Samsung AC Review

Samsung AC Review,Samsung is a South Korean based multinational corporation. Numerous affiliated businesses have merged together under the umbrella of Samsung brand. The affiliates of Samsung include Samsung Electronics, Samsung engineering, Samsung heavy industries and Samsung insurance. The products manufactured by the company are popular all around the world including countries like the USA, Canada and the UK. It is also one of the top consumer electronics brands in Pakistan. It exceeds the quality of other brands not only in air conditioners but it also competes with the leading brands in every category of electronic device. Major products like ACs, mobile phones, and LED TVs are some of the best selling products by this brand. The Samsung air conditioner prices in Pakistan keep varying in throughout the year with seasonal conditions. It offers some of the best quality split air conditioners and inverter air conditioners in Pakistan. They are beautiful designs that can enhance the decor of your room. Also they are extremely easy to install and come at a very low price.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner:

Today, Samsung split air conditioners are some of the best in the market and they have been securing their top place for a long time now. It is because of their innovative technology and fabulous efficiency that they have been able to do that. Samsung split AC’s air care system is exceptional. They are the best choice to provide cool air to a large area. They have been meticulously designed for the most efficient performance ever. The most prominent feature of Samsung split AC is its power saving capacity. You can find Samsung split AC in different features and designs such as:

  • System AC
  • Ceiling units
  • Window units
  • Wall mount splits
  • Standing AC

They are available in different tonnage capacities; 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons and even 2.5 and 4 tons. This allows you to cool down the area no matter how big it is. The price of Samsung AC in Pakistan depends on its size, cooling capacity and the technology used. You will surely have an amazing experience in exploring through the various technologies employed by Samsung in its split air conditioners. Check out the smart Samsung ACs in Pakistan which you can get at a low price of 51 thousand rupees. Samsung split air conditioners are available at the best low prices in Pakistan.

Samsung Inverter Air Conditioner:

Samsung inverter air conditioners come in innovative triangular design which enhances its performance. The digital inverter technology offers a brilliant cooling system whilst you save up to 45% energy. They are marvellously echo friendly with the best quality refrigerant. They got the name of environmental doctor because of their eco friendly capabilities. Also, they feature an air purification system that improves the air quality so that you breathe in healthy cool air. It operates in silence to give you a completely relaxing environment. With all these awesome features, it ensures utmost comfort for a long time while consuming a minimum amount of energy. The inverter technology uses least compressor capacity. With Samsung inverter air conditioner, you can be carefree as it is a one-time investment.

Samsung Air Conditioner Price In Pakistan

Today, a wide variety of air conditioners is available in the market with different modes, innovative functions, and spectacular designs. You can get them in wall mount, System AC, and floor standing depending on your requirement and lifestyle. They have easy maintenance and servicing designs. Look through the wide array of products by Samsung before buying one so that you get the one that is perfectly suitable for you. Samsung AC price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 150,000.

With Samsung, you will surely find the right AC for your needs in your budget. Some of the key features of Samsung air conditioners are as follow:

  • Faster cooling
  • Every saving
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Easy Installation
  • User Friendly

Samsung AC Reviews

Wind-Free™ AR9500T Wall-mount AC with Wind-Free™Samsung AC-price in pakistan

Samsung is the first brand that introduced Wind-Free Cooling technology in Pakistan. It disperses cool air gently and quietly in the room through 23,000 micro air holes so that there is no unpleasant blast of cold wind on your skin. The advanced airflow technology evenly cools the area no matter how large it is. Also, it sucks up 77% less energy than other cooling modes.

When it is working in Wind-Free mode, the outdoor unit uses less power saving 77% of the energy. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant environment without worrying about the electricity bills.

This AC unit by Samsung also features AI Auto Cooling mode in which it automatically optimizes the different modes by analyzing the usage patterns and room conditions. It switches to the most appropriate mode by sensing your preferred temperature.and maintains the optimal conditions.

Key Specifications
Best product at low price
Wind-Free Cooling
AI Auto Cooling
17060 BTUs/hour
Saves up to 77% of energy
Wind-Free sleep inducing mode
Cools wider, faster, and farther
Remotely control with smartphone

AR5500M Wall-mount AC with Fast cooling 2017AC Review-price in pakistan

This air conditioner by Samsung comes in unique triangular design which improves its performance multifold by circulating cool air faster, wider and farther in the entire home. The digital inverter featured in this air conditioner provides greater energy efficiency. Also, this model of AC has Easy Filter and Virus Doctor that eliminates contaminants, dust, allergens, viruses, and bacteria.

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