Mothers Day in Pakistan | Fun Ways to Celebrate

People across the globe celebrate Mother’s Day on the 9th of May, 2021. Just like the rest of the world, Pakistanis also happily celebrate Mother’s Day to show affection and gratitude towards their mothers. No day of the year is better than Mother’s Day to give special attention towards motherhood and realize how important mothers’ are for all of us.

Mother’s day is more than just an ordinary day or an event. In fact, on this day, we have a great opportunity to thank our mothers for their unconditional and never-ending love and the problems they have to face because of us. Though Mother’s Day in Pakistan is celebrated by everyone, all the office and working activities are continued as it is not a public holiday on this day.

Importance of Mothers Day in Pakistan

Mothers Day in Pakistan

History Of Mothers Day

Mother’s Day has different origins and that is why some countries celebrate Mother’s Day on different days. But most of the countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day. Countries either celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May or on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Mother’s Day was first celebrated almost 100 years ago by the ancient Greeks. People of Greece were the ones who came up with the idea of celebrating a special day for mothers. The day originated because of a tradition of worship of Mothers done by Greeks. They held a huge festival for Cybele, Anatolian mother goddess, or great mothers of Greek gods.

According to Christians, Mother’s Day started as a religious celebration in Europe by the Christians back in the 1600s to tribute Mary, Mother of Christ as the Mother Church. With the passage of time, this special festival changed into Mothering Sunday. Christians celebrated this day on the 4th Sunday of Lent. This is the 40 days time period leading to Easter. On this day, employers send their servants to go back to their homes and spend their time with their mothers and honor them. They celebrated the day with a special cake known as Mothering Cake.

In America, Ana Jarvis from Grafton started a rally back in 1908 to make one day of the year a National Mother’s Day. The purpose of this day was the remembrance of her mom. The government accepted her request and on the 10th of May, 1908, the first Mother’s Day in America was celebrated at Andrew’s Methodist Church, West Virginia. Mothers who were present in Church on that day were given two carnation flowers. Red or pink carnation flowers were given to pay tribute to alive mothers while white flowers were for those mums who were gone from the world. At last in 1914, the US government officially announced that Mother’s Day will be celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

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Mother’s Day Unique Gift Ideas

If you are looking to give your mother a gift on her special day and are out of ideas, the Best Mother’s Day Gifts and some cute and good gifts for mom, their first true love. here are some of the best Mother’s Day unique gift ideas that will help you out in making your mothers day special:

  • Ladies perfume
  • Mother’s day cake
  • Ladies bracelet
  • Mother’ day cards
  • Kitchen decoration pieces
  • A lovely dress
  • Beautiful necklace
  • Old pics of your family
  • Gold jewelry
  • An “I Love You Mom” printed coffee mug
  • Flowers bouquet
  • A hand-made photo of your mother
  • Warm cloth shawl

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Mother’s Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day is celebrated to be thankful for the efforts they put into taking care of us. We can celebrate it by arranging a nice, big family gathering and gossip about funny incidents of the pastor talk about our childhood stories. We can either prepare our mother’s favorite dish at home or go to her favorite restaurant for dinner. Another thing which we can do is visit the house of our mother’s mother and celebrate together. We can also pay tribute to our hard-working mother with a Mother’s Day Cake. Giving a special token of love to your mother on this day can also bring a wide smile to her face. Mother’s Day Gifts and Gift Ideas Wish your mother loving gifts. There can be certain types of mother’s day gifts, cute mothers day gifts, mother’s day gifts from husband, mother’s day gifts for grandma, meaningful mother’s day gifts, DIY gifts for mom, creative mothers day gifts, mother’s day gifts for wife, mothers day ideas for quarantine. One can also send mother’s day gifts through online services to surprise hi/her mother on Mother’s day.

Our aim is to tell her that we recognize her crucial role in our life. So, Just do anything that can make her feel special and happy on this day of the year. Make your mom laugh with the hilarious moments of your life. People whose mothers are not with them anymore, can visit their graves and pray for them. Mother’s Day is celebrated on proper forums, in educational institutes, and in government offices in a sweet and warm way. There is no official or government holiday on Mother’s Day in Pakistan and therefore, businesses, offices, and educational institutes are functional.


People celebrate Mother’s Day in Pakistan to be thankful to their mothers for the hardships which they have to go through when raising their children since birth. Mothers do pray for the bright future of their children. They deserve some gratitude as well. Therefore, everyone across the globe celebrates Mother’s Day in different ways to recognize and appreciate the efforts and hard work of their moms. Get to more about mothers day in Pakistan.

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