Top 10 High Quality Handsfree Available in Pakistan

Finding the best handsfree in Pakistan is a tough game. But thanks to our hand-picked options, we have made it easy for you. Scroll down to find out more about them in this roundup of high-quality handsfrees in Pakistan.

Handsfree is a handy kit for those who heavily rely on their cell phones for communication purposes. This statement is true especially during work from home days due to the pandemic, as most of the time, we have to stay in touch with our colleagues, delivery guys, and friends for work or other purposes.

There is a myriad of imitations and knockoffs out there, with many handsfrees looking similar to each other, having functionality and boasting features that may vary a lot. So, to make it effortless for you to contact your food delivery rider while you are coding on your PC, we have chosen some of the best handsfree in Pakistan. 

Below you will get to know about various top-rated handsfrees in Pakistan that are made to throw out crystal clear voices.

How Did We Review the Handsfree?

If you are wondering what the criteria were, how did we reviewed the handsfrees and then put them in the assortment, here is your answer; we penned down personal reviews about the handsfrees, asked some of our friends and relatives to tell us how do they feel about the selected handsfrees and then compared the reviews with customer reviews posted on numerous popular e-commerce stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, Bangood, Daraz, Amazon, etc. Plus, we also went through the reviews available on our competitor blogs to get more ideas about the handsfrees.

As far as the durability of the handsfrees is concerned, we calculated the score on the basis of durability reviews available on the above-mentioned online stores. We calculated the average of the reviews and posted them under each pair of handsfree. Why did we not decide on the durability by testing it ourselves? Because it was not possible for us to use handsfree for weeks. 

Though we didn’t make the purchase of all of these handsfrees, we still managed to review them, thanks to our in-depth research and thorough observation. We asked our friends and some shopkeepers to let us borrow some of the chosen models. Fortunately, they were kind enough to respond to us positively.

These are the 10 Best Handsfree in Pakistan


1. Samsung AKG In-Ear S10 Model

The first handsfree we have here for you is the Samsung AKG In-Ear. Initially, Samsung launched these handsfree with their Galaxy S8. The handsfree was a game changer in the market and its hype was created everywhere. These handsfree usually come with S10, S8, and Note 8. 

When we conducted some research on it, we found out that these are not real AKG handsfree. Actually, Samsung manufactures these handsfrees and AKG does their sound tuning. We tried and tested these handsfree and concluded that the handsfree are great, especially the S10 model is made for bass lovers.

Sound in these handsfrees is focussed more on the lows (bass) than mids and highs.  Though the case that comes with it is not of good material, overall, the handsfree is a good option to buy. Samsung AKG In-Ear handsfree is readily available in the Pakistani mobile market.


2. A4Tech MK-610

A famous budget friendly handsfree brand in Pakistan, A4Tech has been manufacturing topnotch quality handsfree for a long time. Their handsfrees are light on pocket but still provide impressive sound quality. For this price, the quality and sustainability they offer is simply unbelievable.  

If you are a fan of bass, these handsfrees might not be the best option for you as A4Tech MK610 focuses more on the highs and mids.The sound it produces is for treble heads.

A4Tech handsfrees come with an extendable wire which is really useful in many scenarios. Unfortunately, they have low durability and therofer, these handsfrees don’t last for more than 6 months. If you are lucky, you may use them for more than a year, but that will surely be a rare case.


3. Sennheiser CX 80S


Sennheiser is a famous brand in the world of audio products. Their handsfrees are a bit costly but the quality and features that they offer, they are worth every single rupee of yours. They also have some budget handsfrees in their portfolio.

The wired CX 80S earphones from Sennheiser offer a lovely listening experience with reliable build quality and decent design. It has a good durability and will stay with you for long. The CX 80S has a fancy lightweight design that’s comfortable to wear, effortless to use, and are incredibly portable. The handsfrees come with an inline smart remote for managing music, calls, and more with ease. They deliver a balanced sound that is refreshingly enjoyable and completely natural. 

We didn’t find anything wrong or bad about these handsfrees.


4. Mi Dual Driver Earphones Type-C Version

Mi Dual Driver Earphones Type-C Version is a fine handsfree for its price tag. If used with care, it will stay with you over a year or even more. This is your best bet if you want a decent handsfree.

I have been using a variety of handsfrees yet I can’t find the best substitute for this one. In short, this bad boy can be used for music, movies, games, Netflix, Youtube, etc. One cannot go wrong with this model

.Mi Dual Driver Earphones Type-C Version has a USB type-C interface, semi-in-ear comfort wearing, dynamic ring + ceramic speaker double unit acoustic architecture and a high toughness wire. Its sound is perfectly balanced and is an amazing model if you are looking for a high quality handsfree that will not become faulty in a short period.


