Warid Balance Share 2024| How To Warid Share Balance

Is your friend running out of balance? Do you want to help him by sharing some of your credit? Then you must be looking to share balance from Warid sim. But do you know how to share the balance from your account? If no is your answer, don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

This article will tell you how to share the balance from Warid to other Warid numbers. Here, you will get Warid balance share code for Warid customers. All you need to do is dial the code from your Warid number, and you can share the balance with your friend. What is more, just follow these steps and find out many warid call packages.

Warid is a popular 4G mobile operating company in Pakistan that covers all the regions of Pakistan. Until now, the company has successfully gained the trust of more than 66 million mobile users in Pakistan. This shows the reliability of the company and how good its services, features, and offers are. Warid has gained a lot of popularity due to its 4G LTE network. Additionally, in case of emergency one can also take Warid Advance Balance.

Warid balance share makes it easy for you to share credit from Warid to the other Jazz network numbers. Warid balance share service is truly a unique and helpful feature that makes sure you can help your friends and family in the hour of need. As you can share Warid balance at any time and any place, you don’t need to worry about them whenever they lose their mobile balance. But remember that the balance share Warid service is only available for prepaid customers but not for any postpaid customers. Get to know more about warid MBs check.

How To Warid Share Balance

The Warid balance share code is *100#. Following are the steps for how to share balance from Warid to any other number. You can do balance share with any other Jazz customer without any trouble. Read on to go through the steps of the process to Warid balance share:

  • Open the dialer of your mobile phone and Dial *100*FriendNumber*ShareableCredit#. For example, if you want to do a balanced share Warid of Rs. 100 to your friend’s number 03049876543. So, you will dial *100*03049876543*100#
  • Next, reply to the received confirmation message with 1


Inquiry Code Maximum Amount Per Day Service Charges
Warid Balance Share *100*FriendNumber*Amount# Rs. 500 Rs. 5.70

There you go, you have successfully shared the desired amount. You should have more mobile balance than the shareable amount. The charge for every transaction is Rs. 5.70. The minimum transfer balance amount is Rs. 15. And the maximum balance allowed to transfer to another Jazz number is Rs. 500. Moreover, check out this easy way to load your warid card.

So, This was the whole process of how to share Warid balance or balance transfer with your loved ones. The Warid balance share code is *100#. You can go through the whole process to share the Warid balance to another Warid number or other number described above. If you still have any confusion, you can visit the Warid website, clear your confusion, and do balance sharing easily with your friends. All prepaid users can use this process. The only restriction of Warid balance share is that you cannot share balance with any other mobile network except Warid/Jazz. If something is not clear one can also contact warid helpline.

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