Best Washing Machine Brands in Pakistan

Looking for the best washing brands in Pakistan? Congrats! You are at the right spot as here you will get all the authentic and up-to-date information on the best washing machines that are currently available in the Pakistani market. if you are planning to buy an affordable washing machine in Pakistan with basic washing features then you can go for top load washing machines.

There are various washing machines from different brands that are present in the shops but not all of them are best to buy and use. To clear this mess out, we have filtered out the ordinary washing machines and chosen the best models that will perfectly perform the hectic task of washing clothes in no time. 

There are many washing machine brands in Pakistan but a common man always wonders which is the best washing machine in Pakistan in 2021. Ahead, the best washing machines in Pakistan are made to fulfill all of your needs. get to know about best air cooler brand in pakistan.

Note: The prices of the washing machines are according to the time of this writing. They might vary with time.

Top 11 Washing Machine Brands 

  1. Panasonic Washing Machine
  2. Super Asia Washing Machine
  3. Dawlance Washing Machine
  4. Haier Washing Machine
  5. Kenwood Washing Machine
  6. LG Washing Machine
  7. Samsung Washing Machine
  8. Toshiba Washing Machine
  9. Hitachi Washing Machine
  10. Pel Washing Machine
  11. Orient Washing Machine

Ahead, The 11 Best Washing Machines in Pakistan

1. Panasonic Washing Machine

best washing machines Pakistan-PIP

Panasonic washing machine is a modern, intelligent automatic washing machine designed to comfortably wash your clothes. Tough dirt will not stand a chance against the active foam power system of these machines. They have a rugged and firm body with an aqua crystal glass lid that adds up to their beauty. The Panasonic washing machine runs water flow in all directions so that clothes get cleaned in an efficient way. Their fully automatic washing machines are somewhat expensive for the features that they offer. looking for best baking oven in pakistan click here.


  • Digital display
  • Intelligent controlling
  • Active foam
  • Glass lid
  • Strong body

Panasonic Washing Machines List

Panasonic Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Panasonic NA-F70 Top Load 1 year warranty 10 kg  PKR 75,000 to PKR 78,000 
Panasonic NA-127VB3 Front Load Washing Machine  2 year warranty 7kg Starts from PKR 58,600 
Panasonic NA-F115X1LRT Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 1 year warranty 11.5 kg  Starts from PKR 118, 000

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2. Super Asia Washing Machine

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Super Asia Washing Machines launched by Super Asia is quite popular amongst the mothers in Pakistan. Super Asia has been providing washing machines in the country for years now. Super Asia semi-automatic washing machine has various features such as shockproof and rustproof plastic body. The washing machines offer no leaking experience, saving you from a mess. You can easily drain the water when needed, thanks to the comfort of the water drain knob. The movable tray offers ease and comfort of mobility while moving the machine from one place to another. The 2-way inner handle and energy-saving feature are some of the reasons why these washing machines are one of the best options to buy.


  • Shock and rustproof plastic body
  • EZ wash tray
  • Energy saving
  • Movable tray
  • Powerful copper motor
  • Water drain knob
  • Two-way inner handle

Super Asia Washing Machines List

Super Asia Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Super Asia SA-606-AFW Washing Machine 1 Year Warranty 6 Kg Starts from PKR 48,000
Super Asia SA-608AWW Washing Machine 1 Year Warranty 6 Kg Start From PKR  30,000
Super Asia SA-610AWW Washing Machine 1 Year Warranty 7 Kg Start From PKR  44,000

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3. Dawlance Washing Machine

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One of the reasons to get your hands on Dawlance washing machines is their 38% electricity saving advantage in electricity bills. The LVS series automatic washing machines by Dawlance are designed to consume less electricity and hence, reduce your electricity bill. Talking of its features, the machines provide the functionality of auto-restart, making it easy for users to control them. They also feature an automatic fuzzy logic control system that makes these machines automatic machines. They take care of washing your clothes by themselves, letting you experience the true power of automatic washing machines.


  • Pro fabric drum
  • Waterproof panel
  • Triple Waterfall
  • Auto Restart
  • Large capacity

Dawlance Washing Machines List

Dawlance Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
DWT 270 S LVS+ Washing Machine 1-year parts + 3 Years PCB + 10 years Motor Warranty 10 kg Starts from PKR 58,500
DWF- 8120 G INV Washing Machine 10 years 8 kg Starts from PKR 79,500
DW 10500 C Washing Machine 1 Years parts + 10 years motor warranty 12 KG Starts from PKR 29,800

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4. Haier Washing Machine

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Haier is a well-known company that has been manufacturing world-class quality home appliances to satisfy its customers for many years. Haier Automatic washing machines come with features such as an awesome plastic body and Lint Filter. The washing machines have the capability of washing clothes of up to five persons in a family. The look of the Haier machines is simply outstanding, thanks to their compact design and sleek appearance. It is a good practice to buy an inverter UPS after proper research.


