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WSSP stands for Water and Sanitation Service Peshawar. It is responsible for providing water and sewerage services in 43 union councils in the urban areas of Peshawar(WSSP Bill). Additional 33 union councils have been added into WSSP’s jurisdiction keeping in mind the future growth in these areas. These new areas include the areas within Cantonment, Peshawar Municipal Corporation, and Peshawar Development Authority.

WSSP has divided Peshawar city into four zones along the GT road running across it. The Indus Highway lies below and Warsak Road lies above the GT Road. The total area within the jurisdiction of WSSP is 105 km2.

WSSP has started water quality surveillance through a third party; UET Peshawar and 1200 test. The agency has recently installed 33 new tube wells and rehabilitated 68 tube wells. It has the regularization of 9053 illegal water connections. Also, it has reconciled PESCO tube wells bills.

WSSP Online Bill

WSSP provides its customers with the online Duplicate Billing System. This online system allows the customers to get online bills in a hassle-free way by simply entering their account id in the blank space at this link.

WSSP Bill duplicate-pip

This online service comes in handy when you haven’t received your monthly invoice or you have lost it by mistake. You don’t have to visit the local WASA office to get a duplicate bill which is a great waste of time and energy.

Sewerage and Drainage Management

WSSP has divided its drainage system into different categories; tertiary, secondary, and primary drainages to deal with the complex network of new and decades-old sewerage systems.

The drains in the tertiary category are a combined system of mains, pipes, and outfalls, sewers of all kinds of sewage, and runoff of domestic and commercial sewerage[1]. These drains connect with secondary drains and the secondary drains connect with primary drains like Muhammadzai and Shahi Kattha drains which are the largest drains in the city.

WSSP frequently manages this network and is responsible for its cleaning, reconstruction, and rehabilitation.

Responsibilities of WSSP

  • Operation and management of Sewerage System and related Appurtenance Billing and Revenue collection to attain Financial Sustainability.
  • WSSP is responsible for the provision and operation and management of water supply.
  • Long-term and short-term planning for Tapping Additional Water Sources & Implementation to meet the demands of water supply and sewerage.
  • Enforcement of law against Defaulters and unauthorized connections.

WSSP Bill-pip

Objectives of WSSP

WSSP has some core objectives to which the agency is dedicated and utilizes its resources to meet them. These objectives include:

  • To apply the best practices in maintaining and operating its assets.
  • To establish and maintain productive and valued staff.
  • To support ecologically sustainable development and meet the needs of the community through the maintenance and provision of effective services.
  • To provide good quality drinkable water complying with recognized drinking water standards.
  • To maintain this agency as a financially responsible and accountable entity.
  • To maintain the sustainability of the environment of the city.
  • To anticipate and effectively respond to customer needs.
  • To transport and treat sewage to meet the environmental standards of the city.

Contact WSSP

Address: LCB Building Phase-7, Hayatabad, Peshawar

HelpLine: 1334

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