12 Best Hand Sanitizers in Pakistan

Hand sanitizers have become a basic necessity due to the Covid pandemic. Cleaning your hands with the best hand sanitizers time and again, before and after touching anything should be a habit.

There are hundreds of different hand sanitizers in the market in Pakistan these days which makes it tedious to find the right one. If you are finding it hard to pick the best hand sanitizers, we are here to help you. We have detailed the features of a good quality hand sanitizer to help you find the right hand sanitizer.

Features of the Best Hand Sanitizers

Though hand sanitizers reduce the number of microbes in our hands, they do not kill all kinds of germs. Studies have shown that alcohol-based hand sanitizers are more effective at killing microbes. Therefore, the alcohol concentration in the hand sanitizer is one of the most crucial factors to consider while buying a hand sanitizer. Though alcohol is a controversial topic in Pakistan, it is necessary in extraordinary times like these. 

Medical experts say that the best hand sanitizers contain alcohol concentrations between 60%-95% which makes them more effective in keeping your hands germ-free. However, alcohol slowly evaporates over time which makes hand sanitizer less effective.

To pick the best hand sanitizer, read the label carefully and check the ingredients of hand sanitizer and use it as instructed. 

Best Hand Sanitizers in Pakistan

Some of the best hand sanitizers in Pakistan include:

  • Dettol
  • Purell
  • Cool & Cool
  • Medicam
  • HiClean Hands Sanitizer
  • Karry & Kare
  • Lucky Hand Sanitizer
  • Deb
  • The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Sanitizer
  • Shield Hand Sanitizers
  • Hemani Hand Sanitizer
  • WBM Care

Top 12 Hand Sanitizers in Pakistan

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizers in Pakistan

Dettol hand sanitizer is one of the best hand sanitizers you will find in Pakistan. You don’t need water or soap to apply it. Also, you don’t have to rinse your hand after applying it. It has a non sticky texture that will leave your hands feeling soft and refreshed.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer is recommended by the National Integrated Medical Association. It is the best choice you can make to protect yourself and your family during Covid virus pandemic as it kills more than 99.99% of microbes.

Purell Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizer Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Purell Hand Sanitizer combines moisturiser and hand sanitizer in the same bottle. As alcohol can make skin dry, it will keep your hand moisturized while protected. It kills up to 99.99% of germs.

It is a fragrance free hand sanitizer which makes it gentle to the hands and is suitable for sensitive skin. You can easily access Purell Hand Sanitizer online stores as well as local markets in Pakistan.

Cool & Cool Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizer in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Cool & Cool hand sanitizer is an antibacterial and kills 99% of the germs on your hands. It is manufactured by ABC Industries based in UAE and is easily available in Pakistan. It has a non sticky and extra hygienic texture that moisturizes skin as well. With this hand sanitizer, your hands will feel soft and moisturized. It is a perfect sanitizer to have in a bag.

Medicam Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers-Price in Pakistan

Medicam hand sanitizer is manufactured by a famous brand name in Pakistan; Medicam Laboratories. It doesn’t require water to apply. It kills 99.9% of germs. Along with alcohol, Medicam hand sanitizer has Vitamin E as well which nourishes the skin.

HiClean Hands Foam Sanitizer

Sanitizers Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

HiClean hand foam sanitizer is a good choice for you if you are looking for Alcohol-free sanitizers in Pakistan. As it is alcohol-free, it is completely non-flammable, non-toxic, and safe for patients with a neutral PH.

Hiclean hand sanitizer is Halal Certified. It effectively kills 99.99% of viruses in no time. 

Karry & Kare Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

With amazing antibacterial properties, Karry & Kare hand sanitizer keeps hands germ-free. Its pocket-size container makes it easy to carry. You can also take it on aeroplane.

Karry & Kare hand sanitizer leaves hands protected and beautifully smelling after usage. It is easily available in local drug stores in Pakistan.

Lucky Hand Sanitizer

Best Sanitizers Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Lucky hand sanitizer is manufactured in Turkey by Delta Brands USA but is available in Pakistan. In this product, there is Ethyl alcohol content of 70% which makes it highly effective against germs. A 236ml of Lucky Hand Sanitizer is available at Price of Rs 325 in Pakistan.

Deb Hand Sanitizer

Best Sanitizers in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Deb hand sanitizer is a fragrance free sanitizer that kills 99% of germs within just 15 seconds. It doesn’t contain any gelling agent or alcohol so it’s safe if it gets mixed with food. It meets the needs of the people in Pakistan. Deb hand sanitizer contains moisturizer that prevents skin dryness and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed after usage. It doesn’t require water to apply and dries up quickly.

Body Shop Strawberry Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers-Price in Pakistan

Body Shop hand sanitizer keeps hands clean and fresh with strawberry hand sanitizing gel. You can keep it in a handbag for cleansing while traveling. It contains the sweet smell of strawberry and gives you a refreshing experience. It is a great hand sanitizer available in Pakistan.

Shield Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizers-Price in Pakistan

Shield hand sanitizer offers non-stop protection and removes up to 99.99% of germs on hands. Its non-sticky texture gives you a classic and refreshing experience after every usage and provides superior germ protection. It shields you from the harmful viruses which makes it perfect for usage in Pakistan.

Hemani Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Hemani Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer comes in various different flavours and each one is effective in killing 99.9% of germs. It comes in an easy-to-carry bottle and refreshes hands on-the-go. Hemani Hand Sanitizers are easily available in Pakistan.

WBM Care

Best Hand Sanitizers Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

WBM Care hand sanitizers are available in different flavors including Natural Jasmine, Natural Aloe, Blood Orange, and Natural Lavender. You can choose any according to your preference. These hand sanitizers have natural highly moisturizing formulas made with extracts of jasmine, Aloe, Orange, and Lavender. They are tough on germs and gentle to the hands. It is the best hand sanitizers in Pakistan. For more information click here.

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