Top 5 Data Recovery Software’s in 2022

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Have you accidentally deleted your important files? No need to worry as these top 5 data recovery softwares will recover your lost data in a convenient way. While there are many positives of the digital world that help everyone to connect with each other and much more, it also has unpleasant downsides and data loss … Read more

Exide Gel Battery Review

Gel batteries are becoming more and more popular for UPS systems. They are different from the flooded lead acid batteries. The regular flooded Lead acid batteries require top up with distilled water at least once in three months. People often fail to maintain their inverter batteries which damages the cells and results in battery failure … Read more

Factors Damage and Reduce Battery life

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Factors Damage and Reduce Battery life, Batteries are the core elements of any UPS system. Availability and efficiency of the batteries are crucial for preventing downtime of equipment. At the same time, batteries are the most fragile, vulnerable, and prone-to-failure parts of UPS systems. They require proper maintenance and care to make sure they have … Read more

10 Best Quran Reading App for Android 

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Carrying the Holy Quran all the time when you are traveling is impossible but as everyone carries around a smartphone with himself, you can carry the Holy Quran by downloading it in your phone. There are thousands of Quran apps for both Android and IOS which allow you to reach, recite and learn Quran anywhere … Read more

Top 8 Government Universities in Lahore

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Lahore is also referred to as the “City of Colleges” but the city also houses some top private and public universities in Pakistan that provide quality education. Government universities are the number one choice of many students for a number of reasons. In addition to providing high quality education and learning opportunities, government universities are … Read more

Best Washing Machine Brands in Pakistan

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Looking for the best washing brands in Pakistan? Congrats! You are at the right spot as here you will get all the authentic and up-to-date information on the best washing machines that are currently available in the Pakistani market. if you are planning to buy an affordable washing machine in Pakistan with basic washing features … Read more

Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan | Keeping your Savings Safe

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Searching for the best insurance company in Pakistan can mean navigating a bewildering variety of item features and costing variables. The best life insurance companies in the country can help you secure enough coverage to cover expenses your family will confront, such as caring for aging parents, paying for your kid’s education, etc., or replace … Read more