10 Best Hair Oil for Hair Loss in Pakistan 2024

Applying oil to hair is an old tradition in Pakistan. Mothers or grandmother would sit their daughter down and give them a relaxing head massage with oil to achieve envy-worthy hair.

Regular use of hair oil can help you get luscious, good looking hair. These hair oils not only improve hair growth but also make them smooth, shiny and alleviate the general health of your hair.

Hair oils are the best way to fight hair problems like dandruff, split ends, hair loss, and others. They are completely natural with no side effects. Also, they are easily available in the markets.

There are many different kinds of hair oils. Some hair oils help you combat hair loss problems by nourishing hair and adding luster.

Before using hair oil for your hair, you need to identify your hair type and texture. You can mix up different oils to meet the needs of your hair.

If you are looking for hair oil for hair loss, we have compiled a list of the best hair oil for hair loss in Pakistan to help you find the right oil for your hair problem. So let’s get on to it.

Guide to Buy the Best Hair Oil for Hair Loss

There are certain things to keep in mind while buying hair oil for hair loss such as:

  • Check the Ingredients: check the ingredients included in the product. If it contains some kind of chemicals, steer clear from it. Your hair oil product should be all-natural without harsh chemicals to get the most out of it. Organic ingredients are the best choice to get optimal results.
  • Read the Label: Pick the product that clearly says it is for hair loss to treat your hair problem. Some hair oils come already mixed with essential oils. Check if the product you are buying has essential oils so that you don’t end up adding more to it.
  • Know Your Hair Type: We have to identify our hair type before using any hair type. What works for one person, may not work for the others. Don’t buy the product just because it is heavily advertised and recommended by your friends. However, you might have to experiment to find out if it works for you but make sure to experiment with the right products.
  • Less is More: Apply only an adequate amount of oil on your hair. Oils are highly greasy and too much application can leave your hair oily even after a wash. After applying hair oil, wash your hair thoroughly and use a natural, alcohol-free shampoo. Remember that though hair oil can be very effective in treating hair loss, results do not appear overnight.

Various Hair Oils For Hair Loss

  • Coconut Oil: It is rich in fatty acids that penetrate the roots of hair follicles and nourish them to prevent hair loss. It also has vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals that promote good healthy hair.
  • Argan Oil: Or Moroccan oil contains antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E. It improves fizzy, dry, brittle, or coarse hair that can cause hair loss.
  • Jojoba Oil: it mimics sebum that is naturally produced in our scalps. It moisturizes your hair and has antibacterial qualities. It enhances the condition of damaged, dry, or dull hair. It is best for those who have dandruff issues.

Best Hair Oil For Hair Loss In Pakistan

1. Alowis Organic Aloe Vera Oil

Best Hair Oil for Hair Loss in Pakistan-pip It is pure and natural oil with all the good things of aloe vera. Aloe vera in oil form is convenient to use. You can use it on hair as well as on the skin. It also heals burns and cuts while reducing irritation. It nourishes your scalp, reduces hair loss, and creates a favorable environment for hair growth. This hair oil is best for hair regrowth.

2. Amma Ginseng Hair Coat Treatment 125ml

Amma Ginseng-pip Ginseng widens the blood vessels and promotes blood circulation to your head which stimulates hair growth. This ginseng hair oil is perfect for repairing damaged hair and it makes your hair smoother and adds a subtle shine to it. It has a concentrated formula that gives results instantly.

3. Arganmidas Moroccan Argan Oil

Arganmidas Moroccan Argan Oil-pip Arganmidas Moroccan Argan Oil has a unique formula with argan that is imported from Morocco. It absorbs the scalp instantly to give your hair a beautiful shine. It is enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamin E that conditions your hair with antioxidants. This hair oil is best for hair regrowth.

4. Bioaqua Nourishing Conditioner Hair Oil 70ml

Bioaqua Nourishing Conditioner Hair Oil-pip Bioaqua Nourishing Conditioner Hair Oil has a light formula that nourishes your hair from the roots up to the top and prevents hair fall. It adds the much-needed hydration to your hair and restores its health by repairing the damage. You will notice the effect on the hair with added shine and silkiness after the first use.

5. Coconut Oil Formula Dry Oil Mist for Dry Hair 178ml

Coconut Oil Formula Dry Oil-pip This oil contains a blend of grapeseed oil that imparts a coat of moisture on the strands and restores moisture to the dry hair. It is rich in coconut oil, virgin olive oil, vitamin E, and Tahitian Monoi with Tiare flower petals. These natural ingredients are perfect for deeply hydrating your hair and repairing the damage.

6. HNM Cosmetics Organic Hair Oil – Hair Fall & Regrowth

HNM Cosmetics Organic Hair Oil-pip This product is filled with natural ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial which makes your scalp healthy which, in turn, results in healthy hair growth. It helps in removing dead cells, and product residue from the scalp and controls dandruff, and prevents split ends and breakage.

7. Kumarika Herbal Hair Fall Control Hair Oil 200ml

Kumarika Herbal Hair Fall Control Hair Oil-PIP It is a great hair oil for reducing hair fall and making your hair healthy and thick. It has barahmi, aloe vera and amla that strengthen roots and prevent breakage and split ends. It contains superb moisturizing qualities that help in making your hair soft and smooth. This hair oil is best for hair regrowth.

8. Caffeine Essential Oil Anti Hair Loss 30ml

Caffeine Essential Oil Anti Ha-PIP Caffeine C1 is one of the most effective hair loss treatments. It makes your hair grow quicker than the normal speed by nourishing hair follicles. It works deeply into the roots and delivers all the essential nutrients to your hair.

9. Nine Leaves Herbal Hair Oil With Active Argan Oil

Nine Leaves Herbal Hair Oil-PIP It contains a composition of 9 natural herbs that revitalize your hair and repair your scalp. The naturally extracted ingredients nourish your scalp and give much-needed care to the damaged hair. It penetrates the scalp to the roots and hydrates each strand of hair to prevent hair fall.

10. Haque Planters Onion Seed

Haque Planters Onion Seed-PIP It contains natural pistachio that prevents damage from heat and replenishes hydration in your hair. The natural pistachio is carefully chosen to provide you with only the best quality oil. It is free of base oil or chemical ingredients. For more information click here.

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