Best Water Dispenser in Pakistan

Gone are the days when you had to keep a water cooler to store cool drinking water that would leak and create a mess. Water dispenser allows you to get cold or warm water instantly any time you wish. It is a need of every place where people spend most of their day whether it is the house or the office. It makes pure drinking water available to the entire family. If you are looking for a good water dispenser, you have come to the right place. Here, we will describe what to look for in a water dispenser while buying it and which ones are the best models in the market today.

How to pick the best Water Dispenser?

As there are hundreds of models of water dispensers in the market, it is important that you have the necessary information to find out the best one out there. So here are a couple of things you need to consider while buying a water dispenser.

Type of Water Dispenser:

You can choose from electric and non-electric water dispensers depending on your budget and preference. The regular water dispensers do not dispense hot water while the electric model dispenses both cold and hot water. 

Also, consider where you will be installing the dispenser and what use you intend for it as there are countertop, freestanding and wall mounted models. And there has to be an electric outlet nearby for electric dispensers.

Water Capacity:

Another important factor to consider is the amount of water a dispenser can hold. The capacity of the dispenser should be enough to serve water to all the people present. For offices, a large water dispenser would be more suitable. 

Power Consumption:

Different models of water dispensers have varying capabilities to maintain certain water temperatures. The consumption of power depends on how cold the water you want. The colder the higher the consumption. 

Also, consider the size of the compressor used in the dispenser. If you live in the hot areas where you are going to need cold water, pick a dispenser with a bigger compressor, and vice versa.

Note that the dispensers that dispense both hot and cold water, consume more power than those that dispense only cold water. Check the metrics indicating the water heating and cooling capacity.


Though water dispensers are low-maintenance, you are still going to need to clean them up. The models that have a removable drip tray make the cleaning process more convenient. The dispensers that have poor-quality filters require regular maintenance as you are going to need to change filters often.

Ease of Use:

The space between the water outlet and drip tray should be enough to fit water bottles and tall glasses. Also, the nozzle of the dispenser should also be small enough to fit a water bottle.

Child Lock:

A child lock is a must-have feature if you have a kid in the house. It will prevent the child from opening its tap and spilling water all over. It will also keep your little ones safe from spilling hot or cold water on themselves.

Best Water Dispenser in Pakistan

There are various brands who make the best quality, top-notch, water dispensers in Pakistan with different specifications and price range. Here are some of the best units for you to choose from.

Dawlance Water Dispenser:

Best Water Dispenser Pakistan-pip


Dawlance has been one of the top brands of electronic appliances in Pakistan since 1980. They offer a wide range of innovative products including refrigerators, air-conditioners and cooking ranges. 

Dawlance also offers several models of water dispensers. Some of the worth mentioning models are WD 1060, and WD 1051 GD (Special Edition). Dawlance water dispensers are a bit heavier on the budget than other options available but they are worth the money because of their performance, design and durability. Their price ranges from PKR 20,000 to PKR 23,000.

Nas Gas Water Dispenser:

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North Appliances Services Private Limited or Nas Gas is one of the most popular brands of home appliances in Pakistan. Their products are high tier, high quality, durable and have elegant design. Its water dispensers are the best quality units you will find in the market.

The models that are worth mentioning are NWD – 200 and NWD – 190. They have premium grade body material that prevent overheating and high efficiency compressors. Their price ranges from PKR 17,000 to PKR 22,000..

Pel Water Dispenser:

Water Dispenser-pip

Pel has been efficiently and significantly improving the living styles of people in Pakistan by providing the best quality power products and appliances since 1956. Pel has launched about six different models of water dispensers with prices ranging from as low as PKR 17,500 to PKR 21, 500. They have sleek and modern design, premier compressors and compact sizes that can be fit anywhere.

Homage Water Dispenser:

Homage Water Dispenser-price in pakistan

Homage has provided the consumers with the top-notch home appliances and well-engineered power. Their products are equipped with the latest technology that give an optimal experience. The Homage water dispenser is the best choice for healthy living and eco-friendly units. 

Homage offers two models of water dispensers including HWD 49432 which is available in two different colors; red and blue glass doors, and HWD 49332 Plastic White. The price of HWD 49432 is about PKR 21,500 as it has a more sleek design, 3 tap design, stylish glass door design, double safety device to prevent overheating, child safety lock  and high efficiency compressor with cooling indicator LEDs.

Orient Water Dispenser:

Orient Water Dispenser-price in pakistan

Orient creates some of the most affordable yet high quality electronics. Orient water dispenser is also one of the best units you will come across. It offers four different models of water dispensers. All of these models have three taps; one for hot water, one for cold and one that keeps the water at room temperature. They are environmentally friendly and are built for high volume usage. They also come with a refrigeration compartment to store small liquid or food containers. Their prices range from PKR 20,600 to PKR 23,900.

Gree Water Dispenser:

Gree Water Dispenser-price in pakistan


Gree is an international enterprise of home appliances. They create a wide array of electronics from air-conditioners to refrigerators and water dispensers. People in Pakistan prefer Gree for their reasonable pricing and innovative features. It is offering a wide range of models of water dispensers with their price ranging from PKR 10,900 to PKR 28,500.

There are two main types of Gree Water Dispenser; Two Tap and Three Tap Water Dispensers. Some of the features that are common in both types of water dispensers are energy-saving, quiet operation, a mini-refrigerator, compressor cooling, overheat protection, LED indicators and super slim design.

Final Thoughts

Bring one of these best quality water dispensers in your home and have that glass of fresh cold water anytime you want. The water dispensers from these brands are easily available from the market. Make sure to do your research and know exactly what you need before buying one.

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