Best Mattress In Pakistan

Mattress is important for peaceful sleep at night. If you are planning on buying a new mattress and want to find out which one is the best quality mattress in Pakistan these days, you have come to the right place. We have made a list of the top mattresses in Pakistan along with their unbiased reviews so that you may find the one that suits you best quality and budget wise. 

Though various mattress brands provide you with an opportunity to buy online to upend the shopping mechanism in the industry, it is always the best to visit the market and check out the stuff yourself especially in the case of mattresses. 

To pick the best mattress in pakistan, you have to consider several things such as durability, size, warranty and retirement policy. Top mattress brands like MoltyFoam, Dura-Foam, Master Celeste, Diamond, etc. offer some of the best mattresses in Pakistan quality wise and budget wise. Keep reading to check out our top picks of mattresses from these and many other mattress brands in Pakistan.

Best Mattress In Pakistan


Mattress Price Official Website
Molty Foam PKR 52,000 Molty Foam
Five Star Foam PKR 17,000 —-
Diamond Supreme Foam PKR 13,400 Diamond Foam
Master Celeste PKR 23,200 Master Celeste
Dura Foam PKR 13,900 Dura Foam
Cannon Primax Foam  PKR 22,687 Cannon Primax Foam
Dream Foam Mattress PKR 18,400 Dream Foam Mattress
Qslando Spring Mattress PKR 200,000 —-
Unilife Unifoam Mattress PKR 6,850 Unilife Unifoam Mattress
Eterna Firm PKR 42,800 Eterna Firm

1. MoltyFoam

best mattress-Price in Pakistan

MoltyFoam creates the best quality mattresses in Pakistan which are the preferred choice of many in the country. Their innovative products, brilliant services and efficient customer satisfaction have earned them a prestigious position in the market. As the pioneer of the foam industry, MoltyFoam makes mattresses that are unbelievably health-friendly and solve numerous physical problems.

MoltyFoam has recently started their “Master MoltyFoam Wellness Expert” service which has revolutionized the entire online shopping experience. You can book an appointment with a Master MoltyFoam wellness expert by giving them the basic information and your mattress preferences; and a representative from MoltyFoam will bring various mattresses at your home so you can test and try to pick the right one. 

MoltyFoam offers a number of good quality mattresses which are made using innovative technology that makes sure you sleep peacefully at night. There is Molty Sleep which is a versatile sleeping solution with two types of sleeping surfaces; soft and medium-firm. Molty Memory Foam has a high quality memory that hugs the body contours for sound slumber. MolthyCure is an inclined bed therapy mattress designed for heart congestion, sleep apnea, acid reflux, migraine and other problems. Molty Cool Gel Mattress has cool gel beads that keep the temperature moderate regardless of the weather. 

2. Five Star Foam

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Five Star Foam is one of the best mattress in pakistan and oldest and prestigious brands in Pakistan. It has earned its reputation by delivering high quality for decades. Today, it offers some of the most modernized mattresses. Each mattress by Five Star Foam is manufactured after thorough study of sleeping patterns. Some of the best mattresses by Five Star Foam are Five Star Express, Gem, Five Star Foam, Five Star 2-in-1 and Five Star Special. These foams are available in three different sizes; single, queen and king. These foams come with warranty up to 15 years with an exchange policy within 15 days.

3. Diamond Supreme Foam

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Diamond is another well-reputed brand of mattress. Diamond Foam offers a wide array of mattresses in foam and springs. It has improved the quality of mattresses with the modern technology over the passage of time and brought innovation to ensure quality sleeping experience and sleeping solutions. 

There are several good mattresses by Diamond that are worth mentioning. There is Supreme Soft foam which is a soft, high-density foam that adjusts to the contours of the body for relaxing sleep. Renaissance Pillow Top are especially designed according to the common sleeping habits which makes it suitable for everyone. It has bonnell springs with medium-firm foam and an extra pillow top to make a flexible surface that gives great support and comfort. 

4. Master Celeste

-Price in Pakistan

Master Celeste is a brand of super luxurious spring mattresses. It is well known in Pakistan for its high quality spring mattresses. Master Celeste makes highly comfortable mattresses that make sure you have a good sleeping experience every night. 

There are a number of products offered by Master Celeste. Eternal Soft is a soft, high-density foam with perfect malleable cover and pocketed springs which makes the coziest surface to sleep on. It is made with airflow technology that keeps the foam from absorbing heat and keeps the temperature normal. 

