Top 7 Air Cooler Brands in Pakistan | Complete List

Pakistanis are a huge fan of air coolers. But which is the best air cooler brands in Pakistan that is everyone’s favorite? Read on to find out.

As the hot days of summer are back, people are often looking for options that can keep the temperature of the living space low and keep them cool. One such option is an air cooler. There are a plethora of air cooler brands in Pakistan that have introduced their air coolers in the Pakistani market.

But just like every other thing, not every cooler can be best for you. To help you with your shopping, we have made a perfect list of the best air coolers in Pakistan that you can buy right away. We are confident you will find a product that will fulfill your demands and come under your budget as well.

So, if you want to buy the best air cooler in Pakistan, keep scrolling.

7 Best Air Cooler Brands in Pakistan

  1. E-Lite Air Cooler
  2. Honeywell Air Coolers
  3. Gaba National Air Coolers
  4. Super Asia Air Coolers
  5. Boss Air Coolers
  6. I-Zone Air Coolers
  7. Toyo Air Coolers


Air Cooler Company Air Cooler Model Warranty Capacity Price
E-Lite Air Cooler EAC-50 1 Year 12 L ₨ 19,799
EAC – 99 A 1 Year 20 L ₨ 24,299
E-Lite Mini Air Cooler EAC-20 1 Year 375 ml ₨ 3,499
Honeywell Air Coolers CL25AE 1 Year 25 L Rs 130,899
CO48PM 1 Year 48 L Rs 148,899
CO60PM 1 Year 60 L Rs 148,899
Gaba National Air Coolers GN-1706 7 Days Replacement Warranty 35 L Rs 13,650
GN-1780 24-hour check warranty Rs 14,400
GN-1901 NA 35 L Rs 16,275
Super Asia Air Coolers JC-777 Plus Super Sonic 1-year official brand warranty 45 L ₨ 20,600
ECM-5000 Auto Cool Star 1-year official brand warranty 60 L ₨ 23,900
ECM-4500 Plus Super Cool 1-year official brand warranty 60 L ₨ 18,200
Boss Air Coolers Air Cooler ECM 10000 1 Year 90 L ₨ 26,500
Air Cooler ECM 5200 Solar 1 Year 22 L ₨ 10,800
Air Cooler ECM 6500 Ice Box 1 Year 56 L ₨ 18,200
I-Zone Air Coolers i-Zone Room Cooler 10000 1 Year 110 L ₨ 16,999
i-Zone Room Cooler 9000 Ice Box Pad 1 Year 90 L ₨ 16,999
iZONE Room Cooler 7000 Blue Icebox Copper Pad 1 Year 70 L ₨ 17,999
Toyo Air Coolers TC-960 1 Year Official Warranty 50 L Rs. 20,000
TC-947 1 Year Official Warranty 40 L Rs. 13,550
TC-948 1 Year Official Warranty 40 L Rs. 14,300


Note: Prices are as per the time of this writing. Prices may change with the passage of time.

1. E-Lite Air Coolers

Air Cooler Brands-Price in Pakistan

E-lite is a fine platform where you can get your hands on top-notch air coolers in Pakistan. They provide a warranty for up to a few years with their air coolers. This shows how much they are confident about the quality of the coolers. Other than air coolers, you can also make the purchase of other home appliances. The air cooler range of the E-lite is a wide one. So, there is something for every customer out there.

Latest E-Lite Air Cooler Models

  • EAC-50
  • EAC – 99 A
  • E-Lite Mini Air Cooler EAC-20


2. Honeywell Air Coolers

best Air Cooler Brands-Price in Pakistan

Honeywell air coolers are mostly known for their efficient mobility and portability. You can easily move them in your residency from one place to another. Honeywell air Coolers company began its operations back in 1998. It is situated in Lahore and has been manufacturing some of the best air coolers for a long time. Besides high-quality air coolers, the company manufactures various types of home security equipment and electronics appliances. The latest air coolers launched by Honeywell air coolers are a must-try, especially due to the features they offer.