5. KZ AS10

KZ AS10 is a weird looking yet catchy handsfree manufactured for providing incredible experience to the audiophiles. It was launched by KZ company. Though the normal audience is not a huge fan of this company, due to its out-of-the-box designs, audiophiles have huge admiration for KZ handsfree. This handsfree is engineered in a way that it delivers excellent sound quality to the ears of the user. You cannot find a better option than KZ AS10 at this price point.

KZ AS10 has a truly balanced sound with some emphasis on the mids. The outcome is that you will get awesome sound for all types of media. You may need to load foam tips with them if the sound does not meet your expectations.

Want to know the best part about KZ handsfree? Even if you break the wire, you can purchase new cables and plug them in to run the handsfree. You can also switch to the bluetooth mode as these are also bluetooth supported handsfree. KZ handsfrees easily beat in performance,durability, customer satisfaction, and sound quality every other handsfree at this price. 


6. Edifier P180 Plus


A Chinese based audio product manufacturing company, Edifier handsfree is no exception too. They have introduced various audio devices in the Pakistani market and have made a strong position. Besides handsfree, they also manufacture bluetooth handsfree, Gaming handsfree, headsets, and more.

Edifier P180 Plus is a budget handsfree and an all-rounder considering its economical price. It has an integrated acoustic cavity for crystal clear sound, omnidirectional and high-sensitivity microphones, and three-button inline control for easy operation of calls or music. Try this handsfree and you will not be disappointed at all. With clear treble and pure bass, you can experience mind blowing sound quality with it.


7. Sony MDR-EX155


Sony MDR EX-155 is made for people who want astonishing quality at a decent price. Yes, these handsfrees are partners of many, still its sound signature is not appealing for everyone. But one thing is for sure, durability; Its durability is simply 

Sony MDR-EX155 handsfrees focus more on the high frequency and vocals and less on the bass. So if you are a fan of bass, these handsfrees might not be the ideal ones for you. The sound quality is pretty sick though.

The durability of this earphone is remarkable. If used with care, they can stick to you for years. We cannot say the same for many other handsfree. Sony MDR-EX155 has no microphone but the model Sony MDR-EX155AP has a high quality microphone.


8. Anker A3270HF1 SoundBuds


Another Chinese based manufacturer, Anker is well known for its wireless products, fast chargers, nano tech products, powerful cables, power banks, and many other electronic products. In the present times, Anker has only launched its handsfree in Pakistan. 

One of their best handsfrees is Anker A3270HF1 SoundBuds. Though it is pricey, the durability and sound quality it provides you is simply WOW. You will really enjoy listening to your newly created Spotify list or watching the recently launched Conjuring movie. These bluetooth handsfrees have an elegant design and charming color that can match with your favorite outfits.

Some customers complained about its durability that they didn’t work for long but the number of complaints was very low. On the positive side, countless users also reported that Anker handsfree lasts for more than 18 months. The company also offers the warranty of the time period along with a 30 days money-back guarantee.


9. JBL Tune 205BTbest handsfree in pakistan

JBL is a big company and a prominent name in the sound industry. There is appreciable cognizance about JBL amongst the Pakistanis, courtesy of the top grade products launched by the company.

JBL Tune 205BT is a huge success as an entry-level Bluetooth handsfree. The vocal distance is moderate, the bass is sufficient and its high frequency is soft. These are nice handsfrees with a balanced overall performance.

Their most noticeable feature is that they are extremely comfortable to wear and easy to use. You can use them casually while lying in bed or sleeping. There is no pressure after putting on them. It feels very light while wearing them.

JBL TUNE 205BT semi-in-ear handsfrees are suitable for long-term use without bloating the user’s ears and are more breathable than in-ear headphones. They have okayish sound insulation but impressive sound quality.


10. Gionee Handsfree

We will conclude our list with the last member, Gionee Handsfree. Gionee handsfrees have earned a lot of fame in Pakistan because of the quality they offer at an economical price. Gionee handsfrees are readily available in the Pakistani markets and multiple online stores.

Gionee handsfree are in-ear handsfree engineered to deliver stellar sound quality, good sound insulation, and true bass sound. These handsfrees are functional, ergonomic, and smart. Just put them on and you will easily mute the world or your surroundings.

You can get Gionee Handsfree in red, black, and blue color. They are ergonomically designed so that you can handle them with ease. They come with soft silicon buds for skin comfort. They have a long cable length for helping you carry them anywhere.



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We would like to end our writing by saying that in today’s fast-paced world, where everyone is looking for convenience and quick solutions, there is nothing better than handsfree to support your communication with others. We have hand-picked some of the best handsfree in Pakistan and deliberately filtered out the ordinary ones so that you can have the best of the best. We have mentioned an option for every price point. We tried our best to cover those models that can fulfill the unique needs of every reader. If you ask me, I would 100% go with the weirdos, KZ AS10. Which one do you think is the best? Or did we miss out on a handsfree? Do tell us in the comment section below!

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