Best Vitamin C Tablets in Pakistan

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Best Vitamin C Tablets in Pakistan, It is an essential nutrient that is crucial for some of our bodies’ most vital functions. It is well known for supporting skin health and boosting your immune system. It is a particularly unique nutrient as it works as an antioxidant that protects your cells from free radicals. Therefore, you need to get plenty of vitamin C. Its deficiency is rare in developed countries but insufficient intake of Vitamin C can cause symptoms like dry skin, bleeding gums, achy joints, and poor wound healing. Keen Vitamin C deficiency leads to scurvy which can be fatal if left untreated. 

The risk of Vitamin C deficiency increases if you smoke, take certain medications, have kidney disease or consume a very limited diet. Vitamin C can be found in several plant-based and whole foods such as citrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers and broccoli. Getting nutrients from whole foods is always the best thing but if it’s difficult for you to meet your nutrition needs for some reason, you might want to take supplements to keep your body functioning in the best way. 

In this list, I have included some of the best vitamin C tablets in Pakistan which can help you meet your Vitamin C needs.

Best Vitamin C Tablets in Pakistan

Now Vitamin C – 500mg

Best Vitamin C Tablets in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 3,650/-

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient which plays an important role in the immune system. It is necessary for the production of collagen (a structural protein in connective tissue) and is therefore important for bone, skin and joint health. Vitamin C is highly important for neurotransmitter synthesis, amino acid metabolism, and the utilization of many nutrients including iron and folic acid.

Nutraxin Immun Pack 3-in-1

Best Vitamin C Tablets Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 5,850/-

This supplements pack includes Immun-S, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. Immun-S has Beta-Glucan with an improved formula which contains a combination of South African Geranium Root Extract, Black Cumin Seed Extract and Ginger Root Extract. 

The Vitamin C tablets contain rosehip extract and bioflavonoid along with vitamin C. They are chewable tablets which are easy to use. Stevia is sweetened with a plant that has a strong antioxidant that helps the body’s natural defences fight inflammation. It helps increase iron absorption, lowers the blood pressure, boosts immune system, maintains healthy skin and hair and helps in weight loss.

Nutraxin Immun Vitamin D3 comes in the form of cholecalciferol which contributes to the protection of normal bones, supports stronger teeth, healthy bones and a healthy immune system.

GNC Vitamin C 1000mg

Best Vitamin C Tablets-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 3,550/-

GNC Vitamin C offers a convenient way to receive the benefits of immune support. By adding this protective antioxidant to your daily dietary supplement regimen will support healthy bones, blood vessels, teeth and collagen. Moreover, these vegetarian caplets contain bioflavonoids and rose hips within this timed-release formula. It has a gluten-free, sodium-free and yeast-free formula without sugar, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, dairy, soy or wheat.

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C 1000mg

Vitamin C Tablets in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 3,000/-

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C meets all your Vitamin C needs and keeps your body functioning. It has the synthesis of collagen that help in healing wounds, repair and maintain cartilage, teeth and bones. It neutralizes free radicals that can damage cells at the genetic level. It helps lower the blood pressure, boosts the immune system, increases iron absorption, assists with weight loss and many more.

Natural Factors Vitamin C 1000mg

Vitamin C Tablets-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 2,850/-

Natural Factors Vitamin C tablets are formulated to gradually release their contents over the period of 8 hours. This contains citrus bioflavonoids which assist in improving the absorption and therapeutic action of Vitamin C and the powerful antioxidants help in preventing Vitamin C from oxidation in the body. It has infection-fighting properties which plays an important role in immune system function. It also helps in the formation of collagen for wound repair, strong bones, healthy gums and teeth.

Nutrifactor Extra C 500mg

Best Vitamin C in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 1,472/-

Take the daily dose of natural immune booster and antioxidants with Nutrifactor Extra C. The antioxidants neutralize free-radicals that can cause cellular damage which leads to the aging process. It helps in repairing tissues and in the making of certain neurotransmitters. Moreover, it helps in the absorption of iron from foods, repair and maintain cartilage, bones and teeth, heals wounds and forms scar tissues and helps formation of connective tissue in skin and cartilage. Nutrifactor Extra C also relieves the symptoms of colds including congestion, runny nose and sneezing.

Belle Vie Nutriful

Best Vitamin C Tablet in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 1,090/-

Belle Vie Nutriful is full of vitamins, minerals and extracts that our body needs for proper functioning of the body. This dietary supplement promotes wellness in your body. It is rich in vitamin A, C, D3, rose hips extract, zinc and citrus bioflavonoids extract. These tablets enhance overall immunity and assist in keeping common infections at bay. It has been proven to improve vision and ensure eye health. Moreover, these tablets maintain healthy bones and joints which assists with mobility in the long term while improving metabolic processes.

Herbiotics Vitamin C

Best Vitamin C Tablet Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 585/-

Herbiotics Vitamin C helps to boost immunity by helping white blood cells, strengthen your skin’s defense system and helps in healing wounds faster. It also helps in reducing the severity of common colds and allergies. It helps boost blood antioxidant levels which helps reduce the risk of chronic heart disease. It also helps in the production of collagen, L-carnitine and neurotransmitters. It boosts protein metabolism and the antioxidant activity reduces the risk of cancers. It also assists in reducing the severity and duration of allergies and common colds.  

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