Electricity is Likely to Get Cheaper in June 2021

In the plethora of bad news, there is good news for the citizens of Pakistan that Electricity is Likely to Get Cheaper in June 2021. The decision to lower the price of electricity by 84 paise per unit will be taken on June 2, 2021. The Central Power Purchasing Company has applied to NEPRA in … Read more

COVID Test Centers in Karachi

Respiratory viruses have many families of viruses. One of these families is Coronavirus. The virus affects both animals and humans. The virus is spreadable between humans and animals. The virus keeps on changing its shape, therefore it is hard to counter. The virus is spread in the same way as various other viruses such as … Read more

Register Mobile in PTA

Using a mobile phone which is not registered by PTA can result in it being blocked. Therefore, whenever you buy a phone, make sure it is registered by PTA. If you have bought an unregistered phone, don’t worry, you can still get it registered by PTA. Don’t know how to do that? Relax, as, in … Read more

Differentiate Between Original Product from a Counterfeit One

We all are aware of the fact that various luxurious and famous brands are prone to becoming targets of counterfeit product manufacturing companies. These counterfeits are so similar in appearance with a minimum price that a common person cannot resist him/herself from buying it. Of Course, the quality and performance are compromised in these products, … Read more

Guide on the Taxpayers to CDA Property Tax

Most homeowners in Pakistan and around the world have the daunting task of calculating and filing property tax which warrants a great deal of care and attention. To help homeowners in the capital of Pakistan; Islamabad, sort out their taxes and provide them with answers regarding their queries about the subject, we have brought a … Read more

10 Best Power Bank in Pakistan in 2021

Best Power Bank in Pakistan

It can be stressful if your phone or tablet runs out of battery in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have any power outlet nearby. Fortunately, there are backup batteries that come in every capacity, size and price range. Power banks keep your device going when the battery icon becomes red.  Battery backups come … Read more

9 Best Paint in Pakistan 2021

Best Paint in Pakistan - Price in Pakistan

Every home deserves the best color and it can only be achieved with the best paint brands. Picking the best quality paint is important to ensure that your home looks the way you want it.  Good paint is the best way to get the style and feel you desire, whether you are setting up a … Read more

Best Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Best Solar Inverter in Pakistan - PriceinPakistan.net

A solar inverter converts the variable direct current from a photovoltaic solar panel into an alternating current of utility frequency that can be used by your local electrical network to run home appliances or fed into a commercial electrical grid. Solar inverters are an important part of the solar system which are as significant as … Read more