Top 5 Places to Visit in Murree in 2024

Murree is one of the best northern places to visit in Pakistan. Tourists from across the globe love to visit Murree and spend a marvelous time. If you are also planning your next trip to Murree, there are some places that you cannot miss out on. There are many beautiful things for tourists to do in Murree. Like, shopping at Mall road. Walk up to Kashmir point, can enjoy a chairlift experience at Patriata, and also visit Sozo Adventure Park. Following are some of the best places to visit in Murree:

Top 5 places to visit in Murree

  • Ghora Gali

Places to Visit in Murree

The first place we have for you in the list of places to visit in Murree is Ghora Gali. Here, you can find a number of beautiful resorts and hotels where you can stay and enjoy the cool blowing winds of the place. You will be stunned by this place’s mind-blowing duo of breathtaking scenic views and yummylicious food. A History Buff’s Paradise Apart from the various things to do in Murree, there are many buildings that reflect rich colonial history. 

  • The Mall Road

Top Places to Visit in Murree-pip

Murree is a beautiful place with the best hill station and mall road best attraction for the tourist that falls under the Rawalpindi district. One of the most famous places of Murree, The Mall Road is basically a marketplace where you can find a huge variety of shops, eateries, restaurants, hotels, and stalls. The place is very crowded as people can find something exciting and unique gifts and stuff like that for them from the shops. The road is open all day and night where people are always walking from one end to the other. Snowfall on the Mall road, despite of the hindrance is worth rejoicing. Pindi Point Pindi Point is at a walking distance of fifteen minutes from Mall Road.

  • Ayubia

Places to Visit in Murree-pip

Ayubia is 26.5 km away from Murree, which makes a drive of only one and a half hours. But you cannot skip this place as it is the best picnic spot close to Murree. The Ayubia National Park is a fine place for families to spend quality time together. It is elevated at 1050 meters above sea level and is spread over 3027 meters at the mountain tops within beautiful valleys. The place is surrounded by richly green mountains with a cold yet enjoyable climate.

  • Patriata 

Top 5 Places Visit in Murree-pip

Patriata is also known as the New Murree. This tourist attraction is at a distance of 24 km from the main hills on the Lower Topa, Murree. Here, in this heavenly mountain station, you will see beautiful hills and tall pine trees kissing the skies. The place is mainly famous for its amazing ski lifts. The top-notch chair system and cable car are also worth mentioning. Using a chair lift, you can witness out-of-this-world scenery and reach the Patriata Top.

  • Nathia Gali

Places to Visit in Murree-pip

Nathiagali is the most famous and central Gili in Galyat, Murree. It is 35 km away from Murree and is 2560 meters above sea level. On a clear day, from here you can enjoy the spectacular view of Nanga Parbat Heights, all of which are strewn with bright white snow. You can also see the snow-capped peaks of Kohistan Kashmir and the Potohar Plain. These magnificent panoramic views are a special treat for your eyes. 


Murree is the main hub of tourists from across the country, thanks to its popular summer resorts, beautiful mountains, and wonderful places. People come here to enjoy snowfall and cool weather. But Murree has various nearby places which are also worthy of your attention. Above, we have talked about the absolute tourist’s favorite places to visit in Murree. All of these truly magnificent places have something special to offer. For more information about tourist spots in Pakistan Click here.

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