  • Lint-filter
  • Wide-range voltage design
  • White cabinet
  • Virgin plastic body
  • Compact design

Haier Washing Machines List

Haier Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Haier HWM 75-AS Semi Automatic 1 year warranty 10 kg Starts from PKR 75000 to PKR 78000 
Haier 90-1789 Fully Automatic Washing Machine 10 year motor warranty 9 kg Starts from PKR 37,500
Haier HWM 150-826 Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine  10 Years Motor Warranty 15 kg Starts from PKR 57,999

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5. Kenwood Washing Machine

Kenwood Washing Machine-PIP

Kenwood Washing Machines are top-notch washing machines launched by Kenwood, an international company offering home appliances for many years. The washing machines have a big pulsator that offers a powerful spin to wash clothes and get rid of the stubborn stains and thick dirt from them. The machines come with a heavy-duty motor creating no noise that plays a crucial role in attracting the customers. The body of the machines is of full plastic material which offers a firm grip. if you want to remove elfy from clothes click here.


  • Full plastic body
  • Low noisy
  • Big Pulsator
  • Heavy duty
  • Double Layer

Kenwood Washing Machines List

Kenwood Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Kenwood KWM-950SA Semi Automatic Washing Machine 01 Year Motor Warranty

01 Year parts Warranty

9 Kg Starts from PKR 17000 to PKR18000 
Kenwood  KWM-7003FAT-DG

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

1 year warranty 7kg Starts from PKR 41,100
Kenwood KWM-7001FAT-W Fully Automatic Washing Machine 1 year warranty 7 kg Starts from PKR 38,900

For more Kenwood washing machines click here.

6. LG Washing Machine

LG Washing Machine-PIP

Another top-rated washing machine brand, LG Washing Machines are a flawlessly designed automatic washing machine that helps you in washing clothes by saving your effort and time. Their rust free bodies make the machines durable and strong, ensuring it lasts long. Its control options are best for taking full control of the machines. There is a glass found on top of the tub of most of the machines which is scratch safe and tough and preserves the look and charm of the machines. With the control options, you can control the speed of washing different types of clothes. The dual lint installed in their machines helps to perfectly clean and clear them. The filters are designed to capture dirt and other debris from water and clothes in the machines. here you know more about common inverter problem solution by click.


  • High rpm fast spin
  • Control buttons
  • Program options
  • Strong body
  • Drain pipes and flexible water 

LG Washing Machines List

LG Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
LG FH4G7TDYG5 Washing Machine 1 Year 8KG Starts from PKR 119,000
LG T1066NEFTF Washing Machine 1 Year 10 KG Starts from PKR 86,700
LG T1366NEFVF Washing Machine 1 Year 13 KG Starts from PKR 109,000

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7. Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung Washing Machines-PIP

Washing has never been so easy, courtesy of the Samsung Washing machines. Overall, Samsung washing machines have different premium features that are normally not found in washing machine models of other companies. These machines can tackle any kind of dirt, stubborn stains, debris, and soil found on dirty clothes. The motor and functionality of the machines boost the washing capability of the machines. Their design is simply stunning and looks can attract any customer from far away. find out about how to remove tea stains from clothes.


  • Sleek design
  • Boosted washing capability
  • Awesome functionality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

Samsung Washing Machines List

Samsung Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Samsung WA13J5730SS Top Loading Washing Machine 1-year warranty 13 kg Starts from PKR 102,999
WW70J3283 Washer with Diamond Drum 1-year warranty 7 kg Starts from PKR 87,999 to PKR 128,799
Samsung WA90J5710SG

Washing Machine

1-year warranty 9 kg Starts from PKR 78,049 to PKR 98,916

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8. Toshiba Washing Machines

Toshiba Washing Machines-PIP

Great waves matter, their tag line shows what Toshiba focuses on the most, to make big waves so that bulk of clothes can be washed in a single spin. They have different kinds of washing machines including Front-load, semi-automatic, and top load. It shows Toshiba Washing Machines wants to save time, effort, and energy by offering humongous cloth washes. Whatsmore, most of their washing machines have compact sizes so that they can fit in any place of your living space.


