Best Straightener Brands in Pakistan

Curly hair is great for that elegant and beautiful yet classy and provocative look, but there is no denying that maintaining those curls is a hassle. Best Straightener Brands in Pakistan are a great option when you want to reduce the effort and time you invest in those curls. When you are looking for flat irons, you will come across hundreds of different products, which just makes it harder to pick the right one. Using the wrong product or wrong use can cause heat damage to your hair. Therefore, picking the right tool for styling is of utmost importance. When looking for a hair styling product, always consider your hair type first, whether it is wavy, curly, coily, or something in between these types. There are different hair straighteners for different hair types, so you should pick one suitable for your unique hair. After identifying your hair type, you should figure out whether you are a titanium-straightener or a ceramic-straightener person. A titanium straightener is for coarse hair that is hard to straighten. Whereas, ceramic straightener for easy-to-straighten hair. To help you find the best hair straightener for curly hair out there, our team of experts did hours of research to bring you these top picks. 

Best Straightener Brands in Pakistan


Straightener Brands in Pakistan- Price in Pakistan

Kemei straighteners are the most popular in Pakistan. They are affordable and give phenomenal salon-grade results. Their hair straighteners heat up to the desired level in as low as 30 seconds and you can select from different temperature options ranging from 160 degrees to 220 degrees. Once the desired temperature is reached, it shuts down to maintain that temperature which prevents your hair from getting damaged. Their temperature control feature, long plates and several safety features have made them favourites of many stylists in Pakistan. Best Straightener Brands in Pakistan Kemei: Kemei straighteners are the most popular in Pakistan.


Best Straightener Brands- Price in Pakistan

Remington was established in 1816 and is a famous and globally celebrated brand of hair care products. It is a go-to brand for many hair stylists for their high quality hair straighteners, dryers and stylers. Remington hair straighteners are great tools to achieve smooth, and reflexive hair. They make hair styling a lot easier and more fun and get you glossy, shielded and delicate from heat. This brand manufactures hair straighteners for a variety of hair types and lifestyles with several innovative features.


Straightener Brands- Price in Pakistan

Philips is one of the well known brands of electronic appliances in the world. It was set up in 1891 and it is the most preferred choice of many people around the world. Its products are being sold in more than 100 countries in Pakistan. Philips Straighteners are high end products as they have the most advanced technology and give high performance. They come with a keratin shield which prevents your hair from getting damaged due to heat. They are designed to allow you to achieve your desired style in little time with their broad Keratin-mixed plates and several temperature settings. Many Philips hair straighteners come with ThermoProtect technology which prevents overheating.



Straightener- Price in Pakistan

Braun is a German based company of hair care and lifestyle products including epilators, hair straighteners and blowers. It was established in 1984 and it was a subsidiary of The Gillette Company till 2007. After that, it is entirely a subsidiary of Procter and Gamble which bought Gillette in 2005.

Braun’s hair straighteners are highly advanced tools with modern, sleek design. They come with ceramic Nanoglide plates which glide through hair smoothly for easier styling and less damage. Their floating plates ensure even and fast styling. They include a digital display which shows the temperature of the plates. Their advanced temperature control makes sure you get the desired temperature. There is a temperature boost button for precise styling of difficult hair.


Best Straightener- Price in Pakistan

Babyliss straighteners are available in a wide variety of features and advanced technology. Its pro models are expensive but they give exceptional outcomes. They are recommended by several hair stylists and dermatologists. They are ideal to achieve desired styles while keeping your hair safe from heat damage. These hair straighteners are built to be durable as well which makes sure you keep using them for a long time. This makes Babyliss straighteners an investment worth making. You are sure to find a straightener for your particular hair type. 

These hair straighteners feature high quality earthenware plates that protect your hair from heat damage. One of their best products is Babyliss Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron. It is perfect for all on-the-go straightening needs.


Keune- Price in Pakistan

Keune is another well known brand of hair care products. It was established in 1922. Its products are used and loved almost all over the world. Their hair straighteners are most widely used in salons and boutiques. They are perfect tools for achieving soft, straight hair without any harm to it. They feature an auto heat recovery system which makes sure your hair gets equally straightened. 

Generally, the hair straightening creams are more popular products of Keune than its hot hair straighteners. These creams are infused with advanced silk proteins that keep your hair sound, straight and shiny for a long time. They also contain keratin that makes your hair strong and sparkly. 

