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Looking for the best fan in Pakistan or the best ceiling fans in Pakistan? Put a full stop to your search as we bring you a beautiful collection of the best ceiling fans in Pakistan that will be your true partner in this scorching heat of summers. Having a fan at the top of your head can be a true game-changer in the summer season. Of course, you can turn on your AC but it has its own downsides, including heavy bills. Plus, people often prefer ceiling fans due to many reasons. So, without any further ado, let us jump right into the list.


These are the 10 Best Ceiling Fans in Pakistan

1. Global Fans

Best Ceiling Fans in Pakistan

One of the best ceiling fan manufacturers, Global Fans has been producing high durability and quality fans for years now. The fans provide awesome performance and run for a long time. Global fans keep the requirements of Pakistanis in mind while designing the fans and setting their prices. The company has successfully earned the trust and confidence of customers due to the superior material quality of their fans.

Global Fans Features

  • Top-quality material
  • 100% Pure copper wire
  • Silicon steel sheet
  • Wide air throw
  • Noiseless operation
  • Voltage control system
  • Run-on low voltage
  • Less energy consumption
Global Fans Name Size (Inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Monet 56 80 Starts from Rs. 5,375
Classic 56 80 Starts from Rs. 5,150
Crystal Antique 56 80 Starts from Rs. 6,625

2. Pak Fans

Best Ceiling Fan in Pakistan-pip

Pak Fans has been awarded the title of Pride of Pakistan. And boy the company is worthy of the title as they have been providing some of the top class and high-quality ceiling fans for a long. They have a variety of fans to match the wants and demands of different consumers. The prices of Pak Fans are also very reasonable so that the middle and lower class of Pakistan can also get their hands on a quality ceiling fan. Their fans also have an outstanding resale value in the Pakistani market. 

Pak Fans Features

  • Long life
  • Electrical steel sheet
  • Energy efficient
  • Quality products
  • Less noise during working
  • 100% pure copper winding
  • Stylish design
  • Wide air circulation
Pak Fans Name Size (inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Decora Deluxe In Black 56 70 Starts from ₨ 5,995
Diamond AC/DC 56 32 Starts from Rs. 5,995
Classic Gold 56 70 Starts from Rs. 4,545

3. Parwaz Fans

Parwaz Fans-price in pakistan

Parwaz Fans have made a strong reputation in the market due to their technological advancement in their products. Their fans have awesome build material and top-quality which can be seen in their performance. Parwaz Fans have dedicated themselves to keeping superior quality and most advanced features in their fans to match international standards. This brand uses innovative engineering to manufacture its products so that it can operate for a long period.

Parwaz Fans Features

  • Pure copper wire ensure long-lasting
  • Unique and stylish design
  • Electrical steel sheet
  • Aerodynamics blade design
  • Noiseless working
  • Wide circulation of air
Parwaz Fans Name Size (inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Avion Series 36-48-56 70-62-56 Starts from Rs. 6,295
Angel Star Series 48-56 62-70 Starts from ₨. 14,500
Future Series 48-56 62-70 Starts from Rs. 9,750

4. GFC Fans

GFC Fans-price in pakistan

G.F.C was founded back in 1954 as a small manufacturing factory for ceiling fans. For the next 24 years, the company slowly but gradually made its name as one of the best high-quality fan manufacturers in the country. In 1978, the company grew very quickly and in the present times, it is one of the leading fan manufacturers and exporters. Their electric fans are excellent in quality and performance. GFC is the first company in Pakistan which is certified by many authorities such as UL certified (UnderWriter Laboratories) and CE Certified (European Conformity). So, we can say that GFC fans are the best of the best electric fans in the country.

GFC Fans Features

  • Innovative technology
  • Quality products
  • Copper wire
  • Energy efficient
  • Electrical Steel sheet
GFC Fans Name Size (Inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Awami Model 56 80 Starts from Rs. 4,720
Brave Model 56 80 Starts from Rs. 10,250
Future Model 56 80 Starts from Rs. 10,750

5. Five Star Fans

Five Star Fans-price in pakistan
Five Star Fans is specialized in producing different household appliances such as Skimming Machines, ceiling fans, air coolers, electrical motors, washing machines, and more. The company was founded back in 1979. With the passage of time, this ceiling fan brand has been able to make a strong position in the market. Five Star ceiling fans are excellent in terms of quality and durable designs. Modern technology is found in their ceiling fans and that is why the company has achieved complete trust and confidence of customers.

Five Star Fans Features

  • Operate silently and smoothly
  • Superior grade material
  • Air delivery over a wide area
  • Low heat generation during the process
  • Superior quality motor
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • High-quality silicon sheet
  • 99.99% electrolytic grade copper wires
  • Low friction ball bearings
  • Low air-cutting noise level
  • Blade angles and air speed designed by computer
Five Star Fans Name Size Power Consumption (Watt) Price
VIP jewel  48-56
Golden Eye 48-56
Deluxe 36-48-56

6. Super Asia Fans

Super Asia Fans-price in pakistan

Mian Muhammad Din founded the company Super Asia in 1975. Through innovation and persistent quality, Super Asia Ceiling Fans became a symbol of quality and market leader. As a result of its efforts over the past years, Super Asia has become synonymous with customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation. The company is known for offering amazing quality in its ceiling fans. Furthermore, their fans are popular for their energy-saving features. The fans are very durable and have a long life so that you don’t have to spend money again and again to buy a new one. Super Asia Energy Saver Ceiling Fan includes.

