Top 5 Cotton Fabric in Pakistan

Looking for the best cotton fabric in Pakistan but haven’t found one? Here, you will find the best cotton fabric brands in Pakistan that have top-class cotton fabric for their customers.

When you go out to shop for a new shalwar kameez for Eid or any other special occasion, usually you come across two types of clothes; stitched and unstitched. Stitched kurta or shalwar kameez are generally more expensive and cannot be customized. Cotton fabric is an affordable option for men and women who want to get themselves a trendy and chic outfit. They can get the cotton fabric stitched and customize it according to their desired styles.  

There are countless brands that have launched their cotton fabrics in the local markets. These fabrics are available in a huge variety of qualities and colors. But some brands have an edge over others and hence, gained the trust of a large number of customers. Here, we compiled some of the best cotton fabric brands in Pakistan to ensure you get the best cotton fabric for your next shalwar kameez.

These are the 5 Best Cotton Fabric in Pakistan

1. Pasha Fabrics

Top 5 Cotton Fabric-Price in Pakistan

We will start our list by introducing the most luxurious cotton fabric brand, Pasha Fabrics. This textile enterprise became operational back in 1991. Khawaja Amanullah brought to Pasha his vast experience in textiles and molded a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who were experts of the field. These guys were like family members of Mr. Amanullah. It is the name of premium cotton fabrics of all types. It is the home of one of the finest cotton, silk, taffeta, brocade, damask, and velvet fabrics of the world. They are popular for making cotton fabrics of incomparable quality and smoothest touch. The brand is home to luxury cotton fabrics for men and women in the form of unstitched kurta and shalwar kameez.


2. Alkaram Studio

5 Cotton Fabric in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Another well-reputed name in the world of cotton fabrics, Alkaram Studio, has been introducing some of the most luxurious cotton fabrics in the markets for a long time and that too at an economical price. It is like heaven for those men who are looking for top-quality cotton fabrics of various colors and at a wide price range. Their fabrics are very soft in touch and hence, are perfect for making shalwar kameez for the summer season. Other than men, they also have high-quality fabrics for women, including fashion fabrics, ready-to-wear lines, embroidered clothes, shawls, and more. The company primarily focuses on ladies products but also has a huge collection of cotton fabrics for men.


3. Lawrencepur

Top Cotton Fabric in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Lawrencepur is your one-stop shop to buy cotton fabrics of the latest fashion and trends. It offers a one window solution for your cotton fabric demands. Lawrencepur was founded back in 1964 with the goal of making this brand a global name in men’s wear, including top-class cotton fabrics. The company combines its state-of-the-art technology with an eye for detail and professionalism to manufacture luxurious cotton fabrics and other men’s clothes. As a result, Lawrencepur has earned a lot of reputation in domestic and international markets. The fabricating quality of the brand is simply stunning and owns the expertise of creating style and class.


4. Narkin’s

Cotton Fabric in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Narkin’s is passionate for making top-level cotton fabrics in Pakistan. Narkin’s started its operations in 1991. Narkin’s is considered amongst the most professional and principled ventures in the textile industry. The company has mastered the art of making graceful cotton fabrics for men and women. They are engaged in manufacturing supreme quality stitched and unstitched cotton fabrics. The brand’s retailers are situated in major parts of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Sialkot, etc. Narkin’s also has a lot of premium fabrics and accessories for ladies.


5. Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed-Price in Pakistan

A world class cotton fabric brand in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed is a place where you can get any type of cotton fabrics under one roof. The company started its operations of trading textiles in the early 1900s and later on, took the shape of a textile mill known as Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd (GTM). In 1972, the company was listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The brand is packed with tons of different fabrics for men and women in stitched and unstitched form. The company is striving non-stop to tackle the limitations of all the possibilities when it comes to embellishments, weaving, embroidery, and printing.



  • Which cotton is the best in quality?

Egyptian cotton is the best in quality all over the world.

  • Is Pakistani cotton good quality?

Yes, Pakistani cotton is of highest quality and is exported to different parts of the world.

  • What is the softest cotton fabric?

Polycotton is the softest cotton fabric. You can easily get it from any retailer of a popular cotton fabric brand.



Cotton fabrics are best for summer as they are light on skin, soft in touch, and comfortable to wear. There are many cotton fabric brands in Pakistan that manufacture supreme quality cotton fabrics for men and women. In this article, we have included some of the best cotton fabric brands that are famous and trusted in the textile industry. All of these brands produce premium cotton fabrics in a wide array of lively colors. They have a huge variety in their portfolio and have opened their stores in major cities of Pakistan. There exists many other popular cotton fabric brands too but we have excluded them because of their sky high price tags and boring variety of cotton fabrics. Have you tried any of their cotton fabric? Did we miss out on a cotton fabric brand? Do tell us in the comments!  

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