Top 10 Delicious and Famous Chocolates in Pakistan

Our lives revolve around sweet chocolates. We all are aware that any sort of chocolate bar is yummy in a pinch. The best chocolates in Pakistan forges connections, brings happiness, heals broken hearts, and conveys love to your dear ones. Indulge in the sugary-sweet goodness of fine chocolate and see how you forget about the world for a short time. Whether you are a fan of a coconut-infused nutty treat or always opt for a chocolate-covered caramel, there is a luxe chocolate present on the aisle of a pharmacy that you can buy right away. You can get your hands on chocolate to choose it as a tasty gift for your fellow choco-lover or pick it up for yourself as a special treat for your taste buds. Don’t know which one to pick? Scroll down to see the best chocolates in Pakistan money can buy.  It doesn’t get better than these ones. Trust me, I’m a choco-maniac. Get to know more about coffee brands.

10 Best Chocolates in Pakistan

1. Galaxy

Galaxy chocolate bar-price in pakistan

Galaxy chocolate bar is one of the best choices for you to show your love for the chocolate taste. It makes you sleep with peace into an admission of its luscious taste. Mars is also a product of the makes of Galaxy, of which we will talk next in the article. The bar is full of sweetness due to the intense use of hot cocoa with undulated milk splattered with great flavors and natural product fixings. The consumption of this chocolate is in very large numbers by the people here. 

You can get your hands on various variants of Galaxy such as Galaxy Minstrels, Galaxy Ripple, Galaxy Vanilla Heaven, and Galaxy caramel. Galaxy chocolate has more creaminess and is similarly priced against its competitors. Galaxy chocolates also have exciting shapes of their chunks. if you have foody temperament then visit best rice brand in Pakistan

2. Mars

Mars chocolate-price in pakistan

Mars, Incorporated makes a yummy assortment of chocolate bars that are known by the name Mars. This chocolate bar was first time produced back in 1932 by Forrest Mars, Sr in Slough, England. Two distinct plans were made to sell this bar. The bar was made up of nougat and Caramel coated with milk chocolate. In its British form, Mars was manufactured to look similar to the Milky Way chocolate bar, the American chocolate that was presented ten years before the launch of Mars. further know about best protein powders in Pakistan, click here

Over the past years, Mars chocolate’s design has not been changed a lot. The bar comprises Malt nougat, coated in milk chocolate and topped with caramel. This chocolate bar is what you shop for when you are looking to get an energy boost for those long afternoons in the workplace or a quick snack on the move. Of course, you can see numerous chocolates that are lookalike of Mars bar, but no bar does the trick that Mars Chocolate can do. It is filling, sweet, and extremely chewy.

3. Toblerone Dark

Toblerone Dark chocolate-price in pakistan

A dark chocolate bar that is easily recognizable because of its unique packaging and triangular prism shape, Toblerone Dark is a must-have. Have a tidbit for your trivia buffs: People think that Theodor Tobler got his inspiration for the shape of Toblerone from the triangular shape of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. But according to the sons of Theodor, the prism shape comes from a pyramid shape that professional dancers at the Folies Bergère made in the finale of a show that Theodor saw.

Talking of its ingredient statistics, a 100g white Toblerone Dark chocolate bar has 30.7g of fat and 540 calories. Whereas a 100g bar of ordinary dark chocolate has 2.4mg of iron and 33% of the suggested everyday sums. Then again, white chocolate has zero cocoa solids, just cocoa spread, and is slightly high in fat.

4. Snickers

Snickers chocolate bar-price in pakistan

American company Mars, Incorporated made the brand name chocolate bar, Snickers. You can use it as a quick meal replacement that you can pick up when the hunger pans hir or when you are running out of time. This chocolate bar comprises nougat topped with peanuts and caramel that have been enrobed in milk chocolate which is extremely popular in many countries, including Pakistan.

By 2019 the elements for the first chocolate had been refined to drain artificial flavor, chocolate sugar, Talia, cocoa spread, egg whites, chocolate, salt, skim milk, lactose, milk fat, palm oil, soy lecithin, sugar, artificial flavor, corn syrup, and peanuts. It contains roughly 450 calories per bar. These deep-fried chocolate bars turned into a claim to fame in chips and fish shops in Scotland in the year 1995 and, in the mid of 2000s, got a lot of fame at American state fairs.