  • Large capacity
  • Strong body
  • Catchy design
  • Compact size
  • Powerful motors

Toshiba Washing Machines List

Toshiba Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Toshiba AW-1190S Washing Machine 2 years 10 Kg Starts from PKR 61,000
Toshiba AW-B1000GB Washing Machine 2 years 9 KG Starts from PKR 52,000
Toshiba S-DD Inverter Motor Washing Machine 2 years 11 KG Starts from PKR 68,000

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9. Hitachi Washing Machines

Hitachi Washing Machines-PIP

Hitachi washing machines are one of the best washing machines that are worth your money. These washing companies are very durable, reliable, and of excellent quality. That is why we suggest you may invest your money in these washing companies. These washing machines are commonly found in the home of every second person we know due to their popularity. Hitachi washing machines are also quite famous due to their energy-efficient models. So, if you want to save up your electricity bills, you should bring Hitachi Washing Machines as soon as possible to your home.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Variety of models
  • Timer functions
  • Different program options
  • Space efficient

Hitachi Washing Machines List

Hitachi Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Hitachi PS-70KJ-L-3C-COG Semi Automatic Washing Machine 1 Year  


Starts from PKR 27,000
Hitachi SF 80PJ Top Load Automatic Washing Machine  1 Year 8kg  Starts from PKR 43,000
Hitachi SF-95PJS Top Load Full Automatic Washing Machine 1 Year 9.5 kg Starts from PKR 53,000

For more Hitachi washing machines click here.

10. Pel Washing Machines

Pel Washing Machines-PIP

Pel is known for manufacturing washing machines having an advanced and ergonomic design for providing a spectacular laundry experience. They have been crafting out-of-the-box washing machines for quite some time now. These machines are best for daily use and doing day-to-day laundry tasks. Pel goes the extra mile to design washing machines that will match the unique wants of its customers. The company builds washing machines that will last and are empowered with features that avoid rust formation.


  • Strong body
  • Rustproof
  • Unique design
  • Ease of using
  • Modern features

Pel Washing Machines List

Pel Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
PEL Washing Machine Semi Auto 8050 1 years 16 Kg Starts from PKR 14,900
PEL Washing Machine Semi Auto 1050T Twin Tub – White 1 years 29 KG Starts from PKR 22,300
PEL Washing Machine Fully Auto 900 5 Year Motor & 1 Year Parts 34 KG Starts from PKR 39,900

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11. Orient Washing Machines

Orient Washing Machines-PIP

Orient washing machines make the laborious job of washing clothes very easy and simple. The company offers effortless cloth washing, thanks to their amazing craftsmanship and efficient designs of the washing machines. These washing machines are surely one of the most selling washing machines in Pakistan. They perform the weekly tasks of washing clothes more effectively in a short time. These machines cater to dirty home laundry in a perfect way by carrying out the domestic chore of washing clothes in a fatigue-free and quick way.


  • Affordable prices
  • Ergonomic design
  • High quality
  • Optimum performance
  • Extremely durable

Orient Washing Machines List

Orient Washing Machine Name Warranty Washing Capacity Price
Orient Semi-Automatic Twin Modern Washing Machine 1 year 10 Kg Starts from PKR 25,500
Orient Auto 6.5 Super Grey Washing Machine 1 year 6.5 Kg Starts from PKR 28,900
Orient Auto Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 1 year 6.5 Kg Starts from PKR 30,000

For more Orient washing machines, click here.


  • Which washing machine is best in Pakistan?

We have mentioned the best washing machine brands that have launched the best washing machines in Pakistan. You may check the list and check out their models.

Which type of washing machine is best for home use?

Any type of washing machine will work best for home use. Specifically, you can go for top load, semi-automatic, or fully automatic washing machines for use at home.

  • Which is the best washing machine fully automatic?

The companies which we have listed have introduced fully automatic washing machines which are the best ones in the market.

  • Which washing machine is best with a price?

Different brands have launched different washing machines at different price ranges. See what is your budget and then choose a washing machine.


A washing machine is an essential household appliance without which home laundry is very hard. When someone goes out to buy a new washing machine, they get confused seeing countless models launched from various brands. To clear the confusion, we have listed the best washing machine brands in Pakistan. All of their models are of outstanding quality and design while keeping the needs of users in mind. Check out the list and see which model you need to meet your requirements. For more information regarding machines and other products contact us.

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