Latest Honeywell Air Cooler Models

  • CL25AE
  • CO48PM
  • CO60PM


3. Gaba National Air Coolers

Air Cooler Brands-Price in Pakistan

Gaban National has earned its poultry as one of the leading local manufacturers of air coolers and various other home appliances. If you are looking for a new air cooler in your room or replacing your old one, this company has a bucket full of options to choose from. Their models have flawless design and have good fan speed, ensuring the room’s temperature is maintained. Gaba has launched different air coolers to meet the unique needs of different customers.

Latest Gaba National Air Cooler Models

  • GN-1706
  • GN-1780
  • GN-1901


4. Super Asia Air Coolers

Air Cooler -Price in Pakistan

How can we forget about this old boy of town while talking about the best air cooler in Pakistan? Super Asia Air Cooler is a pioneer in coming up with mind-blowing features and catchy designs of modern-day air coolers. You can also find tons of other useful home appliances manufactured by Super Asia out of which, their washing machines have made quite a name in the domestic market. The prices of Super Asia Air Coolers are also quite affordable and economical as compared to other brands of air coolers in Pakistan. The look of these coolers is also very impressive, making them a nice addition to the decor of your room.

Latest Super Asia Cooler Models

  • JC-777 Plus Super Sonic
  • ECM-5000 Auto Cool Star
  • ECM-4500 Plus Super Cool


5. Boss Air Coolers

best Air Cooler-Price in Pakistan

If you are searching for the best air cooler in Pakistan in 2021, why not take a look at the models that Boss has launched in the market.It is also a popular Pakistani home appliances and electronics manufacturer. Boss also brings you various types of evaporative air coolers that offer great performance. Boss is a proud company for introducing various air cooler models having the latest features and equipped with new technology for awesome efficiency and great performance.

Latest Boss Air Cooler Models

  • Air Cooler ECM 10000
  • Air Cooler ECM 5200 Solar
  • Air Cooler ECM 6500 Ice Box


6. I-Zone Air Coolers

I-Zone Air Coolers-Price in Pakistan

Another top air cooler company, I-Zone air coolers have flooded the market with their amazing room coolers. They have designed their coolers in such a way that it provides cool air to every corner of the room. Their blades, mechanical motors, and overall body are made up of top-grade material and promise to offer excellent performance in terms of speed, durability, and maintaining temperature. You will literally shiver while sitting in front of it. Plus, you can easily move them here and there in your home. They have a wide variety of air coolers to offer. 

Latest I-Zone Air Cooler Models

  • i-Zone Room Cooler 10000
  • i-Zone Room Cooler 9000 Ice Box Pad
  • i-Zone Room Cooler 7000 Blue Icebox Copper Pad


7. Toyo Air Coolers

Toyo Air Coolers-Price in Pakistan

Toyo is one of the leaders in manufacturing home appliances in Pakistan. Toyo aims to lead the market through development and innovation manufacturing sustainable and energy-efficient air coolers. Toyo air coolers consume less energy, meaning low utility bills and are very lightweight, meaning easy to carry or move. Their designs are out of the box and differ a lot from other air coolers readily available in the market. Toyo air coolers are available in numerous catchy designs and vibrant colors.

Latest I-Zone Air Cooler Models

  • TC-960
  • TC-947
  • TC-948



  • Which air cooler is best for cooling in Pakistan?

There are various air cooler companies in Pakistan that have put their models on the market. You can choose an air cooler from their launched products for your home.

  • Which type of air cooler is best for a room?

Personal and window air cooler types are the best for the room.

  • What is the price of an air cooler in Pakistan?

The price of air coolers in Pakistan varies from brand to brand and model to model. The more trusted the brand is and the more features the air cooler offers, the more its price would be. You can get a good air cooler for about 9000 Rs. -15000 Rs.

  • What is the price of a room cooler in Karachi?

The price of a room cooler in Karachi starts from 9,000 Rs. and goes up to 20,000 Rs.



Air cooler is your one the best appliance to win the battle against the scorching heat of summers. Choosing the best air cooler in Pakistan is very much challenging because of the number of available models. To help you in making a strong decision, we have filtered out the ordinary air cooler companies and chosen those that are trusted by thousands of Pakistanis. Go through the list and then handpick a company to choose its air cooler for your room.

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