Apps to Boost Your Phone’s Security and Privacy in 2024

With every passing day, Android and iOS, are continuously evolving their privacy and security systems. Still, a little bit of extra layer of protection is always a nice way to amplify your mobile security and your privacy. In this piece of writing, we have discussed some of the best security apps to boost your phone’s security and privacy.  In our list of apps, we have intentionally avoided the old-school VPN and classical antivirus options so that you can come to know about lesser-known options. These utilities will surely make a huge how well protected your data and phone is.

Just to let you know, we have focused more on android apps as compared to iOS. It is because of the nature of iOS and Android. The security of iOS is more under the control of Apply. In the case of android, Google allows third-party apps to take care of the security. iOS apps aren’t allowed to reconfigure user permissions, analyze networks in detail, scan for viruses, or access any of the other deep hooks in the software that a genuine and serious security application would require. Following are some of the best apps that you can use to make your phone and privacy more secure.

These are the Apps to boost your phone’s security and privacy

  • Twilio Authy

We are aware of the importance of two-factor authentication(2FA) and that is why we have started our list with this app. Twilio Authy is one of the best apps that you can find for the purpose of managing your 2FA codes. The app helps you make a huge difference to the protection and security of your various online accounts on different platforms. 

Twilio Authy is available for both Android and iOS. The app can work with a complete host of Dropbox, Google, Evernote, Microsoft, and Facebook. You can easily move Authy between devices, add new accounts, and generate login codes in Twilio Authy. These features make 2FA as stress-free as possible. 

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Apps to Boost Your Phone's Security and Privacy

  • Fing

Fing is a freemium app available for iOS and Android. This app is made to tell exactly what is on a particular network at a specific time or moment.  It is a very helpful app for keeping your home WiFi secure and troubleshooting a variety of problems. Fingo is best for those whose neighbors make use of their broadband or all of the devices on their home network are theirs. 

It is replete with many other features such as finding hidden cameras in a hotel room, informing you about new devices connecting to your network, warning you about internet outages, etc.

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  • KYMS

Keep Your Media Safe or KYMS looks like a typical calculator and can be used to do basic addition. Once installed, it is named “KyCalc” on your home screen. However, once you enter a unique four-digit PIN and password, it opens an encrypted locker type-safe, where you can keep your videos, documents, audios, and images secure. The app also comes with a built-in internet browser that allows you to download stuff and put it directly into its locker. You also have the facility to transfer media files to and from other devices over your network. You can trust this app as it has a strongly encrypted security system, making sure no one can break into the vault without knowing the password. KYMS is available on both Android and Apple platforms.

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  • Access Dots

The latest iOS, iOS 14 comes with a new and unique feature in iPhones that shows an on-screen alert whenever an app tries to use your mobile or any other device’s mic or cam. The alert looks like the ‘active’ light that is usually displayed next to the laptop’s camera. That is what Access Dots gives to Android users, the same functionality in an easy and quick way. The app is simple yet quite useful as it indicates to you if an app has secretly enabled the mic or camera of your device. The indicator is displayed on the status bar on your device. Right now you cannot change the size and position of the indicator dot as the app is currently being developed. This freemium app is only for Android users.

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  • Bouncer

It is not a walk in the park to keep a track of permissions given by you to the app. This is where Bouncer comes into the picture. The bouncer keeps an eye on the permissions granted to the apps. This app provides you some control over what actions the installed apps can perform on your device. You can grant permissions to the apps on-off basis or temporarily via Bouncer. You can revoke the permissions after some time or when the app closes. Bouncer also keeps a log of the app permission activity. Right now, Bouncer is only available on Google Play Store.

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  •  Syncthing

As you can guess from the app’s name, Syncthing is developed for synchronizing your files between two devices. For example, you can take help from the app to back up your Android device to your home PC.

Once the app is installed and ready to use with your PC, the selected folders or files are copied between devices through a strong, encrypted connection.[1] There is no need to store the data with any third-party cloud service such as Dropbox because the connections made are peer-to-peer. Whatsmore, there is no limitation of sharing stuff between two devices only, you can add any number of devices you want. The app is open source and hence, it is checked time-to-time for security concerns and problems are being solved constantly. Right now, Syncthing code only works on Android devices.

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  • GlassWire

GlassWire is for people who are looking for an app that can monitor their app data usage. This app keeps a careful eye on the data usage of your installed apps. It can be helpful for people having limited internet data. You can see which apps on your mobile are using up the most data (both in terms of downloads and uploads). GlassWire also gives you instant alerts when a new app begins to communicate with the internet, and many other exciting features. The app is currently only available for Android.

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  • DuckDuckGo

This app is best for private browsing. Google, Bing, and many other mainstream search engines are known for leaking your data by sharing your information such as the searched term, with third parties such as the sites you visit through the browsers. These third parties also often save your search history with a timestamp and details of the device from which the search is made. In simple words, it means that searches can be traced back to you. Sometimes they also add virtual cookies into your device to monitor your search habits.

 DuckDuckGo works as a substitute for your default internet browser. Using this browser, your searches don’t leak your personal data or information to other websites. This search engine monitors or saves no information about what you search for on the internet. Plus, the app has no advertisements. This privacy browser is available on both Apple and Google Play Store.

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  • Jumbo

Social network privacy settings keep on changing and are hard to understand. Don’t worry, Jumbo will take care of ensuring you are sharing only the information that you are willing to. You can keep your social accounts locked down via Jumbo. You can connect to your online accounts through this app and avail yourself of a plethora of helpful services including stopping Google from gathering information about you, automatically deleting your old tweets, limiting advertisement personalization on Facebook, etc. But remember that the data deleted or backed up from the app cannot be recovered or exported to other apps. Jumbo is a freemium app available for Android and iOS.

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  • OpenKeychain

This last but not least member of our collection is an open source app that you can use for sending encrypted SMS and emails. You may need some geek knowledge to run it. The app implements the OpenPGP encryption standard on your Android device. In this app, you have a public key that you can tell anyone. It is important to tell the public key to the person who wants to send you a message because if they don’t have the key, they cannot send you the message. You have a private key, don’t share it with others. As you have the private key, only you can decrypt or open the received encrypted message. The public key is cryptographically linked to your private key. In this way, you can send and receive encrypted emails and SMS. At the present time, OpenKeyChain is only available for Android.

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In this article, we have discussed some of the best apps to boost your phone’s security and privacy in 2021. You can go through the list and find the right app for your requirements. We have mentioned apps for both platforms Android and iOS. All of the apps are updated and working in the year 2021. The apps have different purposes and meet different requirements. What we assure you is that you will find an app for fulfilling your phone’s security and privacy needs. For more information click here.

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