Best Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is a third world country which means it is a developing country and its economy is still in growing stages. However, Pakistan is one of the fastest growing economies in the world because of its favourable conditions for companies to grow. Many multinational companies have started their business in Pakistan which has played a significant role in the development of the economy and they have offered several thousands jobs to the Pakistani citizens. With these multinational companies there is an enormous scope of work and these companies usually offer high paying jobs due to which many people prefer working with multinational companies. If you are looking for a job in one of these companies, I have made this list of the best companies in Pakistan so that you can find the most suitable job for yourself in the best company.

Best Companies in Pakistan


Companies- Price in Pakistan

Unilever is the biggest multinational company operating in Pakistan. If you are looking for some good place for skill development, Unilever will be the best option. It has a competitive environment which is suitable for learning as working there demands dedication and quality from its employees. 

Unilever was founded in 1948 and it operates worldwide offering a wide range of products. With its offices in more than 150 countries around the world, it is one of the biggest multinational companies in the world. Its product line ranges from beverages and food items to hair and skin care products. Its huge product line and operations show how big it is in terms of market share and market growth rate. 

Unilever hosts Corporate Social Responsibility events to contribute to the development of the underprivileged societies. It also offers numerous opportunities for fresh graduates. Their employees enjoy several privileges such as health insurance, life insurance, bonuses and travel opportunities. Unilever is a good option to build a promising career.


Companies Pakistan- Price in Pakistan

Nestle is another one of the largest multinational companies of beverages in Pakistan dealing in milk, coffee, yogurt, butter, sweets, baby nutrition, beverages and drinking water. It is a Swiss based company that operates globally. In Pakistan, it was established in 1988 and has a headquarter in Lahore. Nestle joined Milkpak in 1992 and launched hundreds of products with them. Today, it has been effectively operating in Pakistan for three decades. One of their biggest factories is located in Sheikhupura near khanpur canal.

Getting a high level job in Nestle requires a lot of effort. Once you get a job here, you will be offered several benefits including a handsome salary package and health insurance. They have a dynamic and attractive working environment in Nestle which offers a constant opportunity for skill development and growth.


Companie in Pakistan- Price in Pakistan

Mobilink is the biggest telecom industry and it’s ranked among the top 10 companies in Pakistan. It is best known for its amazing service and caring for its employees. Mobilink Jazz is always looking for new talent in their company as it aims to expand its sales and employee size. If you are looking for someplace to work where you grow as a better person and personality, Mobilink is the best option. It also offers many benefits and opportunities to its employees including medical, insurance, fuel allowance, mobile usage allowance and much more.

It is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world which provides its services in several countries around the world. In Pakistan, it is headquartered in Lahore. Keep checking their website for new job openings. 

Engro Corporation:

Companies- Price in Pakistan

Engro Corporation is a multinational company with subsidiaries in food items, fertilizers, energy, chemicals and petrochemicals. One of the largest subsidiaries of Engro Corporation is Engro Fertilizer which is the largest manufacturer of fertilizer in the world. Other subsidiaries of Engro Corporation working in Pakistan are Engro Powergen, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, and Engro Polymers.

Engro Corporation is the first organization to work with its exceptional employee packages. It transfers the best quality of human capital. They have a very friendly and productive working environment which promotes innovation. It has won the favourite graduate employer award by PSHRM and Engage Consulting.

They offer very competitive salary packages along with health insurance coverage for your family. Also, they invest in provident and gratuity funds. 

Coca Cola:

Companies Pakistan- Price in Pakistan

Coca Cola is a multinational company that needs no introduction. Everyone is familiar with its carbonated soft drink. Coca Cola was first invented by John Stuart Pemberton in the late 19th century. The company was formed in 1982 in the US and today it operates across the world. It was first marketed as a mood drink and developed as a patented medicine. Many people prefer their drink because of its unique taste and low price.

Coca Cola also offers several jobs in Pakistan which are high paying and come with several benefits. It is another company that is preferred by people of Pakistan for work.


Companies in Pakistan- Price in Pakistan

Telenor is another big name in the telecom industry of Pakistan. It was established in 2005 and it has made an investment of more than $5 billion. It surpassed all its competitors with their quality services. Telenor offers numerous incentives to its employees which other companies do not. Some of the key benefits of working in Telenor are life insurance, health insurance, transportation services, provident/ gratuity, mobile usage allowance and extremely productive and professional work environment. In Pakistan, Telenor has a large workforce of more than 5000 employees. It won an award for the Best Place to Work in Telecom by PSHRM and Engage Consulting.

Telenor is an international provider of data, voice, content and mobile communication services in 9 countries in Asia and Scandinavia. Today, the total number of subscribers of Telenor is 48.9 million with a 27% cellular market share in Pakistan.

Standard Chartered:

Best Companie in Pakistan- Price in Pakistan

Standard Chartered is a banking and financial services company based in Britain that operates internationally. Pakistan Standard Chartered is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered. It employs a workforce of over 9,000 in about 94 branches across Pakistan.

This company is known for providing quality services and facilities to the people of Pakistan. If you are an economics graduate, this is the best place for you to work. Standard Chartered offers jobs often, keep checking their website to find a suitable job for yourself in this firm. The workplace environment and culture will make you feel at home really soon. 

Habib Bank Limited:

Best Companies- Price in Pakistan

Habib Bank Limited is the largest and the oldest bank in Pakistan. It has earned good fame and reputation in the country for providing the most suitable work platform where you can learn and grow professionally. If you are looking for some place that helps you develop your skills, HBL is the place for you. 

HBL offers several benefits to its workers such as life insurance, health insurance, gratuity/provident fund, employee finances and handsome salary packages.


Best Companies Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Shell is a multinational energy powerhouse. It is known for having tough and meticulous selection procedures as only the smart workers and top graduates are cherry picked. It is one of the most attractive places for the job seekers as they offer good salaries, a promising career, flexible working hours, and the employees often travel to foreign countries for training which allows them to grow professionally. It offers several benefits for its loyal and permanent employees as well as contract workers that gives them international recognition of Shell.

Cherat Packaging Limited 

Best Companies in Pakistan

Cherat Packaging Limited was established in 1991. It deals in the manufacturing, marketing and sale of paper sacks and polypropylene bags to the cement industry in Pakistan. It manufactures cement bags of kraft paper and polypropylene granules. It is the largest producer and supplier of packaging material to the cement industry in Pakistan.


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