Easy Step to Validate Exide Battery

Today, duplicate batteries are the biggest challenge for buyers who have limited knowledge of batteries. Now scammers have made duplicates for every battery. It is our responsibility to help you find a genuine battery from authentic battery dealers. The best way to avoid buying duplicate batteries is to buy directly from the battery dealer outlets in person instead of a third person or electricians.

Here we have stated the simple steps to tell original Exide batteries from fake ones. Exide has recently launched an online battery registration service to facilitate its customers. The Exide users can register their batteries online on their official website to simplify the process of warranty claim in case you face any problem. This service will also help you find counterfeit and duplicate products in the market.

Easy Step to Validate Exide Battery

Find The Original Bill for Battery

The serial number of your battery will be printed on the warranty card or the battery bill. If you can’t find the serial number on the warranty card or the bill, you can check the battery label for the required number. The serial number is usually printed on the top of the battery. Additionally, Check out these 10 Best Schools in Islamabad 2021.

Go to Exide Care

Click here to go to Exide battery registration page to register your Exide Battery online and view your battery’s warranty details anytime, anywhere. You can register both vehicular battery and inverter battery here.

Fill Out the Form

Enter the serial number of the battery and fill other fields with relevant information and click the “validate” button. If your battery is genuine you will be taken to the next page of the registration process. If you have a duplicate or counterfeit battery, they will receive a message asking you to put in a valid serial number.

If your Exide battery is valid, continuing with registration is optional. 

Sometimes the website might reject your registration number even when the battery is genuine. In case this happens, you can call Exide Toll Free Call center and provide them with your battery serial number and dealer details. They will confirm the warranty of your battery and send you a registration confirmation number.

Toll Free Exide Call Center Number for Service: +92 51 2315265, +92 912850821

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