burners are fitted inside and are much easier to clean. 
  • Electric cooking ranges have elegant and modern looking designs that make the entire kitchen more beautiful.

Advantages of Electric Cooking Range:

  • It is convenient to use and easier to install.
  • They are available in different price ranges to fit your bill.
  • It is easier to clean than the gas cooking range.
  • It cooks and bakes everything evenly.
  • It works faster and more efficiently than gas ovens.
  • It is safer for children.
  • There are no leaks.
  • It has elegant looking designs.

Disadvantages of Electric Cooking Range:

  • It is not suitable for heavy cooking.
  • It is less durable than a gas cooking range.
  • It can be heavy on electricity bills.
  • The heat change is not instant as the flames take time to cool down.
  • Not suitable for desi and professional foods.
  • It has a fragile top.

Best Cooking Ranges in Pakistan:

You can find some of the high quality cooking ranges in the stores in Pakistan. You can choose from different types and designs of cooking ranges according to your cooking preferences and make delicious dishes without hassle. There are several brands that make the best quality cooking ranges such as:

  • Canon Cooking Range
  • Kenwood Cooking Range
  • Samsung Cooking Range
  • Nas Gas Cooking Range
  • Super Asia Cooking Range
  • Esquire Cooking Range
  • Rays Cooking Range
  • Singer Cooking Range
  • National Cooking Range
  • Bosch Cooking Range
  • Corona Cooking Range

Canon Cooking Range

Canon cooking range is the name of the best and classy cooking ranges in Pakistan. It has launched 15 different brilliant designs with different styles and performance. Some of the best cooking ranges by Canon are:

Canon CR – 27:

Best Cooking Range-Price in Pakistan

It is a gas cooking range with 3 burners. Canon CR – 27 has a pretty decent design for a flat size kitchen. Some of its main features are:

  • It has tempered glass standard single door opening.
  • Has an elegant black metal top.
  • Electric oven.
  • Has a white electric lamp.
  • A thermostat with a know for the grill.

It also comes with various other sizes and designs such as with 5-6 gas burners and double door facility.

Other cooking ranges by Canon that are worth mentioning are:

  • Canon CR – 27G
  • Canon CR – 890
  • Canon G36-B02
  • Canon CR – 22
  • Canon CR – 786

Kenwood Cooking Range

Cooking Range in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Kenwood makes some of the most affordable and high quality appliances in Pakistan. The key features of Kenwood cooking ranges are:

  • 3 – 5 burners
  • Double door design for the oven
  • Sturdy metal top
  • A two-way thermostat with three temperature settings for the oven.
  • They have 8 knobs in total, 5 of which control the burners.
  • Tempered glass with beautiful floral design that makes your kitchen even more beautiful.

Kenwood cooking ranges are available in different sizes to fit your kitchen perfectly

Samsung Cooking Range

Cooking Range-Price in Pakistan

Samsung cooking ranges are a bit high on prices but they are worth it. They have sleek design and high quality functionality and features. One of the best selling Samsung cooking ranges is NX558R56O1SS. It has some innovative features like 5 different burners for all sizes of pots and pans. It comes with a removable griddle and its sleek look will add a minimalistic aesthetic to your kitchen.

Another amazing cooking range by Samsung is NX60T8711SS. It is one of the most expensive cooking ranges in Pakistan with the price of about PKR 300,000. It has gas burners and the best part about it is that it has WiFi, inbuilt air fryer, a touchpad system and, most important of all, a self-cleaning feature.

Nas Gas Cooking Range

Best Range in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Nas Gas is a famous brand in Pakistan for its heaters. It also has created some of the high standard cooking ranges in Pakistan. Nas Gas has a collection of 9 cooking ranges which are loved by the customers for their quality and performance. One of the best models by Nas Gas is ECO – 534. It has a 5 burners stove with 2 small, 2 medium and 1 large sized gas burners. It has well tempered front glass, stainless steel door handles, magnetic stainless steel panel, sides and top, and the enamel covered pan trivets.

Another famous and good quality cooking range is NG – 786 (Single Door). It comes with 5 burners; 4 small and 1 large. It has an automatic electric igniter, glass sections, imported door handles, double tempered glass with smooth mercury covering on the oven to protect the glass, and a two-way thermostat with imported high sense function.

Other worth mentioning cooking ranges by Nas Gas are:

  • EXM – 334
  • DG – 534
  • SG – 334

Ray’s Cooking Range:

Ray’s Cooking Range-Price in Pakistan


Ray’s is another popular brand of cooking range in Pakistan as their models meet the specific needs of Pakistani cooking style. This brand has been the most preferred choice of the professionals. One of the best models by Ray’s R – 444. It comes with a 2-year warranty and has a highly durable design and performance as it is made with the best quality stainless steel. This cooking range comes with 5 gas burners and a metal top.

Final Thoughts

Cooking range is one of the most used appliances in the house. It can improve the look of the entire kitchen with its fashionable design. They are available in various sizes, designs and types to choose from based on your preferences. The above mentioned brands make some of the best quality cooking ranges with innovative features. 

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