Best Milk Brands in Pakistan

 Milk is one of the most used food items around the world. It is used in making various kinds of dishes and cuisines. It is used in making tea, coffee, kheer, cereals or simply chugged by the glassful making it one of the most versatile staple items in our kitchens. 

With the rising popularity of packed milk, cow’s milk has gotten a bad reputation and more and more people are switching to packaged milk. 

A couple of years ago, Punjab Food Authority PFA collected the samples of tetra pack milk products keeping the health and safety of the public. These samples were sent to ISO-17025 certified laboratories; PCSIR, SGD and Intertek to assess the quality of packaged milk  according to biological, chemical and physical perimeters. These laboratories also conducted the analysis of UHT/tetra pack milk and samples of pasteurized milk. 

This list includes only those that passed the test and are suitable for drinking.

Best Milk Brands in Pakistan:

Anhaar Milk:

Best Milk Brands Pakistan-PIP

Anhaar Milk was established in 2011. It is a dairy milk processing and marketing brand. Anhaar has a herd of 4000 Australian cows in the farms located on the outskirts of rural Punjab. It provides the best quality milk which is free of breeding hormones, antibiotics and other impurities. It has ensured consistency in providing top quality milk over the years.

Haleeb Milk:

Best Milk Brand in Pakistan-PIP

Haleeb is one of the biggest brands of dairy products in pakistan. It was established in 1984. Haleeb focuses on providing nutritious food keeping in mind the well-being and health of its consumers. It uses high end dairy processing methods. Haleeb milk meets the stringent quality standards set by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Daily Dairy:

Best Milk Brand Pakistan-PIP

Daily Dairy is known for providing 100% pure organic milk in Lahore and surrounding areas. Their milk has been tested and verified by Punjab Food Authority to be safe and suitable to drink. It is also known for providing other dairy products like cheese, butter and yogurt. They gather milk from the cows in their own farms to ensure complete purity in their products.

Olper’s Milk:

Best Milk Brand-PIP

Olper’s was established in 2006 as a flagship brand of FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited. Today, it has become a leading player in the tetra milk pack category in Pakistan because they put high quality nutrition and goodness at first. They collect milk from farms across the country every day to ensure their product conforms to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The milk then goes through rigorous testing before reaching the consumers.

Doce Milk:

Milk Brands in Pakistan-PIP

Doce milk is another brand that provides pure organic milk that is safe for consumption. They claim to provide the best quality milk that is healthful for the children. Milk Daily Dairy Doce milk offers a number of dairy products including cheese, ice cream, dairy doce milk gourmet and butter. It sure does have the best taste you ever find.

Nurpur Milk:

Milk Brand in Pakistan-PIP

You must have known this brand for their amazing commercials. Nurpur was established in 1966. Nurpur is a favourite of many when it comes to dairy products. It promises natural purity and freshness by collecting fresh farm milk everyday. Their dairy products include Low Fat Milk, Nurpur UHT Milk, Flavoured Milk, Cheese and Butter for every kind of lifestyle.

Nestle Milk Pack:

Best Milk Brand in Pakistan-PIP

Nestle milk pack has more than three and a half decades of dairy expertise in Pakistan. They have mastered the art of processing milk to capture that natural, smooth, rich and creamy texture. Nestle MilkPak provides wholesome nourishment through Calcium, Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals that keep bones, teeth, eyes and skin healthy and in a perfect shape.

Nestle nesVita:

Best Milk in Pakistan-PIP

Nestle formulated nesVita especially to improve the health of bones, muscles and joints. It is infused with Calcium, Vitamin D and other nutrients that our body needs for efficient everyday working. Nestle nesVita is a high calcium and low fat milk available in two sizes; 200ml and 1000ml.

DayFresh Milk:

Milk in Pakistan-PIP

Day Fresh Good Milk is a well reputed brand of flavoured milk and ice cream. They offer a wide array of dairy products including drinking yogurt, Premium Chocolate Milk, pasteurized milk, UHT milk, flavoured milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and lactose free milk. Dairyland puts high emphasis on maintaining high quality standards with dynamic technology in the milk-processing industry.


Milk Brands-PIP

Goodmilk is a brand of premium quality UHT plain milk. It is high on nutrients including proteins, minerals and vitamins. It ensures the best taste in every kind of usage including tea/coffee, plain drinking or dessert/savory preparation. Goodmilk is suitable for all age groups.  

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