How to Choose Tubular Battery? Step-by-Step Guide

A tubular battery is a type of lead-acid battery that has a larger size than a flat plate battery. Tubular batteries are the best inverter batteries for areas that face long but fewer power cuts.

They have a longer service life and are more suitable for long power backup requirements. They require maintenance and fewer water top-ups. They are highly durable and reliable and come with a longer warranty period as compared to a flat plate battery. Also, this type of battery is more expensive and covers more storage space because of its bigger size than a flat plate battery.

Tubular batteries are available in different sizes and capacities so that you can choose according to the space available and power needed in your house. They are more affordable than flat plate batteries in the long run.

Two main types of tubular batteries are short tubular and tall tubular batteries. A short tubular inverter battery has less height but it is wider than a tall tubular battery. You can easily carry and store this type of battery. On the other hand, Tall tubular battery inverter batteries have more height but less width than flat plate batteries and short tubular batteries. Tall tubular batteries are heavy and have a large capacity so that they provide a longer backup time.  

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How to Choose Tubular Battery?

Some local manufacturers may offer tubular batteries at a much lower price than renowned brands. These cheap and low-quality tubular batteries may not give a good performance as branded batteries.

However, there are certain things you should be careful about while buying tubular batteries even from a branded manufacturer.

The quality of a tubular battery depends on its Spine Tubes. These tubes are cast in three different ways.

  1. Low-Pressure Casting
  2. Gravity Type Casting
  3. High-Pressure Type Casting

Low-Pressure Casting

The low-pressure casting method is widely used in manufacturing spine tubes in tubular batteries. It is a second-grade technique but some well-known companies are also using this method to manufacture tubular batteries with different brand names at low prices.

Gravity Type Casting

It is also a lower-end spine tube manufacturing method. The machine that produces this type of casting is cheap so anyone with a little money can make these batteries. The quality of tubular batteries with this type of casting is extremely low.

High-Pressure Type Casting

HADI casting or High-Pressure Typecasting is the best technology in the battery industry. This method is often used by the top brands and it is much more reliable than the methods discussed before.

The machine used for HADI casting is highly expensive and smaller local companies cannot afford it. Tubular batteries that have HADI casting have some special features including:

  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Fast recharging
  • Protection from overcharge
  • Quick recovery from complete discharge
  • Long lifespan with about 800 – 1000 deep discharge cycles. It is highly suitable for areas with long and frequent power cut areas.

What is the best Tubular Battery?

There are several good quality tubular batteries in the market but the quality of Exide inva Tubular Battery with 4 years warranty is unparalleled for inverters and UPS. These batteries give outstanding performance. Since in most cases, voltage supply from the power grid has the waveform of a pure sine wave as well, the appliances operating on pure sine wave inverters run with much higher efficiency, produce lesser noise and heat.

Other brands also produce high-quality tubular batteries with HADI technology. Exide is the largest seller in the market hence its prices are also higher than the other manufacturers. Moreover, Flat Plate Battery For areas that face regular power outages or those where power cuts are not very long, these are the best battery for inverters.

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