5. Bounty

Bounty chocolates-price in pakistan

Another choco bar made by Mars, Incorporated, Bounty is also a quite popular chocolate in Pakistan. This bar is made up of coconut seasoned filling covered with pure milk chocolate. Bounty has a yummy coconut filling enrobed with dark chocolate (which is sold in a red color covering) or milk chocolate (which is sold in a blue color covering) and is commonly sold as two bars enclosed by a single bundle.

You have to realize the crucial importance of the Bounty bar. It demands to be gone straight into your mouth after getting out of the fridge. When you get an ideally chilled bounty bar in front of you, you rip off the wrapper passionately and you will find delicious coconut-filled chocolate. The combined taste of tropical coconut, milk, and chocolate makes this bar one-of-a-kind.

6. Kit Kat

Kit Kat chocolates-price in pakistan

Ah, the humble chocolate –Kit Kat– We all probably know about this one. Kit Kat is one of the most loved chocolates among the people of Pakistan. This bar is the ultimate solution for our relentless sweet teeth and the cornerstone of snack time. Kit Kat is the sugary treat that we weren’t allowed until we’d finished our greens, the lunchbox staple in the afternoon, and the sugar hit to get us going through the afternoon. Nestle S.A. Nestle is a Swiss health and wealthiness company. It has a separate worth in the world. Nestle’s products are used all over the world.

Rowntree’s of York, United Kingdom, made a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection and named it Kit Kat. Nestle delivers it all over the world in the present times. Kit Kat bars are either two or four pieces that comprise three layers of wafer secured and isolated by a thick external layer of yummy chocolate. You can break each bar with the help of your fingers easily. “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” has been the trademark for this chocolate across the globe since 1957. 

7. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk-price in pakistan

Chocoholics love this sickly sweet goodie, Cadbury Dairy Milk has a delicious taste, smooth touch, and silky finish. Dairy Milk is one of the most selling chocolate in Pakistan. This chocolate has extra smoothness that is not commonly found in any other chocolate. This premium chocolate is a delight to your palate and chocolatiers know it.

Cadbury manufactured Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, a famous milk chocolate brand in Pakistan. It is the main competitor of Kit Kat in Pakistan. The chocolate was presented in the UK in 1905 for the first time. It comprises various yummilicious items including exclusive milk chocolate. Back in 2014, Cadbury Dairy Milk was recognized as the best-selling chocolate in the U.K. In the USA, this chocolate is produced and distributed by the Hershey Company under permit from Cadbury.

8. Mitchells

Mitchells chocolate-price in pakistan

Mitchell’s chocolate bar is made in Pakistan and a product of our own country. The chocolate has good sales and is in-demand chocolate amongst Pakistanis. Mitchell’s is a well-established food company in Pakistan. It was built under the name of Indian Mildura Fruit Farms Ltd by Francis J. Mitchell in 1933. After Pakistan got freedom in 1947, the brand name was set to be “MITCHELL’S and the company’s name was changed to”MITCHELL’S Fruit Farms Ltd.”A few products of Mitchell’s are as follows:

  • Jubilee Coconut
  • Jubilee
  • Desire
  • Jubilee Honey and Almonds
  • Jubilee Peanut

9. Twix

Best Chocolates-price in pakistan

Another chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc, Twix comprises a biscuit dipped in various confectionery coatings and topping. But mostly, the chocolate bar is made up of milk chocolate and caramel. This caramel shortbread chocolate bar is packed in up to four bars in a single wrapper. The slogan of this chocolate is “Try both. Pick aside.” You will find miniature and multiple other variants of the chocolate. Twix is caramely, biscuity, and chocolatey and it fills you up until your next chocolate bar…umm I mean until your next substantial lunch or dinner. Work done.

Twix is a solitary slab of delight and a single bar of pleasure. It is lonely and secluded.

Restricted in its own unique wrapper, it is labeled as the king of the chocoworld. Visit a sweet shop and you will see Twix hiding quietly in the corner of the choco-display. Instead of shouting out at you similar to some of its sparkly packed choco buddies, this good boy waits until you realize it exists, and then you blame yourself for the wait.

