Best Food Processors in Pakistan

Food Processors are one of the necessities of every household. Different gadgets are used for various purposes for cooking and baking. A food processor combines all these gadgets in one place.

Food processor is a suitable option for those who love to cook and bake. It is used to convert the raw ingredients into a blend that can be easily cooked and eaten. Food processing involves the transformation of raw animal or plant materials into consumer-ready products, with the objective of stabilizing food products by preventing or reducing negative changes in quality.

Food processor removes the food from all kinds of chemicals and improves the quality of food. It makes working in the kitchen a lot easier and helps you cook the food in a little time. Food Factory is the appliance actually performing beyond normal functions as they are electronic devices with having distinct types of blades and disks to chop, slice, puree, shred, grate, etc. 

Today, there are hundreds of high-quality food processors in the market which makes it a challenge to pick the best one. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best food processors in Pakistan to help you make the right choice for your kitchen.

Best Food Processors in Pakistan


Food Processors Price Where to Buy
Philips HR7620/70 Food Processor PKR 7,100/-
Panasonic MK-5086 Food Processor PKR 23,499/-
Kenwood FP-235 Food Processor PKR 12,999/-
Anex AG-3041 Food Processor PKR 6,200/-
Sinbo SHB-3070 Food Processor PKR 7,500/-
Westpoint WF-1808 Food Processor PKR 7,676/-
Black & Decker FX800  PKR 13,099/-


1. Philips HR7620/70 Food Processor

Philips is one of the best brands of home appliances in Pakistan. Philips HR76220/70 is a high-quality food processor. It has a safety lock system for bowl & lid detection. It features a mechanical brake on the tool holder which stops the machine within 1.5 seconds.

It comes in a bright white and celestial blue. It saves space, time, and effort with the vertical design. This food processor is superbly multi-functional and extremely powerful which helps you complete any preparation task within seconds. A food factory is a complete food processing set that allows you to mix, blend, chop, mash/beat and grind all your food.

2. Panasonic MK-5086 Food Processor

Panasonic is a worldwide leader in the development of diverse technologies and electronics and solutions for customers. Panasonic MK-5086 food processor has 6 functions. It comes with a juicer attachment, 5 blades and circuit breaker. With Its 1+ pulse quick speed, will help you prepare your food in no time. It has a compact size which covers less space in the kitchen. It is a great addition to your kitchen.

3. Kenwood FP-235 Food Processor

Kenwood is known for its high quality electronics and technologies. Kenwood FP-235 food processor is a small, fast and stylish food processor that is compatible with every cooking style. It will add a charm to your kitchen. 

It comes with an in-bowl drive system which makes preparing great food a whole lot easier. It is made with the highest quality parts. All the detachable parts of the food processor can be washed into your dishwasher. The stainless steel blade will stay sharp for a long time.

4. Anex AG-3041 Food Processor

Anex is a leader in household appliances which creates high quality diverse range of appliances to the customers. Anex AG-3041 is a versatile food processor that can easily and quickly chop, slice, blend, puree and shred any kind of food. It is a perfect appliance for beating egg cookies, cake and making citrus juice.

It comes with an elegant-looking plastic jug. It has 2 speed setting W pulse and safety lock rubber feet to keep it in place while working with it.

5. Sinbo SHB-3070 Food Processor

Sinbo is a 20 year old brand and is one of the largest small household appliances manufacturing centres. Sinbo SHB-3070 food processor comes with a 1.2 liter capacity boal liquid and 2 liter capacity bowl dry. The rotary control panel has 2 speed modes and pulse.

All the detachable accessories, except citrus juicer set, can fit in the bowl for compact storage. It is perfect for multi-functioning including doughing, chopping, slicing, shredding, emulsifying, cutting French fry, making citrus juicing etc.

It features double safety lock, non-slip feet and optional 1.8L plastic blender jar.


Westpoint creates top quality food processors that help in making cooking a lot of fun and easier. Westpoint WF-1808 food processor comes with a chopper, grinder and blender which are perfect for shredding and grating and cutting thick or thin slices. 

It features a safety lock, rubber feet and stainless steel blades that help you cook quickly and easily making it more fun. The sharp blades make the job precise and quick.

6. Black & Decker FX800 Food Processor

Black & Decker is a popular brand of power tools, lawn and garden tools, home cleaning tools, batteries and accessories and small appliances. Black & Decker FX800 Food Processor has 3 speed and pulse functions that are great for processing a large range of ingredients.

It comes with a 1.7 liter blender for processing different types of ingredients and a 2.3 liter processing bowl to make meals for a large family. Its sharp stainless steel blades help in precise cutting and last for a long time.

It features a safety interlock system, chopping blades, slicing blades, fine and coarse grating blades for carrots, hard cheese and other types of food items.

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