Best Car Tracker in Pakistan

Car GPS trackers are one of the most important tools for caretakers of elderly parents and parents who want to make sure their kids are safe. With car trackers, you can discreetly track driving habits, location and emergencies while still giving their kids the freedom they want. They are helpful in making your car theft proof. Most of the car GPS tracker units have a compact design which can be placed in a seat, glove box, door pocket or center console. Some have a magnetic mount which allows exterior placement.

These car trackers have monthly or yearly subscription fees for continuous coverage and real-time tracking with the help of dedicated applications. The trackers can also be set up to send you an email or text notification if a vehicle leaves its dedicated area or when the SOS button is pressed. Some car trackers can give a live audio feed in case of an emergency.

Another most important feature to consider while buying a car tracker is the battery life. Some have integrated, rechargeable batteries that last for weeks. Other units have removable, rechargeable batteries and standby batteries for quick change-outs. 

In Pakistan, the tracking is provided by tracking companies who install their gadget in your car and provide you real time tracking. In this article, I have mentioned some of the best car GPS trackers in Pakistan along with some details to help you make the best choice.

Best Car Tracker in Pakistan:


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Vehicle Tracking (Pvt.) Ltd. is the best car tracker company in Pakistan. It was founded to offer safety solutions to individual car owners and a much required relief to the Leasing Institutions, Banking Industry, and Insurance Sector. V-Tracking brings unmatched expertise and surveillance facilities by utilizing GPRS, SMS, and Voice Communication platforms that allow real time tracking. In August 2004, Vehicle Tracking was awarded VTS license by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

They specialize in integration of customized in-house software solutions with their clients. They ensure inexpensive, yet completely reliable and fluent communications for efficient vehicle tracking. Their packages include; V-Chase, V-Trace & V-Fleet. You can track your vehicle through web tracking, mobile applications, and web email. They provide a service that not only minimizes the risk of theft but most importantly gives their customers a peace of mind.

Alpha Track

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Alpha Track is one of the leading car tracker companies in Pakistan. It tracks your vehicle 24/7 and helps you manage your vehicle without any worries. They have a highly experienced and qualified team of professionals making it possible for newly developed businesses to track the vehicles at consumer-friendly prices.

Alpha Track offers free installation all around Pakistan. No matter where you are, their teams will reach you with solutions and support. They use certified hardwares that are reliable and durable and will not give up on you. The hardwares is tested to have the capacity to share exact coordinates efficiently. They have the fastest tech communication system which enables efficient & effective communication from the vehicle hardware to our systems & the same time on your mobile phones.

AlphaTrack provides real time tracking to the customers for better vehicle tracking experience and to know the location of your vehicle at any time.



E-Tracking Solutions offers a wide range of bike and car trackers in Pakistan. It offers commercial fleet management systems as well with branded and PTA approved hardware. They give you full control for vehicle tracking and surveillance services. You have control over features like remotely engine kill, live view, SMS and rough driving alerts. All these features are available at a very affordable price and you can also choose an easy installment plan.

With E-Tracking you will be able to view the exact location of your vehicle anytime anywhere with street level details powered by Google Maps on a computer laptop via web app or Android or iPhone with mobile apps. You will be notified when your vehicle crosses predefined city boundaries. You can get custom defined area boundaries like home, office, factory, college, university, etc. You have the option to remotely turn off the engine in case whenever you feel unauthorized usage. Engine cannot be started until you send the resume command. You will get warning alerts on tampering the battery or device, overspeeding, Rough driving like drifting, hard braking, hard acceleration or tow theft detection and many more



TrackerZone offers a 3x GPS protection system that has all the things needed to prevent your car’s theft. With TrackerZone smart GPS car tracking and control services, you can be assured that car lifters will never be able to steal your car. They allow you to track the car from a GPS website and application. You get battery tempering information, make a geo-fence with either SMS or call, and totally control ignition and the speed.

They offer their services in three packages according to your budget. The basic package cost PKR 12000. It includes 24/7 control room monitoring, 6 month history backup, single user account, mobile APP tracking, single geofence out alert, real time tracking & reports. The standard package costs PKR 16000. It includes all the facilities provided in basic plan plus 3 user accounts, multiple geofences out alert, 1 year history backup, and over speeding alerts. The Premium package comes for PKR 20000. It includes special features such has unlimited user accounts, harsh braking, lifetime history backup, harsh accelerator, towing detection, voice listening, and high surveillance.

TPL Trakker

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TPL Trakker Ltd. is another good car tracker company in Pakistan. It has built on its technical and financial strength through constant reinvention, customization, entering into niche segments and enhancing customer relationships over the last 18 years. They are a one stop shop for complete fleet management solutions including hardware, software, support, integration and connectivity. In addition, they adapt products to different markets and are always on a look out for new segments.

They are one of the best companies in Pakistan that offer vehicle tracking, container tracking, fuel monitoring systems, automated fuel management system, MDVR, bike tracking, cold chain monitoring, genset fuel monitoring, despatch solution, driver behavior monitoring,


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