Another great mattress by Master Celeste is Hotel Grandiose which is the most luxurious mattress of Pakistan with layers of latex, memory high-density foam and resilient micro pocketed springs. It also has an additional extremely soft euro top, plush fabric and the tufted surface which takes the malleability to a whole other level. 

Celeste Memory Luxe by Master Celeste is also a luxurious mattress with a web of Celeste resilient pocket springs and generous amount of quality memory foam. The memory foam adjusts itself to the body contour while supporting it and resists the motion transfer from one point to another.

5. Dura-Foam

Dura-Foam-Price in Pakistan

Dura Foam is another reliable brand of mattress that offers the most-effective sleeping solutions. If you are looking for economical quality sleeping solutions, Dura Foam is the way to go. It certainly offers more in comparison to its prices. 

There are several high quality mattresses offered at Dura Foam that provide good value for their prices. One of the foams by Dura Foam is Dura Luxury. It is perfect for stomach, side and combination sleepers. It has a medium firm surface that makes you comfortable for good sleep and it comes at a reasonable price.

Dura Ultra Luxury Firm is a great choice for those having spinal and back issues. It provides an economical solution for all your sleeping problems. Its medium-firm core distributes the weight evenly to provide relief from backache and muscle soreness.

Dura Silent Night Plus is a durable and affordable spring mattress. It contains high quality compact springs which come in concordance with high-quality foam which perfectly adjust themselves according to the sleeper’s body for maximum comfort.

6. Cannon Primax Foam

Cannon Primax Foam-Price in Pakistan

Cannon Primax Foam is a relatively new brand in Pakistan which is providing the ultra-soft feature and is becoming a household name. These mattresses are best for those facing back and muscle pain to cure their pain. The mattress adapts to the contours of the body to ensure you don’t experience any kind of back pain. These mattresses come with high quality fabric cover. Their products come in customizable sizes, 15 years of warranty and exchange policy.

One of the innovative mattresses by Cannon Primax is Cool Touch Gel Technology. It is a high quality dual-sided mattress that contains effective cool gel capsules. These capsules maintain the temperature of the mattress and keeps you from sweating. It also has the knitted fabric cover which strengthens maintenance of temperature which is flexible in nature.

Another mattress that is worth mentioning is Primax Plus which is a refined version of Cannon Foam Primax. It is a high density foam with many layers. Its fabric is knitted with the sifted fabric which makes it highly breathable. The soft and thin layer of fabric prevents humidity and sweat. It has side handles for easy superior adjustment and shifting position.

7. Dream Foam

Dream Foam-Price in Pakistan

This brand manufactures high quality mattresses that compete with the top tier brands of mattresses. This brand has been around for the past 11 years and has been providing its customers with some of the best products. The products of Dream Foam are manufactured by the Brooklyn Bedding. Along with mattresses, it deals in a variety of bedding items including bedsheets, sleeping cushions and pads. All these products are one of a kind as they use the top quality materials such as latex, coil and foam. Their cushions are liberal and modern. All their products are available in numerous models which gives a wide choice to its customers.

8. Qslando

Qslando-Price in Pakistan

Qslando mattresses are the best choice for those who value perfect sleep. It is dedicated to providing the best of the best of the customers for a healthy and smooth sleeping environment. Their fabric has properly knitted refined and tough jacquard fabric. Their high density sponge elevates the sleeping experience. They manufacture three types of mattresses; spring, latex and foam. You should implement proper dimensions for the best night as they are non-reversible. They have a rock solid base and removable cover which can be washed with ease. Qslando offers a warranty of 10 years and they are some of the most expensive mattresses in Pakistan. 

9. Unilife

Unilife-Price in Pakistan

Unilife is a sub-brand of Uniform which manufactures the best quality long sized spring mattresses and you should only expect the best from this brand. They have removable knitted covering on the agile mattresses which shields it from the dirt, dust mites and fungus. They contain Bonnell springs which make the mattresses shock absorbent, resilient and flexible. They come with a long warranty of 12 years. If you choose Unilife mattresses, you will ensure a long blissful sleep for yourself. Also, these mattresses are highly affordable for anyone.

Unilife deals in only spring mattresses. One of the best mattresses by this brand is Unilife Sleep. It is a versatile, dual-surface mattress. One side is soft and the other is medium-firm so that you can use the side according to your preferences. It comes wrapped in a soft fabric for sound sleep. 


Eterna-Price in Pakistan

Eterna mattresses are ideal for those who desire luxury and comfort. They are highly resilient with the high quality multi-layered spring formation. It is the best choice for you if you want to wake up feeling fresh and relaxed. Eterna gives a long warranty of 15 years with 14 days return policy. 

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