Haier Air Conditioner Brand Review

Pros Cons
Draws less power i.e. up to 1440w Tonnage is small so it is not suitable for larger places
Running current is 0.32 – 1.44A Debri and dust may accumulate on the filter that can obstruct the flow of air and consume more electricity. You may want to clean it regularly.
Strong airflow Air circulation may not be as good
UPS enabled Can be a little noisy
Other Key Specification
1 Ton
Eco-friendly R410a refrigerant
Power Supply in Hz: 50
DC Inverter
Indoor Noise in db: 31 – 41

Haier – HSU-12HFAA/012USDC(B)Haier Air Conditioner Brand-price in pakistan

Haier Air Conditioner Brand Review, This is another air conditioner by Haier that features A-PAM technology that reduces the electricity loss by controlling the wavelength of the current and fix it in accordance with the supply voltage wave. It has one touch cleaning system that can substantially improve the air quality in the room. It catches the dust particles in the air and freeze them up on the evaporator and then remove them in defrosting.

Pros Cons
DC inverter 1 ton is not suitable for larger rooms
Extremely low power input i.e 320 – 1160 More expensive for its tonnage
The innovative cleaning system doesn’t need servicing as often as in other cleaning systems One touch cleaning instead of automatic cleaning
Running Current Ampere: 1.0 – 5.2 12000 BTU may not be effective in peak summer season
Other Key Specification 
1 Ton
Cooling Capacity 12000 BTUs
Air Circulation 650 m³/h
Hidden LED display

Haier – HSU-12LNF/032L( R )Haier Air Conditioner Review-price in pakistan

This is a non-inverter air conditioner by Haier. The fixed frequency doesn’t adjust the air flow according to the need. The Turbo Cooling will have you freezing within minutes. It is a perfect choice for the small rooms especially when you run it for a little time. The Strong AIrflow ensures complete comfort in the unbearably hot summer.

One of the most noticeable features of this air conditioner is that it has golden fin technology  that increases the life of the condenser coil by preventing it from the rust.  Also, gold fins improve the efficiency of hydrophilic condensers.

Pros Cons
Turbo Cooling No heating feature
Golden fin that prevents coils from the rusting May pile up on your bill if you run it for a long time
Running current ampere: 5.7 Low tonnage for bigger areas
Air Circulation is more than usual 1 ton ACs Power Input fixed at 1300
No UPS enabled
Red colour may not look good with your interiors
Other Key Specifications
Fixed Frequency
Cooling Capacity in BTUs: 12000
Air Circulations: 700m³/h
1 Ton


Haier has gained fame in a very short time among the masses in Pakistan because of their cutting edge technology at reasonable prices. You have to keep in mind your requirements when you go for buying air conditioners. Right tonnage and usage time play an important role in giving the best experience. Sometimes various factors like fluctuation in the current, bad wiring, adverse climate and quality of air it sucks can have an impact on the performance of the AC. Therefore, to ensure the best experience with your new Haier AC make sure that you have good quality wiring, and power supply is stable.With an ever expanding market, making a pick of an air conditioner has become more challenging. Consumers make their choice after carefully considering the BTU output, brand, model type and efficiency of the product. In this market, Haier has become one of the most popular brands of home appliances in Pakistan. It shares 32% of the whole market in the country. It has many bestselling major home appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and deep freezer. Haier’s air conditioners are particularly famous in Pakistan because of their delicate design and efficient performance. Also, they are among the most inexpensive ACs you will ever find in the market here. However, there are mixed reviews about the company as some people like the product and others face some issues. In this article we are going to access some of Haier’s best selling products of varying sizes, so that you can establish a basic understanding of the AC that would be best for you.

Haier AC Brand Review

Let us make one thing clear before we start; before you buy the AC unit, It is necessary that you measure up the space for which you want to install it. This is the best way to ensure that it works effectively and efficiently and you get what you spend your money for. If your air conditioner unit is undersized (lower tonnage), your room may not get cooled efficiently while the compressor will keep on running, consuming electricity. It will also affect the unit’s dehumidifying capabilities. Our estimate about these ACs is based on the assumption that the ceiling of the room is about 8ft tall. If the ceiling of yours is taller than that we suggest that you buy the product that is 1,000 BTUs stronger than the suggested BTUs. Moreover, we also recommend that you buy the air conditioner that has a certified and proven record of best performance. This is the reason why we are writing down this review for you. Performance and safety certifications will save you from getting disappointed if your unit does work properly. And, it will also save you a huge sum of money.

Haier HSU-18HRV/012USDC(W):

This is a triple inverter air conditioner meaning it is powered by an innovative 8-pole motor which offers more efficiency by drawing less power. It also has A-PAM inverter control that lets you have a smart control of the unit; you can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs. Pulse Amplitude Modulation Control (PAM) adjusts the current waveform according to the supply voltage wave so that there is less loss of electricity. With this 98% of the power is effectively utilized.

It cools down the room temperature even when it is 60° C while saving up to 65% of energy. It has a turbo cooling and heating system that doesn’t let hot-cold mix. So, it keeps the temperature perfectly stable. The unit has a self cleaning mechanism which cleans off the dirt accumulation on the evaporator during operation. The dirt affects the air quality by facilitating bacterial growth. The bad quality of air can impact the health of people sitting in the room. With the Self Cleaning function, it freezes the surface of the evaporator with moisture in the air and removes the impurity in defrosting.

Pros Cons
Triple Inverter More expensive than other regular models
A-PAM Technology Draws slightly more current when in heating mode.
Amperes: 1.4 – 10.2 May deteriorate faster with age
UPS Inverter
Other Key Specifications
Power Input (W): 320 – 1940
Refrigerant: Eco-friendly R410a
Air Circulation (m3/h): 850
Cooling Capacity in BTU: 18000
Power Supply in Hz: 50

Haier – HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC(G)Air Conditioner Brand Review-price in pakistan

This one uses the smart inverter technology that adjusts its output power according to your desired temperature. It reduces the output power of the AC when the set temperature is reached. This way, it consumes less electricity. This AC unit by Haier is WiFi smart as you can control it from the app in your smartphone.

It can work on UPS as well so that you can enjoy the cooling even when the power fails. The UPS inverter in it can input power supply between regular power supply and UPS power supply by its smart monitoring function. When the power fails, it automatically shift to UPS power mode to work on low-frequency.

Pros Cons
Smart Inverter Draws more power when the compressor is running at full speed up to 2204w
Turbo cooling and heating More Expensive than ACs with similar technology by other brands
Works on UPS Slightly Larger dimensions
WiFi Smart
Other Key Specifications
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity in BTU: 18000
Air Circulation (m³/h): 850
Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: R410a
Noisefree functioning

Haier – HSU-12HNI/022USDC(B)Haier AC Brand Review-price in pakistan

This is one of the best products by Haier in this category with an amazing Turbo cooling and heating system. It offers a strong Airflow with the air circulation of 650 m³/h. It features one touch function that gives a sterilization rate of 99.9% which makes the air absolutely pure for you to breathe.

It is a 1 ton inverter technology air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU. The outside temperature can rise above 46° C but you will not see any difference in the performance. Also, it has an Exquisite Dust Filter that improves the quality of air by removing dust particles from it. Additionally, check out these amazing washing machines available in Pakistan.

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