WASA Bill Rawalpindi Online | Complete Guide

The Water and Sanitation Agency Rawalpindi is responsible for providing good quality drinking water in sufficient quantity and treating the sewage to meet the needs of the people of Rawalpindi. WASA bill Rawalpindi is an effective instrument for providing water and sanitation services with state-of-the-art technologies and improving the quality of its services to the citizens of Rawalpindi. learning more about fesco bill by click on link, 

WASA Bill Rawalpindi Online

WASA Rawalpindi provides its consumers with a facility to check their bills online for free. You just have to enter your 8 digit Account Number mentioned on the bill in the blank field below and click the “Search” button.

WASA Bill Rawalpindi Online in Pakistan

You can download this bill to keep your billing record or you can get a printout and deposit your bill with the duplicate bill copy. 

This online bill checking service is useful if you haven’t received your monthly bill or you have lost it somewhere. more info about hesco bill through link.

You don’t have to visit the local WASA office to get a duplicate bill which is a great waste of time and energy. Now you can access your monthly WASA bill from anywhere anytime. learn more about wasa bill faisalabad by clicking

WASA Rawalpindi Complaint Center

WASA Rawalpindi has divided the city into three main zones; East, West, and PP6. In each zone, several complaint centers have been established to deal with complaints in their relevant areas. These complaint centers provide technical and human resources to the satisfaction of their customers. know more about ssgc bill by click

You can contact these complaint centers from 8 AM to 11 PM. If you want to lodge your complaint at WASA Rawalpindi and want to find a contact number to the service center of your area, click here. 

WASA Bill Rawalpindi-Price in Pakistan

Objectives of WASA Rawalpindi

Following are the objectives of Water and Sanitation Company Rawalpindi:

  • To provide good quality drinkable water complying with recognized drinking water standards.
  • To transport and treat sewage to meet the environmental standards of the city.
  • To support ecologically sustainable development and meet the needs of the community through the maintenance and provision of effective services. additional infos about iesco bills.
  • To anticipate and effectively respond to customer needs.
  • To establish and maintain productive and valued staff.
  • To maintain the sustainability of the environment of the city.[1]
  • To apply the best practices in maintaining and operating its assets.
  • To maintain this agency as a financially responsible and accountable entity.

Responsibilities of WASA Rawalpindi

  • WASA Rawalpindi is responsible for the provision and operation and management of water supply. 
    • The source of water to WASA Rawalpindi is Rawal Lake Filtration Plant, Tomar Service Reservoir, Tubewells, and Khanpur Dam. addnl info about matiari-lahore HVDC transmission project follow the link.
    • The distribution network of WASA Rawalpindi includes Water Works.
  • Operation and management of Sewerage System and related Appurtenance Billing and Revenue collection to attain Financial Sustainability.
  • Enforcement of law against Defaulters and unauthorized connections.
  • Long-term and short-term planning for Tapping Additional Water Sources & Implementation to meet the demands of water supply and sewerage. read more about gepco bill by clicking

Contact WASA Rawalpindi:

Address: Liaquat Bagh Murree Road Rawalpindi

Phone: 051-5555489-93

HelpLine: 1334

website: price in pakistan

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