Buying Second Hand Air Conditioner in 2024

As the summer is here, the temperature rises at its peak. To counter high temperatures, people often take help from air conditioners and coolers. If you are looking to replace your malfunctioned air conditioner or don’t have a pocket full of cash to buy a new one, you always have the option of buying a second-hand air conditioner. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Continue reading about the things to keep in mind while buying a second-hand air conditioner and you can trouble freely purchase one in good condition.

Things to Consider Before Buying Second Hand Air Conditioner

Carefully Inspect the AC in detail

Buying Second Hand Air Conditioner-Price in Pakistan

The first thing that you should do before closing a deal is to inspect the AC in detail.  Do not believe the seller if they say that the AC is slightly used or almost unused. People often fall into such traps as they don’t inspect the unit, blindly believe the seller, and purchase a broken or faulty unit. The only way to have an idea about the unit’s actual condition is by inspecting it thoroughly. If you don’t want to do it or don’t know how to do it, you can ask an electrician to inspect it on your behalf.

Price Comparison

You should do a price comparison between the latest ACs and the old unit that you are thinking about buying. If you notice a high price difference between the compared ACs, don’t make your purchase. You can make a good deal if you do enough research and get some help from credible used product dealers.

Check Out the Model Reviews

Check Out the Model Review-Price in Pakistan

Different companies launch new models every summer and the production of a few of the old ones might have been stopped. If you are shopping for a second-hand unit, go through the reviews about the model in which you are interested to find out its advantages and disadvantages. If the model is not being manufactured, find out what it is lacking in comparison to the available or latest models. Also, do make sure its spare parts are available. One can also check prices for second-hand 1.5 ton ac and 1 ton ac for sale in Pakistan.

Don’t Go For Very Old ACs

Don’t Go For Very Old ACs-Price in Pakistan

Try not to shop for a model that is two or three years old as newer models have modern features, and that old model will be missing them and hence buying the older model is not worth it. Whatsmore, older models will not have a warranty period and chances are their spare parts will not be available. The older models also have high power usage and poor energy efficiency. Therefore, always opt for air conditioners that are relatively latest and in fine shape.

How Much Warranty of the Model is Left?

How Much Warranty of the Model is Left-Price in Pakistan

If you have bought a second-hand air conditioner within its warranty period, you have hit the bull’s eye. This unit would be relatively new and hence expected to be in a good shape and top better quality. It will also have better energy efficiency and hence, consume low electricity while it operates.

Advantages of Buying Second Hand Air Conditioner

Lower Price

You will find second-hand ACs having low price tags as compared to new models. You can shop for a second-hand AC at almost half price in comparison to a brand new unit. Second-hand AC is great for people who have a low budget and are willing to save some cash.


A unit that has not been used for a long time or a near-new piece can function for many years similar to a brand new model. Buying such a second-hand unit will save you extra repair costs.[1] To get a durable second-hand AC, make sure you inspect it properly before buying it. It will ensure the chances of shopping for a low-quality unit are low.

Temporary Use
Second-hand ACs are the best investments for people who plan to use them for a short time such as for hostels (college education) or temporarily (living in a flat on rent).

Disadvantages of Buying Second Hand Air Conditioner

Installation Cost
Second-hand ACs have high installation costs. One of the reasons for high installation is that you will need the services of a professional electrician to install it. On the other hand, new ACs are installed free of cost. There may also be some shipping or transportation costs of the used AC.

Visually Non-Attractive
For those who are planning to buy a unit that has an appealing look to it, it is best for them to buy a new model. It is so because second-hand ACs may have scrape marks or dents on them, faded exterior color, and hence, may not be visually attractive.

Selection Criteria
Yes, the unit is second-hand and used, still you invest some of your hard-earned money in it. There should be some selection criteria for buying it. Following is the selection criteria for purchasing a used AC:

Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant Levels-Price in Pakistan
It is crucial to check the refrigerant level of the used AC. Low refrigerant levels can affect the model’s functioning, causing overheating and resulting in damaging the compressor. ACS with low refrigerant levels will also need more energy to cool the place, in return increasing our electricity bills. Used units are more prone to having low refrigerant levels as compared to brand new ones. Thus make sure the refrigerant level of the AC is maintained at the optimal ranges. You may get help from a professional to check the refrigerant level of AC. You must also ask him to check for any leaks or holes in the gas lines, as leakage of refrigerant too can harm the compressor.

Condition of Filters

Condition of Filters-Price in Pakistan

Filters are one of the most important parts of an effectively operating AC. Therefore, it is crucial for you to inspect the condition of the filter. The filters of the AC that you are planning to buy must be extremely well maintained, in a good condition without any hint of damage, and clean without any debris or dust accumulated on it.

Noise Level

Noise Level-Price in Pakistan

Make sure the AC being considered should have non to low noise. Prolonged use of noisy and loud ACs is very disturbing and negatively affects your mental health and sleep. Select units that have a sound level around or less than 50 dB. Additionally, nowadays the best noise-less Air conditioner in Pakistan is Inverter AC. There are many famous brands which have already started making Inverter AC in Pakistan.

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ACS have become an essential tool to tackle the rapidly rising summer heat in Pakistan. For many people, shopping for a new unit, especially due to the pandemic, seems like a huge investment, and renting one is too short-term. So, if you are thinking about buying a second-hand air conditioner, you have to keep some things, the pros and cons of used AC and the selection criteria in mind. Doing so will make sure you strike a good deal. For more information click here. So, invest in the best air conditioner in Pakistan and experience a smooth cooling solution in your home or office and enjoy durability from the best AC brands online! Get the Best Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan on Daraz Air Conditioners have now become a necessity but finding the perfect one that offers the optimum cooling solution. Moreover, there are certain video tips to reduce the power consumption of air conditioner in Pakistan.

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