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Wasa Bill Faisalabad is the water bill for the city. Faisalabad is the third biggest city in Pakistan and the second biggest in Punjab after Lahore. The population of the city has grown drastically from 70,000 in 1947 to 3.2 million presently. The River Ravi flows about 40km to the South East of the city while the River Chenab flows about 30km to the North West. WASA is the short form of Water and Sewerage Authority. It is the company that regulates the water supply, pipelines maintaining and other tasks related to this dimension. WASA started in 1969 by a special law of Parliament to provide better facilities to the third biggest city in the country.

The quality of groundwater in Faisalabad except for some localities near Rakh Branch Canal is not fit for human consumption. Potable water was introduced in the city in 1903 and other waterworks were augmented eventually. Filtered water was first supplied in 1939 and a partial sewerage system was introduced in 1960. It provides facilities to the population of over 0.2 million. The Faisalabad Municipal Corporation managed the water supply and sewerage system in the city up to 1978.

WASA or Water and Sanitation Agency is a subsidiary of Faisalabad Development Authority. It was established in 1978 under the Development of Cities Act 1976. It is responsible for providing and catering to the water supply, drainage, and sewerage needs of the city. The problem of water is also there in this city like many other big cities of Pakistan, WASA Bill Faisalabad also opened an office in the center of this city to meet the quarries regarding wasa bill Faisalabad of the people of this historical and big city of Pakistan.

The WASA Faisalabad is administratively aligned to the Government of Punjab’s department; “Housing Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department.” WASA Faisalabad covers an area of 225 sq km which includes 113 urban union councils of four towns providing facilities to over 2,60,000. WASA provides 60% of the city with water services and about 72% of the city with sewerage services.

Wasa Faisalabad-Price in Pakistan

WASA Bill Faisalabad Online

WASA Faisalabad provides its customers with the online Duplicate Billing System. This online system allows the customers to get online bills in a hassle-free way by simply entering their account id in the blank space below and clicking the “Submit” button.

WASA Consumer Bill

This online service comes in handy when you haven’t received your monthly invoice or you have lost it by mistake. You don’t have to visit the local WASA office to get a duplicate bill which is a great waste of time and energy.

WASA Bill Payment

You can pay your water bills at the cash counter of the following places:

  • Post Offices
  • NADRA collection point
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited
  • Dawood Islamic Bank

Changing the Classification of Connection

To change the connection category, you have to send a written application to the Deputy Director Revenue Office of your area.

Contact WASA Faisalabad

Address: Water and Sanitation Company Faisalabad, Near Allied Hospital, Jail Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Phone: +92 41 921 0049-50

Email: [email protected]

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