Super Asia Fans Features

  • Specially designed blades for quiet operation
  • Silicon steel sheet
  • Wide air throw
  • High-grade copper wire
  • 5 speed on/off the regulator
  • Double “Z” ball bearings
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • 16-pole capacitor motor
  • Works even on low voltage
Super Asia Fans Name Size (Inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Elegant Design 56  70 Starts from ₨ 5,995
Twister 56  85 Starts from Rs. 9,625
Pretty 56  85 Starts from Rs. 9,010

7. Royal Fans

Royal Fans-price in pakistan

Established back in 1957, Royal Fans is recognized in the industry as a leader for its top-quality ceiling fans. Royal Fans manufacture various types of ceiling fans such as DC fans, AC fans, and more. Royal Fans are non-stop launching flawless and reliable ceiling fans in the market. Royal Fans’ ceiling fans are energy-efficient, reliable, and deliver great performance for customers. The famous series of ceiling fans of Royal Fans are Royal Lifestyle Series, Royal Smart Series, and Royal Deluxe Series.

Royal Fans Features

  • Noiseless performance
  • Excellent voltage control system
  • Best air throw because of specially designed blades
  • Work on low voltage
  • 99.99% pure copper wire
  • Energy efficient
  • Long-lasting motor
Global Fans Name Size (Inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Monet 56 80 Starts from Rs. 5,375
Classic 56 80 Starts from Rs. 5,150
Crystal Antique 56 80 Starts from Rs. 6,625

8. Khurshid Fans

Khurshid Fans-price in pakistan

Khurshid Fans is an electrical fans brand owned by SGS Electrical Company. The company was established back in 1990. The company is 24/7 quality conscious in the choice of the components of the best quality that are needed for manufacturing electrical fans such as 99.99% pure copper wire, supreme quality ball bearings, high-grade insulating material, and imported silicon electrical steel sheet to make sure the fans function for a long time. Khurshid Fans integrate modern technology into their ceiling fans.

Khurshid Ceiling Fans Features

  • High grade insulating
  • Memory function
  • Pure copper wire
  • With dual AC/DC features
  • Low energy consumption
  • Under & over-voltage control
  • Same performance on low voltage even on 70 volt
  • Noiseless
  • Speed switches 1 to 5
  • 5 Speed remote control
Khurshid Fans Name Size (Inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
King 48-56 50 Starts from Rs. 6,400
Galaxy 48-56 50 Starts from Rs. 4,995
Prime 48-56 50 Starts from Rs. 6,500

9. Yunas Fans

Yunas Fans-price in pakistan

Yunas Fans are also one of the best ceiling fans in Pakistan, thanks to the electrical sheet that is found in its body. The fans have pure copper winding making the fans extremely energy efficient. They offer great performance and great durability to their fans. Yunas Fans are among the oldest electrical fan manufacturers in Pakistan. They offer fine comfort to the consumers as they can work on low voltage without creating any noticeable noise.

Yunas Fans Features

  • Pure copper wire
  • Noiseless
  • Electric sheet
  • Can work on low voltage
  • Energy efficient
Yunas Fans Name Size (Inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Stone 56 80 Starts from Rs. 4,200
HiDelux 56 80 Starts from Rs. 4,200
Kashmir 56 80 Starts from ₨ 5,900

10. Starco Fans

Best Ceiling Fans in Pakistan-price in pakistan

Starco Fans have also been manufacturing top-quality ceiling fans in Pakistan. They have equipped the latest technology and high standard raw material for the development of quality products to compete with the other brands. “A name of quality, durability, and reliability” is the motto of Starco Fans. The vision of this fan brand is to increase the scope of its ceiling fans and to make confidence and trust among users. Starco Fans’ ceiling fans are durable and long-lasting

Starco Fans Features

  • Energy efficient
  • Wide air throw
  • Pure copper wire
  • Work on low voltage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Silicon steel sheet
  • Noiseless
Starco Fans Name Size(Inch) Power Consumption (Watt) Price
Deluxe Saver 56 60 Starts from ₨. 4,990
Omega Inverter 56 60 Starts from ₨. 5,590
Sapphire King 56 60 Starts from ₨. 5,270


  • Which company fan is best?

We have mentioned the best company fans in Pakistan that have made a strong reputation in the Pakistani market.

  • Which ceiling fan is best for cooling?

All of the ceiling fans discussed in the list are best for cooling in the country.

  • What are the best brands of ceiling fans?

The best brands of ceiling fans are mentioned in the list of best ceiling fans in Pakistan. Go through the list and see which company impresses you the most.


So, these were the best fans in Pakistan which are best in the performance and energy-efficient. See all the options in the list and then choose a company to buy a new fan for your home. All of the fans that are mentioned here are the best of the best in their field and are made to fulfill the needs of the customers. So, which one are you choosing for your room? Let us know in the comments!

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