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In this article, Zong Helpline, we will be discussing the helpline number of Zong. Zong gives 24/7 helpline customer support to its users. So if customers have any questions, they can contact the Zong customer care support any time of the day. You can have the details about bundles, activate/deactivate them, and so on. The best part of Zong service? It is very cheap, only Rs. 2 + tax per call.

Zong Helpline number is 310, and the landline number is (Area code)111-222-111 for zong customers in Pakistan. Zong has a great customer stand with over 300 million zong customers. If you are a Zong customer, you can easily get the zong helpline code to get answers to your questions and queries. Furthermore, discover this awesome way to get a Zong balance share in no time.

So, the Zong helpline is easily available for any kind of request and information associated with Zong Services & Products. Continue to read below and enjoy useful features.

About Zong

Zong is a 4G cellular communication and data network operating in Pakistan. Its 4G internet service covers different regions of Pakistan. They offer various exciting calls, SMS, and internet packages to their valued customers. According to PTA, Zong has successfully gained the trust of more than 36 million customers in Pakistan. Additionally, check out the way to Inspect Zong load Card.

A helpline number is very crucial for the company as well as providing 24/7 customer service is very vital for their user’s satisfaction. Zong Customer care centers are available in the form of the help desk is the ideal way to get answers to your queries and questions.

Zong Helpline

The Zong users need to dial 310 for any help from their Zong sims. But if you have another network, you can dial 111-222-111 to get help with ease.

Even if you wish to know about any zong SMS, internet, or call packages, you can call on their customer care number that is 310. You also have some other options to contact Zong customer care that are also described below in this article. Moreover, discover out this easy way to check your remaining Zong MBs.

You can dial 111-222-111 from any landline or mobile number along with an area code for any feedback information or request. Here are the Zong helpline numbers:

Name Code
Zong Helpline Number 310
UAN Helpline 111-222-111
Email Support [email protected]

Zong Email Support

Go to [email protected] for Zong email support.

Zong Live Chat

If you don’t feel fine at talking with a Zong representative, you have this secondary option to get your issues resolved. It is very straightforward and simple to use, you can start the live chat in a few minutes.

To use live chat, you have to fill in your details such as your name, phone number, and email to resolve your issues and your questions answered. Then click on “start chat,” and you will be connected to a Zong representative.

You may have to wait for some time, depending on the availability of the chat Zong representative. After the live chat connects, you will be asked for some verification before resolving your problems. Get to know more about the Zong advance code which can surely help in emergency situations.

Zong Helpline SMS Service

You can type the word “help” in your mobile phone’s write message feature and send it to 310 for any type of Product related question or message free of cost.

Zong Helpline Charges

The Zong call center has calling and dialing rates that are fixed, according to Zong. Zong customers can call this helpline number 24 hours a day for any information and queries or for your useful feedback. Also, go to zong ecare online site for more Zong account details and information. Additionally, check out these Zong call packages to talk to your loved ones at any time.

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