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An alternate power supply especially in the form of a generator is a perfect solution for a power outage. The electric supply can get affected by a voltage overload in your nearest transformer due to stormy weather or routine maintenance work. A portable generator is one of the best and most helpful choices for an alternative power source in Pakistan. Generators are low maintenance and economical running costs. If you are looking for a good generator to buy, you need to consider several features before buying it. In this article, I have given details about the features you should look for along with some of the best generators in Pakistan. After reading this article, you will be able to figure out what you are looking for and which ones are the best generators for you.

How to Pick the Best Generator in Pakistan?

These are a few features you should know to look for while buying a generator in Pakistan.

Consider your Power Need:

Figure out what you will need to power during an electricity failure. Do you want the lights, appliances, computers and home electronics to run? Or do you have in-home medical equipment that is a priority? Or do you want to have enough power to keep stocked food supplies on ice? Or do you need power for recreational or jobsite usage? Or do you need power to run your outdoor cooking, entertainment or heating appliances or accessories on your camping and outdoor trips? List all your needs and appliances you will want to use in case of power outage. 

Starting Wattage of each Appliance:

The starting wattage is the amount of power you need to start an appliance with a motor. The starting wattage can be 2-3 times the wattage needed to run the appliance. Make sure you will be able to start, not just run, the appliances with the power capacity of generation. You can check the start-up wattages on the owner’s manuals of the appliances. In case you don’t have owner’s manuals, you can use an online wattage calculator to estimate your power needs.

Total Power Needs:

It is a two part equation. Firstly, add up all the running wattage for all the items you need to power. This is equal to the total running watts your generator should be able to produce to run your equipment. Then, add to the total the highest of the starting wattage you wrote down in step 2. You will get the power you need to start and run your appliances and equipment.

Best Generator in Pakistan:

Hyundai Generators:

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Hyundai is one of the best and oldest brands in the country which is famous for its cars. It is a Japan based brand and is renowned for its high quality generators. Its generators are known for their excellent range of features and long life. Hyundai generators are the most reliable generators you will find in the market. They will help you get through the long hours of power outage without you having to worry about anything except the fuel.

Hyundai offers a wide range of generators that come with choices for either diesel, gas, or petroleum as the primary fuel source. One of the downsides of Hyundai Generators is that despite them being extremely reliable and powerful, they are the most expensive generators in the market in Pakistan.  

Firman Generators

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Firman is an American based power equipment manufacturer. It is well known for its range of generators including the popular whisper, performance and hybrid series. Firman manufactures quite an impressive range of generators. Whether you are looking for a generator that is quiet and noise-free or the generator that gives an output of over 10 kilowatts, you will find the one that suits your needs best. But, like Hyundai generators, the Firman generators in Pakistan are also high on price and they may not provide the same value for money as some of the local and Chinese brands do.

Jahangir & Company Generators (Jasco)

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Jahangir & Company is a well known Pakistani manufacturer of a wide range of industrial and household machines including water pumps, generators, power washers and engine pumps. There are two reasons that make Jasco generators favourites of people in Pakistan; they are highly affordable and they have a number of features available. They manufacture a wide range of generators from gasoline generators and highly powerful ones in Pakistan that are suitable for those who need an economical alternative to their primary electricity supplier.

Homage Generators

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Homage is a leading brand of home appliances and power equipment in Pakistan. It offers an economical yet feature-rich and powerful generator in Pakistan. You will find something in the impressive range of generators available at Homage in Pakistan whether you are looking for continuous loading or to address the problem of fluctuating voltage. The best Homage generator is the self start generator that can run on petroleum or gasoline.

Loncin Generators

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Loncin is a Chinese based manufacturer of power equipment. It primarily specializes in generators of all kinds. Loncin has a versatile range of feature-rich power generators that are able to run most appliances in your house at an economical price. In addition to the traditional variety of self-start and noiseless generators, Loncin generators in Pakistan offer a variety of generators such as the inverter generators that can switch between DC and AC supplies for efficient fuel consumption and optimal power output.

Honda Generators

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Honda is another famous brand of automobiles and power machines in Pakistan. It is one of the oldest distributors of generators in Pakistan that have the quality on the par with the other top tier generator brands. It also offers a range of water pumps, engines and an impressive range of generators. 

Honda generators might be a little high on price as they are known to have a long lifespan, reliable performance and low maintenance requirements. They manufacture generators that last for a lifetime and you won’t have to take it to a repair shop.

Yamaha Generators:

Yamaha Generators-price in pakistan

Yamaha is a famous Japanese based brand that is known for its motorcycles. Their generators are quite popular in Pakistan too. It manufactures a wide variety of generators ranging from affordable and small ones with capacity of 0.8 KW to inverter generators with noiseless and self-start technology. Yamaha is the place to go to buy a generator, if you are looking for an efficient, reliable, portable and handy generator that uses either diesel or petrol as its primary fuel source.


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