Various Features to Consider in your Hair Straightener

  • Adjustable Temperature Controls

You might want to use a lower or higher temperature depending on your curls’ strength and thickness. Your straightener should have temperature control when you have curly hair. The best product will keep the temperature constant regardless of how long you have been using the straightener.

  • Plates

Curly strands are delicate, and their surface is not as flat as straight ones. For these, you need titanium or ceramic plates to prevent them from snagging. You have to consider the material or the coating of plates carefully. These materials will run smoothly over your curly hair and avoid damaging them, but ceramic is a popular choice. Ceramic is usually combined with tourmaline. It distributes heat evenly and reduces damage to your follicles. On the other hand, titanium is a more durable and long-lasting material. It heats up more quickly.

  • Steam

Straighteners can condition and straighten your hair at the same time. Steam makes dry curly hair even more hydrated. The products that can steam as well are less portable and heavier.

  • Size of the Plates

If the plates are wider, they can straighten more hair in less time. Straighteners with small plates are good for small areas such as fring. Most people prefer wide plates. For long hair, you can choose plates wider than 1 ½-inch diameter. For short and sensitive hair, smaller than 1-inch is a good option.

  • Control Buttons

Your hair straightener should have its buttons conveniently placed on the handle for easy reach. Also, they should be placed in such a way that you don’t end up hitting them accidentally.

  • Automatic Shutdown

This feature automatically turns off the straightener after some time. Usually, it is somewhere between 60 to 90 minutes. This feature will help save electricity.

  • Warranty

A longer warranty is a sign that it is a high-quality product that will last for a long time.

  • Brand

Buying a reputable brand will guarantee that you get an original, high-quality product. Branded products are more likely to have more features and a generous warranty.

  • Price

You should also consider the price of the product. It must be within your budget, and it must provide a fine balance between quality and cost so that you get a good value for the investment.


How to Use Flat Iron on Different Types of Curly Hair

Curly hair is hereditary in 90% of the cases. The reason why your hair appears curly is because keratin and proteins in your hair follicles make disulfide bonds. Also, these bonds are the cause of other shapes of hair apart from curly. Any type of curls can be categorised into one of three types of subcategories; naturally curls, wavy and hard curls.

  • For Natural Curls

Natural curls are fairly strong. You need more heat to tame these locks. You might need a flat iron that can provide heat up to 450F. Titanium flat irons offer greater levels of heat as they can achieve high temperatures faster than ceramic plates. You can use ceramic plates as well, but then it will take more time to finish styling.

  • For Wavy Hair

These are the softest curls, so they don’t need too much heat. For the best results, you can keep the temperature at about 400F. However, you can lower the temperature if you feel you can get the desired results. Waves can be easily straightened at lower temperatures as well. With wavy hair, damage due to too much heat is the last thing you want. People with waves have to be very careful while using the flat iron. Ceramic plates are preferred for this type of hair.

  • Hard Curls

These curls are also referred to as kinky curls. They are exceptionally strong; hence they require a high level of heat. You can take the temperature of your flat iron up to 450F. Moreover, you might want to keep your hair in the plates for a little longer to have them straightened. Having said that, we advise you to be careful with high heat and try to make do with as low temperature as possible.

Best Temperature to Straighten Curly hair

You can use relatively more heat of curly hair than straight ones. This allows you to use flat irons with the feature of adjustable temperature settings. However, the freedom of choosing between different heat levels always comes in handy. For curly hair, you need the products that can go up to 400F and above. The flat iron that can offer a high temperature between 400-450F would be more effective for thick hair. However, for fine, sensitive, or light hair, you should keep the heat level low.

If you are experimenting with different temperatures, always start from the lowest levels and see how your hair responds to it.

Things to Avoid While Using Flat Iron

For a safe and smooth styling process, stick to the instructions given on the product label. To get the best results, you need to avoid any kind of mistake during the process. Here are a few things you should avoid as they can affect your hair and style negatively.

  • Let Your Hair Cool Down Before Applying Finishing Product

Once you are done straightening your hair, you should allow your hair to cool down for 10-15 minutes to return to its normal temperature before using the finishing product. This prevents frizz to a great extent and increases the effectiveness of the formula you apply.

  • Don’t Use Flat Iron On Wet Hair

You might have thought it is easier to iron wet clothes, so the same rule applies to straighten your hair, but this is completely wrong. Doing so can damage your hair for a long time as you can’t tell for sure how long it should be in between the plates.

  • Don’t Compromise on the Quality of Curling Iron

You need the best possible product for your hair. A curling iron should have a high quality, and you should never take the risk of unknown brands. Spending on a quality product is always a good idea for less risk and better results.

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