10. Ferrero Rocher

Delicious Ferrero Rocher Chocolates-price in pakistan

Ferrero Rocher? At the center of this chocolate, there is a whole hazelnut, surrounded by a chocolate hazelnut paste filling. This is inside a light chocolate wafer sphere covered in crushed tasty nuts and more mouth-watering chocolate. Once you have it, you will find them fresh and nice and have a mesmerizing sweet chocolatey aroma fused with the nice scent of flavorsome hazelnuts. These chocolates are a bit big in size but can fit in anyone’s mouth as they bite.

Ferrero Rocher is mostly marketed for Valentine’s Day in Pakistan. These sorts of hazelnut confections are made by Ferrero, an Italian company. These pretty candies are packed with love around the whole year. But during the season of love, they are specially packaged in clear plastic heart-shaped domes of various sizes. learn more about cotton fabric in Pakistan.


What are the names of chocolate?

The names of chocolate are Kit kat, Mars, Snickers, and Dairy Milk. Other than these, we have discussed some of the best chocolates launched by the famous chocolate brands in Pakistan.

What are the top 10 chocolate bars?

We have talked about the top 10 chocolate bars that will fulfill your sweet tooth desires and sugar cravings. Go through all of them and see which one you gravitate to the most.

What is the price of Galaxy chocolate in Pakistan?

The price of Galaxy chocolate in Pakistan is 120 rs and you can buy a bigger bar for 330 rs. You can spend some cash to fulfill your chocolate cravings and have the bigger Galaxy chocolate.

Proven Health Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Helps the heart to stay healthy

Eating dark chocolates can help your heart to stay healthy for a long time. The flavonoids in chocolate bars help your arteries and veins to stay supple. Consuming a high quantity of chocolate shows that the chances of getting a heart attack are reduced to a significant percentage whereas the risk of getting strokes is reduced too.

Improves Your Memory

You will see development in your memory and improvement in your cognitive function by consuming chocolate bars. This is especially true for those sweet treats that are high in flavanols. So, if you have trouble memorizing your school syllabus or the habit of forgetting about stuff, you better eat some flavorful chocolates.

Avoids Sunburn

One study conducted in London found that women who were given chocolate with a high flavanol content were able to withstand double the amount of UV light on their skins without burning, compared to those on lower doses.

You May Get Better at Maths

If you are not good at maths, you should eat more dark chocolate. Eating chocolates from famous brands such as ferrero rocher or cadbury can increase the flow to the brain and make you better at coping with hard math equations.

Makes Your Mood Better

To cheer up the mood of your buddy who’s crying over an emotional scene in a movie, you can offer her a chocolate bar. You will see the moment she eats a Cadbury Dairy Milk or Ferrero Rocher and it begins to melt in her mouth, a big smile will come on her face. The cocoa polyphenols in the chocolates also have a beneficial effect on the moods of people who are happier and calmer.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Dark chocolates can have an effect on the LDL cholesterol levels of a person. The cholesterol levels of people decrease when they eat dark chocolates. So, if you know someone who has high cholesterol levels and cannot find a way to lower them, give them a delightful gift of flavory chocolates.

Treats Alzheimer’s disease

We already know that when Alzheimer’s disease strikes, the nerve pathways to the brain get damaged, causing an extreme loss in some brain functions. It is amazing to learn about how an extract from cocoa, known as lavado, can really decrease the harm done to these critical pathways. So, you can take help from chocolates of any famous chocolate brands in Pakistan to treat Alzheimer’s disease. I personally recommend Cadbury chocolate as it is one of the best chocolaty options in Pakistan.


The demand and sale of the best chocolates are increasing day by day in Pakistan. Similar to tea, we Pakistanis are huge fans of chocolates as well. A yummilicious treat on a special day is always a nice idea as it can brighten up our day. These chocolates are well known all over the world and there is a huge consumption. People are just addicted to them due to their magical sweet taste. A number of foreign and local chocolate brands have launched their chocolates but not all of them can satisfy the expectations of our taste buds. Therefore, we looked into the market and chose the 10 best chocolate bars that are available in Pakistan. Try all of them and see which one melts you down the most. All of the famous chocolate brands available in Pakistan are mentioned with full details now you just have to choose. 

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