Best Photographer in Pakistan

Pakistan is a diverse country with a diverse photographer in pakistan, Here you find inspiration or material to photograph everywhere. Despite the lack of infrastructure and support from the right institutions, many local photographers have proved themselves with their talent and creativity. There are several local photographers who have earned their name and fame in different kinds of photography. Some are famous in wedding photography, some have earned fame for their talent in model photography while some are famous in aviation photography. In this article, I have mentioned several best photographers in Pakistan who have become famous in their respective fields.

Best Photographer in Pakistan

Tapu Javeri

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Tapu Javeri is the most famous photographer in Pakistan. He is a renowned fashion and art photographer of the country. However, taking stunning imagery is not his only talent. He is also a creative artist and a renowned jewellery designer and a media personality. He developed his passion for photography when he was a nine year old. That’s when his first photograph was published in Dawn Newspaper. He has earned several awards for his brilliant photography in Pakistan.

Khawar Riaz

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Khawar Riaz is one of the oldest names in the fashion industry of Pakistan. His campaigns and editorials for all of the top designers are proof of his creativity. He has won several awards including Lux Style Award for Best Hair & Makeup Artist and Lux Style Award for Best Fashion Photographer.

Ayaz Anis

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Ayaz Anis Khan has dazzled the nation with his crisp photographs and even sharper looks. He is an MA in Economics and an ACCA member. He gave up his job to follow his passion in 2008. His individualistic style of work and creative edginess make him stand out. He takes criticism in his stride and positively channels it into his work which has allowed him to create his own identity in the field. 

Akif Ilyas

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Akif Ilyas is a famous celebrity hair & makeup artist, stylist and photographer. He is running his Salon Akif Ilyas Beauty Salon in Karachi. His charming good looks and quirky personality make him quite a catch. He draws inspiration from almost everything he sees, feels and hears around him. He is a liberal, optimistic and ambitious young man with great talent for photography.

Mobeen Ansari

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Mobeen Ansari is one of the most talented photographers with a rich soul. He has made quite a name for himself with his heartwarming creative work. He has been selected by Hello! Magazine in Pakistan’s Hot 100 List and his portrait of Prime Minister Imran Khan was published on the cover of Herald. As an infant, he had a meningitis attack due to which he lost most of his hearing and sense of smell. However, he was able to cultivate a keen eye and a sharp visual mind. The most respected local and international media publications have published his photographs including the National Geographic.

Faseeh Shams

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Faseeh Shams fell in love with the beautiful terrain of Northern Pakistan and took up photography as a career. He has worked for internationally recognized names including Reuters, BBC, The Discovery Channel, Newsweek and Bonne Brioche. He has captured the natural and cultural landscapes of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Poland and the UK in his mesmerizing photographs.

Khaula Jamil

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Khaula Jamil is the eyes and brains behind the popular “Humans of Karachi.” She is a woman with many dreams and a camera. Khaula Jamil is a filmmaker and a photojournalist whose work speaks of her love for the city of Karachi. She is also a jewellery designer and has launched a jewellery line named K for Karachi which is inspired by the city. She has worked with various local and international media groups which is worthy of appreciation.

Guddu Shani

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Guddu Shani is the most popular power duo in the fashion industry. They have bagged several awards and accolades and have created some brilliant visuals. They have a massive portfolio of more than 40,000 commercially printed images since they started. In addition to photography, they have been involved in various other businesses such as branding, marketing, production and filmmaking. Their creativity and fearless experimental approach are evident in their photographs.

Ather Shahzad

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Ather Shahzad is another dynamic duo and have a prestigious position in the fashion, photography and beauty industry. They have dedicated salons and studios for styling and makeup for their photography. This duo has contributed to the fashion industry with their vast experience.

Rehan Waheed

Rehan Waheed-Price in Pakistan

Rehan Waheed is one of the most talented and brilliant photographers in Pakistan. He has a passion for aviation and aviation photography. He started to work on his passion when he was eight years old. He is the eyes and the brains behind “Through the Lens.” Starting with a basic camera, he has become quite popular in the aviation circle.

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