Ufone Balance Share 2024| How To Share Ufone Balance | Ushare Code

Mobile operating companies in Pakistan have offered various helpful services to their subscribers. With awesome internet, call, and SMS rates, all of these networks of the telecommunication sector ensure that their customers are fully satisfied with their services without any awe. All of the five cellular network companies have offered balance share features to their users for added convenience. Additionally, check out these Ufone call packages to talk to your loved ones at any time.

Whenever you or your friend run out of balance, both of you can ask one another to have balance shared between you and your friend. But please note that users can share the balance between the same network only. This restriction can sometimes cause issues, especially in an emergency situation, which needs to be resolved. As far as Ufone balance share is concerned, you can do a balance share between Ufone and Ufone numbers only. Get to know more about the Ufone advance code which can surely help in emergency situations.

Ufone Balance Share Karne ka Tarika

Ufone is a popular mobile operating company in Pakistan. Ufone offers efficient, quick, and user-friendly services and features to its more than 23 million subscribers in Pakistan. There are numerous packages Ufone offers to its customers. Other than offering various exciting packages, Ufone has also engaged their audience with its humorous advertisements. For any sort of query do not hesitate to dial the Ufone helpline.

Authorities at Ufone claim that they immensely focus on their quality which is why they are the fast-growing service provider. It is the reason why customers are rapidly gravitating towards them.

Do you know how to share the Ufone balance? Read on to find out how to share balance from Ufone to another Ufone network. Additionally, check out the way to Inspect Ufone load Card.

 Share Balance from Ufone to Ufone

The process of Ufone balance share is very straightforward and simple. To share balance from Ufone to other Ufone numbers, the Ufone balance share code is *828#. Follow these steps to share Ufone balance with your friends:

Open the dialer on your smartphone and dial *828*Recipient Number*Amount#. Then, you will receive a prompt message. Reply to it with 1. For example, if you have to share the Ufone balance with your friend whose number is 03331234567 and the amount is Rs. 100, the code will be *828*03331234567*100#. Then reply with 1 to the received message. There you go, you have successfully shared the balance from your Ufone sim to another Ufone number. The service charge is Rs. 2.99+Tax. The maximum amount you can share is Rs. 600.

Inquiry Code Service Charge
Ushare *828*Recipient Number*Amount# Rs. 2.99 + Tax (Rs. 4.77 in Total)

So that was the whole process of how to share balance with your friends. Simply follow the steps, and you will be able to transfer the balance to the Ufone number in no time. You should have more balance in your sim than the transferable amount. The Ufone balance share code is *828#. To check how much balance you have in your sim, dial *124#. The process is 100% working in 2021. Moreover, discover out this easy way to check your remaining Ufone MBs.

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